The tools for virtual and augmented reality developed for architecture, design, and construction (ADC) areas are constantly being improved and optimized, while their cost is gradually decreasing.  Virtual and augmented reality becomes more accessible to architects, engineers, and contractors. With the help of these tools, one can implement any projects.

The VR and AR are gradually becoming the environment of communication, creation, and testing of projects in the fields of ADC. VR and AR tools based on developments and experience from other industries become the industry standard for ADC. One can perform a fast iteration with their help, to improve projects in close cooperation with customers and colleagues.

virtual and augmented reality

VR allows creating fully managed digital environments, while AR puts virtual elements on top of an existing real picture. Thus, the same technology is used for different purposes: Virtual Reality is more suitable for architects, whereas AR is more often used during the construction.

Although both innovations are rapidly gaining popularity, they are still at an early stage of development. Vrender had studied the solutions presented on the market in more detail and compiled a list of VR/AR tools that are optimal for those who work in the fields of design and construction.


ARki is an application for visualization of architectural models. It integrates AR technology into the existing architecture, allowing creating three-dimensional models with multiple levels of interactivity for both design and presentation.

prototyping and 3D visualization tool

ARki can be used on any iOS/Android device. The application simply imposes 3D models on existing two-dimensional floor plans. ARki also includes several additional interactive functions, for instance, the real-time analysis and material selection. Using this application, one can record user-selected models in the three-dimensional format, as well as share own content via e-mail or social networks.

Storyboard VR

Storyboard VR is a free prototyping and visualization tool developed for architects and other ADC professionals. Using this program, users can organize, scale, and animate simple two-dimensional models. Storyboard VR creators, the company named Artefact, have developed it for their own internal use to work on VR projects. They’ve created their own tool to quickly and easily create a prototype of VR.

3d design process

The application allows creating and loading drawings and environmental maps from existing drawing tools into Storyboard VR, then choosing own assets and building own storyboard. The simplicity of use allows designers exchanging ideas and receiving feedback at the initial stage of the design process. Storyboard VR also has slides making it something like the VR-version of PowerPoint.


Pair (formerly known as Visidraft) uses licensed software and augmented reality technologies to create applications that allow architects “dragging” 3D models of consumer furniture and pieces of technology into their projects using an iPhone or iPad. The online catalog of models and assets now includes more than 200 products for home and office by Fortune 500 manufacturers. The catalog is supplemented with new products every day.

virtual 3D product

After the launch of the application, the company had drawn its attention to the fact that the main growth was in furniture and equipment manufacturers segment. The main difference between Pair and other AR solutions is that the focus is made on its products and consumers, which allows users to physically navigate inside a virtual 3D product like in their home or office.


SmartReality is a mobile application of augmented reality, which allows the camera to overlay an interactive BIM model on printed design layouts, thereby creating a three-dimensional visualization of projects. Users can scale, change structural layers, navigate through the project stages, and record their images and video. Also one can create a free account for downloading 2D plans and get the corresponding 3D plan and models using the application.

The SmartReality application is also available in the VR version developed by the R & D JBKnowledge Labs team. This version allows users to walk through the model of a
building using virtual reality solutions such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and Project Tango by Google.


Fuzor is an application for real-time rendering, which integrates with Revit. The program is based on the technology originally developed by Kalloc Studios for creating games. Thanks to bidirectional direct communication with Revit, users can navigate, visualize, comment, and verify BIM information, as well as synchronize changes between the two named tools.

video rendering

The direct communication allows Fuzor to instantly update and reflect the changes made in the Revit file. It supports various measurements, lighting analysis, color and visibility filters, cross-section, slice cutting, and video rendering with BIM support.
In order to have a possibility of joint work with construction sites, BIM Solution supports the visualization of BIM drawings for mobile devices using Google Drive and Dropbox. At the moment, Fuzor supports files of Revit, Archicad, Rhinoceros 3D, Navisworks, SketchUp, FBX, and 3DS.

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How to combine 3D project with a photo or how to order 3D Photo Montage Services

3D Photo Montage is the imposition of rendered 3D model layouts of the projected object (like restaurant, cafe, playground, shopping mall or a hotel) on a photo of a existing specific place in a city, landscape or interior. The 3D model will clearly show and will help evaluate the looks of the planned building on the background of the existing terrain.

Our experts make quality photo binding to the terrain and fit the 3D model of the object into it. This is especially important for newly erected buildings and façade reconstructions in the historic area. Often, photo editing is an obligatory part of a package of documents (drafts) that are submitted for approval to various official bodies.

Photo Montage helps approve the outer appearance of the building with other owners, as well as with the management of the business center or a shopping mall if this is the case. Photo Montage is also necessary in order to verify the summer veranda in the city council.

Including a 3D model of industrial buildings, business center or a mall in a photo of the area

Including 3D models in a photo of some terrain is usually required for approval of the project. This is often a formal requirement of an agreeing body.

Making corrections and adjustments

There are situations when it becomes necessary to change something or make adjustments after the approval of technical assignment and the 3D model of the building is already developed.

For example:

• the restaurant is located on the territory of a business center or a mall, which management holds the right to establish its own requirements for the design of a summer cafe adjacent to their buildings
• when the street color solution concept has changed
• you changed your mind about installing umbrellas and want marquises
• you decided to change the color scheme of the summer cafe or the color passport of the façade of the building was changed
• seeing the final picture, you came up with the idea to change furniture or anything else to a different option
• you decided to increase the area of the summer café, change its location or the filling of the veranda

This is not a problem: all edits are made individually based on your wishes or the requirements of the management of the premises. We will promptly make all edits you need.


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3D modeling is a unique technique that will help you make a quick decision with your chosen project. This is because a three dimensional simulation is easier to understand than two dimensional simulations.

Rendering exterior company servoce

Architectural visualization is often used on company’s sites, in presentations, catalogues and other promotional materials. A good 3d modeling studio usually offers high quality visualization, panoramic 3d tours, printable graphic arts and three dimensional models development.

These services are becoming more popular in the building industry because they are so persuasive and gives a well-rounded image of a building, making it possible to study the interior and exterior of a project in details.

Some of these details are land-use plan of a surrounding countryside, standard floor layouts (which are different), roofing plan, section drawings (this item is compulsory for constructions with compound shape) and chromatic images of front building elevations.

Examples of 3D models  3d models for architect

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Visualization (rendering) is one of the most important key concepts in computer graphics. The main objective of visualization is getting an image from modeling. The final variant of the object have an influence on visualization technology’s usage. For example, 3D accelerators are used for computer games development. There is also pre-rendering option for video creation, but it is relatively slow process of visualization. The programs which provide visualization by means of computer programs are called renders. Such programs work with 3D objects’ lighting.

interirior rendering design -service
There are many famous leading companies using enough visualization software. The «Pixar» company has created an application programming interface for 3D animation which is called the «Renderman». The «Renderman» has a great advantage – a simple and convenient interface. The program is has been using since the 90s by many other big companies.
There is one more famous rendering system «V ray» (render) which is made by Bulgarian developers «Chaos Group». «V ray» has a quite big and creative and technological prospect. These are the factors that influence on speed and success and the quality of the result.

professional rendering services
Finally, «Fryrender» is the most realistic render. Its developers are familiar with physics that is seen in this render. Fundamental laws of universe are kept here, indeed.
A computer cluster–render farm is used for making visual effects for a film. Parallel computing systems in render farm save time for videos’ creation. Theoretically saying, rendering includes a few techniques by means of which you can achieve the required result.
Rendering makes calculation and the presence of the core by means of algorithm here is quite logical. There is a rendering equation which theoretically proves the visualization’ models.

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architecture 3d building models

3D modeling transmits information from the real world into the computer using special software.

3D modeling is used in:

  • Architectural industry
  • Video games and movies
  • Medical sector
  • Home furniture 3d models
  • 3D Building Models
  • Products and services design
  • Vehicles simulation
  • Characters modeling
  • Industry
  • Creative and conceptual design

3D Modeling Services for Architects

3D modeling is a procedure of 3D model development by means of special software in 3D PC graphics. It is a process of creating a wireframe model which represents the 3D object. This object can be both animate and inanimate. 3D model is creating by means of lots of dots in 3D expanse, which are connected with different geometric data, such as lines and arched surface.

Architectural 3D Models  Scale 3D Models  architectural model

3d model rendering  Examples of 3D models  3d models for architect


3D Modeling Services for Interior Designers

realistic-3D visualization  3D modeling and visualization  boston rendering


3D Product Modeling

visualisation 3d modeling 3d product modeling  3d rendering and model products


3D Engineering Modeling

  visit visualisation 3d  what is 3d visualization


Furniture 3D Modeling

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3D models are made by means of 4 popular ways:

Polygon modeling

Many 3D models are created rendered and texturized polygon models. Polygon modeling represents a method of creating a 3D model by means of pieces crossing through dots in 3D expanse. These dots in expanse are also called tops. Polygon models are very flexible and can be visualized by means of PC very fast. Though, it’s impossible to create a very exact arched surface using 3D polygon modeling techniques.

Modeling using primitives

This is the easiest way of 3D objects modeling. Using geometric primitives such as a cylinder, cone, cube, and sphere we can make difficult 3D models. Such way provides an easy construction. The form of the model is mathematically exactly defined. Primitives’ Modeling is used generally in progressive 3D software applications.

NURBS Modeling

NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) is a way of modeling which you can find in popular programs, such as Maya and 3ds Max. The developer can create exact and smooth 3D models surface using this modeling techniques, in contrast of polygon ways of modeling which can resemble exact surfaces with using lots of polygons. NURBS Modeling can create a really smooth and arched surface.

Zbrush Modeling

Now this way is one of the youngest and perspective. By means of it, difficult 3D models with millions of polygons and with high detalization are making. Nowadays this way is used by leading studios in 3D Models production of films and games.


3d modeling is modern progressive technologies of 3d design.

Three-dimensional simulation is a result of combining both architectural and designer’s abilities, style sensation with 3d graphics and 3d simulation technologies.

The main virtue of 3d design is a visual rendering of an indoor scene of a flat, office, house, building and other projects. The completed 3d design creates the impression of three-dimensional space visualization, a reality of any object, interior. 3d graphics technologies and 3d modeling are capable of bringing nearer an object in full to its real, alive condition, perceive the size of space, architectural visualization of the interior and other characteristics. Using 3d graphics before the beginning of your project’s implementation you can realize 3d modeling of the planning according to your own taste and accomplish the project in full completeness.

What is it?

The interior visualization is a creation of building’s interior volume image with maximum realism.

What for it is used?

All images that were getting as a result of interior visualization are often applied:

  • 1. at the stage of interior design, in order to understand the view of the future accommodation and how it will look when you finish it, place furniture and other interior design items;
  • 2. in advertising booklets, presentations, etc. for representation of feasible interior design conception to potential real estate properties customers.

How do you work with clients from other cities and countries?

Object’s location is of no importance for us, so as a client’s presence. Our staff can communicate by telephone, email, by the use of Skype, and you can get online consultation using the function «ask a question», which is on the left part of the site.

During work of our Company, many 3d design and visualization projects were created and our site offers acquainted with them.

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What is included in 3D modeling today?

3d modeling for architectThree-dimensional modeling is the most important part of modern computer graphics today, which implies a step-wise creation of a fictitious or a real-world object as a solid model. The main problem consists of an elaboration of a visual-spatial pattern with an entire range of realistic physical aspects. There is a composition of the simulation model of every object and its future scene at the initial stage, the task of its major characteristics and then all models are grouping and positioning towards each other so, that an integral visual scene will appear.

On the morrow of design graphics insinuates broadly into branches and spheres of human activities, and if design means the development of basic conception or a simple idea then computer-graphics serves to impart them more realistic lineaments, which is very important in conditions of modern reality. Industrial, engineering or 3D modeling of architectural projects differs from free creative (movie, animated cartoon, games, advertising, etc.) and distinct movement to established standards, which concerned before only plain drawing, but then were adapted to three-dimensional planning.



3D modeling allows you to examine any 2D-3D image volume model. This 3D object can be animated.

3d modeling 3ds maxThe transition from 2D digital image to tridimensional was lasting for a considerable time and was time-consuming but the pregnancy of emerging opportunities and its easiness in projection, assemblage, and displacement of virtual objects, the possibility of in-depth study of their qualities and behavior in different environmental conditions served as convincing arguments in favor of 3D graphics implementation into these spheres of human life.

There isn’t any architectural project or engineering development which has never used three-dimensional graphics today. Fundamentally, all 3D modeling services can be engineering modeling. There is discrepancy only in specialized fields of model development: basic principles of solid body formation at any program (design, constructive or technological) are the same, but the difference includes optional capabilities and baseline of standard elements or their qualities.


Also, various problems are set before design or engineering modeling: the draftsman tries to create an object, which is close in all parameters to its prototype or capabilities of its production facilities, but animator and designer are going for formal resemblance or aesthetics. Model Rendering is a task of a particular set of qualities and also, it is a creation of images (photos) from three-dimensional model with the help of special computer programs.


What is 3D Modeling? Definition of 3D Modeling?

3D Modeling Software

How to Order Architectural 3D Modeling Services

How Much Does 3d Modeling Cost? Pricing of Architectural Modeling

What is 3D graphics?



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lead USA 3d Rendering and Design Company based in New York with more than 15 years experience in architecture and CGI projects.

The Company offers award-winning commercial services – such as Retail Project 3D Rendering and Design, Architectural Animation, Visualization for Real Estate, 3D Modeling and CAD Drafting – to a wide variety of international clients.

Leveraging digital wherever possible, we are always seeking creative and innovative ways to deliver our solutions. Primarily we produce photo-realistic images and animations for the Property Development sector.

Our team of 3D Artists and Architects:

– Have a degree from New York University.

– Great knowledge of 3D software, virtual reality, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, 3D animation, and digital image post-production.

– Self-motivated, innovative, adapts quickly to new solutions and works well under pressure meeting all challenging and mission-critical deadlines.

– Successful professional in the visual representation of high-end residential and commercial architectural design from overall architecture to custom cabinetry design.

– Built any design and make it the unique space every designer is looking for.

– Producing detailed High-Quality computer generated 3D  illustrations such as images, marketing materials, presentations and 3D models for contracted projects according to the client brief.

How to ensure a customer invest money in still not built house? Our company offers you a big range of services such as:

We will help you to:

  • Turn your ideas into reality by adopting any object into micro detailing work.
  •  Create an object’s place by means of your charts, photos, pictures, overall volumes etc.
  • Create all your bold and difficult ideas in the field of architectural visualization.
  • Complete your order with good quality and on time.
  • Realistic image and 3D walkthrough of the upcoming building.
  • Increase sales by volume level and attract new customers.

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Why do you need Architectural Rendering?

Architecture is one of the most advanced places in shaping visual culture. The impact of improved or simply beautiful architecture on a person is more than serious – it creates not only the aesthetic looks but also provides a good or depressing relevant experience. Besides the basic architecture is a portrait of the city determines, its advantages or disadvantages, and it shows historical components.
In the current context of the architecture of any nature it has become closer, and now there are not only in one mind and can be demonstrated large numbers of people. And the question here is not only the backbone of future construction or builder nuances of the situation in the landscape but also the inside of the house, a large shopping center or stadium. The scale does not limit to if the object of architectural visualization is the city.

3d architect studio

Architectural Visualization is a graphic demonstration of a future construction using architectural design. It allows you to maximize the full version and see the details if you want to fix them. Usually includes not only the appearance of an order but the purely technical details. In particular, the qualitative composition, staging lights, and showcasing the elements of architecture and materials.

In architectural visualization, we use two methods to represent graphics images. For implementation, we either use our hands or use computing methods. When images are created by hand, we use the principles of descriptive geometry and in the case of computer graphics, we use an appropriate professional program.

We make use of different software programs which provides completely different professional solutions such as Blender, Archicad, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Vray, SketchUp etc.

3d architectural rendering company new york

In essence, architectural visualization allows you to get a photo-realistic image of your proposed project, to assess the costs and ultimately choose the option that better suit the financial potential. Architectural rendering also helps to resolve unexpected errors that may arise in the building process because all the details are expected to be calculated.


3D exterior rendering is usually created at the first stages of the developmental process of a project. It helps to simplify the interaction between the author, the owner of the project and their partners, investors or customers.

3D exterior visualization of a building will show you all the future construction benefits and drawbacks, estimates of all architectural advantages and correspondence with the surrounding redevelopment areas.

You can also show your investors or prospects a graphical model of your project instead of complicated drafts for observation. This will help your prospects to quickly reach a decision on buying or investments. This makes architectural visualization an effective marketing apparatus.


Recently, 3D rendering appears to be the standard during the development process of interior design projects. Architectural visualization of interior designs is very useful in private house construction projects and buildings intended for public use.


3D rendering of technical processes goal is to explain “how it works” to you. With this, you will have a basic understanding of the technology involved in your building projects. This will in turn guide you in making a decision on purchasing and investments.

The technical workings of many engineering structures and machinery can be represented only with the use of 3D graphics. Therefore, it is possible to visually present the most complex engineering processes with the use of 3D visualization to anyone that is interested.

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