In an era dominated by elegant and modern electronics and all kinds of personalized products, consumers know exactly what they want. They pay more attention to aesthetics, expect more customization possibilities and have less patience with products they do not consider perfect. CAD software, increasingly flexible and sophisticated, allows professionals to create anything they can imagine on the screen of a computer. But in terms of prototyping, production, and customization, the workflow has not progressed with the same pace.

3D visualization architecture

For speed and flexibility to match design brilliance, we offer everything that you are looking for. Start enjoying more effective design analysis and communicate with us if you are looking for 3D rendering for a business that we offer.
The intuitive act of designing could be called creativity as an act of creation or innovation if the object does not exist yet or something that exists must be modified using inspiration, abstraction, synthesis, and transformation. In this case, the desired object may be graphically represented to improve the vision of your business. We are a company that specializes in 3D modeling, rendering, and designing. Our style is customized for each client and each project.


We offer 3D modeling and rendering services for architects, engineers, real estate companies, and all related businesses. We have the experts and the latest software in the field of 3D modeling and offer 3D rendering for business‎ to ensure that your prospects or digital projections are of an unsurpassed realism. You can present and influence your customers in a real and tangible way with projected future, selected colors, details, and dimensions with the realism that is achieved through a project developed in three dimensions.


We are dedicated to rebuilding your best ideas and representing them in 3D images (they are also called renders of architecture), animations, virtual tours, and virtual reality. In summary, we use info about architecture to help you visualize your project and present it with the confidence that your customers will understand it without problems.

3D visualization

The 3D visualization allows us to make info graphics to represent any type of image, environment, and landscape without the need for prototypes, transfers, assemblies, and decoration of environments… Our style is adapted to each project, offering a personalized advice for each client. We refine every detail for your business to the most perfection, including light and shade, define the qualities of space and forms. We are guided by the latest trends in decoration and design and are equipped with the most innovative equipment and techniques, offering a finish of incredible realism that you can almost touch with own hands.

3D rendering designing

We are a serious and professional company. The presentation we do is admirable, at both the level of detail of planes and the accompaniment with rendered images. We provide a very good disposition, communication, and treatment towards the client. We have been decisive in the presentation and understanding of our clients’ projects, to reach both high quality and exciting architecture. The meticulousness and professionalism in the way of our work make us excellent in the result and in the personal treatment.

3D images

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What is 3D Visualization?

A textbook definition for the concept of 3D Visualization states- it refers to different set of technologies which enables videos and pictures to appear very lively either in a printed format, on the desktop, on a television screen or in a movie theatre. Stereoscopic Imaging and 3D sound enable viewers to experience the real life feelings with a deeper sense compared to a 2D video. While 3D effects are added for enhanced entertainment experience, it is also used to capture detailed responses from the viewers and note the difference.

architect design

The art of visualization dates back to ancient times of producing graphical versions of tangible objects or conceptual ideas. Cave paintings or carvings on the wall are perfect examples of visualization in the historical context while building structures and architectural designs are examples of visualization in the modern times.
With developments in the field of computer graphics and allied technology, the significance of 3D visualization has increased. Engineers, architects, scientists and many other professionals depend on this technology to display their piece of work. 3D Visualization involves making use of programs in the computer to generate three dimensional images of both manmade and natural objects. This altered or edited image format is used to showcase and communicate a more realistic and lively pictorial message to the viewers.

3D Visualization

Visualization is a very important concept and is implemented in various walks of life. Especially when it comes to media, visualization plays a very crucial and significant role. In the current era, the recent most updated technology is utilized to design three dimensional graphical representations. With the help of 3D visualization, the need for creating an actual object can be avoided. Simultaneously, the various tests to gather certain information in a particular real environment can be obtained from the design of the object created through 3D visualization. Thus various commercial and practical applications can be commenced through the ability of designing an object with a realistic effect.

interior Render

Application of 3D Visualization technology:

An architect, for instance, might be interested in drawing a construction design by using 3D visualization technique and conduct various tests on the feasibility of the design, its sustainability, and benefits of the design as well as negative sides which needs to be eliminated.

The application of 3D Visualization is of significant importance in the automotive testing field. There are several tests that are conducted to check the resistibility of a vehicle’s design during a crash or an accident. The technicians conducting this research can collate all the data from the results derived through the crash test and thus generate a model displaying the crash and make use of the model to implement any improvements in the design.

Many five star hotel properties would like to display their layout on the website to attract customers. Hence virtual tours are embedded on the website with the help of this technology allowing visitors to check out the room interiors before they arrive.

graphical versions

There are certain experiments which can be conducted and observed only through illusion and not practically. Under such circumstances, scientists prefer to use 3D Visualization as a tool to design a replica model of the natural object and put it to test on the computer system with realistic effects.

Scientists also use this technology to showcase various changes that occur around us in the environment. Various climatic changes, rise in the sea levels, land erosion, and other such concepts can be explained through 3D graphical presentation.

Masterpiece! That you can say when a design is properly implemented as you visualize the whole aspect. The idea that instigates in your physical brain will simply allow you to portray a vision around you. You need to go for 3D visualization services  which will help to concretize your entire dream in a better way. All you can state here is the perfect making of the 3D modeling services as per the services and the designs that are actually available for you. You can feel about an idea that will help you to get the perfect benefit of your investment.

3D visualization interior design

Getting a new architect in translating the vision of your idea will help you to make things in a perfect way. In fact you can simply get hold of all the aspects that will be helped by the 3D modeling services. After you get the designs you can get a rough draft in your head which will help you to make more perfect evaluation. In fact it happens many a time that when you can see the final design you may add or subtract some of the designs. In this way when you can get a perfect hold of the whole design.

design and architecture renderings

There are considerable ways of design and architecture in your own way. All you can understand is the new platform in a utilitarian way. The 3d modeling in another way will help you in a well versed platform from a perfect way. You need to understand from all the directions that you can count on.

The blue print of the entire building all helps you to get things in a real beneficial way. There are some of the techniques which will really help you to get a dummy vision which will calculate all the related aspects that you need to understand. The construction of the entire building will really help you in solving the matter. You can check other construction process and which are definitely needed for the whole. In fact there is some of the best technique which is included in the 3D, making it more important that whole concept.

construction 3D visualization

3D visualization will help you to get the total vibes in case of the proper visualization process.

Both the design and the scale will help you to initiate the process of visual planning. All we need is the blue print of the desire. All you can get here is the final point of view will be depend on your way in the designing aspect. The techniques will be again perfect with the experts.

If you can shoulder the entire work in terms of the perfectness you can calculate. The old hands will definitely help you in every momentum to set forth all the ideas in a 3D looking shape which is almost considered as the reality indeed.

3D visualization from Vrender Company is a best way to achieve it is every single way. All you can get here is the ultimate designing result in terms of your mental vision.

Though still photography, 3D animation and film provides photorealistic images to us, but they have also some limitations. 3D architectural visualization process enables professionals to produce synthetic images with photo-realistic quality that provide a comprehensive visualization of the project. The image assists viewers to understand the intent of the project and the design of the building interior and exterior in an efficient manner.

3D Architectural Visualization


When an architectural model is made photo-realistic by executing the 3D rendering process, it is required to apply lighting effects to the model because lighting effects play a crucial role in enhancing photo-realism of the model. When the lighting effect is applied, the important factors need to be considered are physical accuracy, position of light sources and authenticity of light sources. Using 3D visualization technique, it is also possible to prepare daylight as well as night view of the building model. Therefore, viewers can easily understand how the building will look in different time of a full day. For fulfilling the requirements of lighting effect, HRDI light probes are used with progressive refinement radiosity. The images created by executing architectural visualization process are very eye appealing and the calculation time is proportional to the number of samples per patch.

3D Visualization Services


When professionals add textures to the model, they mainly focus on the color, diffuse, luminosity, glossiness, reflection, refraction, transparency and bump aspects. All these surface properties are adjusted in the surface editor of the 3D rendering software as per the clients’ requirements.

3D Visualization

3D Rendering

Computerized 3D rendering process facilitates an easy and automated way to make everything photo-realistic by adding appropriate color, texture, lighting effects, texture and shade. A light probe is utilized to gain a highly effective panoramic radiance map near the location where the building will be rendered. The light probe is basically a camera focused at a mirrored sphere and a configuration generally used for acquiring environment maps. With the assistance of photogrammetry and 3D scanning process, a geometric model of the scene is developed and the model is mapped with radiance values that are measured using light probe. The distant external scene, internal scene and synthetic object are made photo-realistic with global illumination and the image view is made same as the background plate. The outputs are composited into the background plate by using 3D visualization techniques.

3D architectural visualization process has made possible to get a lifelike view of a building before it is built. Hence, it is very important for any kind of building project.


Visualization of exteriors: the working process

Visualization using 3D technologies is a creative process. The result of this work is a unique image that conveys the mood of the author and leaves some impression on the viewers.
Architectural 3D visualization of exteriors is created almost every time before the beginning of the project. It largely facilitates the perception of the building, provides an opportunity to consider in details all the pros and cons, to evaluate all the architectural delights and surroundings terrain. Instead of tedious and boring drawings, accurate calculations, graphs and tables, the viewer sees an accurate 3D model of the object that is easily percepted.

Visualization of exteriors

However, in order to create this model, it is necessary to pass certain working stages. Let’s try to understand what the steps precede this ultimate goal – the creation of a 3D model of the exterior and let’s understand, whether it is easy or not.
So, first of all, each project requires an individual approach. In the preparation stage, analysis and planning are necessary. By breaking down a whole into simple components, it is much easier to perform the project to meet the set deadlines and a certain budget.

The main programs using which 3D images for architectural 3D visualization are created

Today 3d Studio Max software is especially popular, which offers users wide opportunities and plenty of options for high-quality and high-grade graphics. This professional software package is ideal for creating high-quality animation and three-dimensional modeling, in particular, 3D visualization of houses, buildings, facades etc. The program offers plenty of options, giving the maximum capacity.

renderig of exterior

Another program for architectural visualization and design is ArchiCAD. It is simple in usability and functionality. You can use it to implement a variety of technologies. A unique feature of this program is that it can prepare required documentation, while the architect is developing a 3D visualization of the exterior.

In addition to programs, actively used various modules and plug-ins for 3D visualization of premises, houses, buildings, facades and exteriors in general:
V-Ray is a rendering system and is used to create lightweight versions of objects.skyscraper rendering

By using such programs, a three-dimensional scene is created, after which you can proceed to architectural visualization itself. Time frames of exterior’s rendering process can range from a few hours per frame to several weeks, depending on the project, experience and software used. Another important point is the power of computer. More powerful it is – the quicker and better the process is.

So each project requires an individual approach. In the preparation step, it is necessary to analyze and plan. By breaking it down into simple components, it is much easier to carry out the project, to meet the set deadlines and to fit into a certain budget.

Main stages:

1. Development of technical specification. At this stage occurs the preparation of all necessary drawings, charts and other documents, which are full of numbers and calculations. The main task is to make accurate calculations of architecture that can be implemented in the project.

2. The calculation of cost of the future project is prepared. Here are made rough estimates for construction materials and labor. This step is necessary in order to understand if to apply 3D imaging of exterior or not.

3. Creation of a basic model of the future facility. Selection of a program to work, all the calculations are converted to graphics, initial sketches are made.
4. Creation of exterior of the desired object. The future object is fully created that you can see in 3D.

5. Addition of the finishing touches. Engagement in the development of interactive features, enhancement of image quality, addition of convenience features and options.

Thus, we can say that the process of creation of 3D-models of exterior’s visualization is quite complicated and requires specific efforts, experience and professionalism.
The final stage of visualization and buildings’ 3D exterior design can become its completion in Photoshop using various additional plug-ins, to give it a more realistic and lively outlook.

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Modern technology of 3D visualization is a kind of three-dimensional computer graphics, which makes it possible to design objects of very different complexity.

This technology has already earned popularity among designers because it allows creating three-dimensional objects of any shape, which then can be studied in every detail: from any angle, at any point, it can be shown taking changes in the lightning into consideration. 3D visualization is the process of creating the three-dimensional volume, lifelike images on the basis of a special computer program. The most common 3D developers use such programs as AutoCAD,  Artlantis,  Archi CAD, 3D Studio Max.

Technology of 3D Visualization  3D visualization technology services

The main advantage of 3D visualization technology for the customer is an opportunity to see how your interior will look like in the reality, including the smallest details.

Three-dimensional design of the new interior of your apartment, newly built homes or renovated office will save time and energy, will give a professional approach to the repair process. In addition, this approach allows in advance to make all the necessary changes to the interior to prevent in a future very common situation, when the final result of decoration or furnishing is not at all what owner dreamed of. Visualization of the interior is a photorealistic image of the interior and exterior of the premises with the configuration of any complexity.

3D visualization technology  3D visualization service

The process of creation starts with a careful measurement of the size of the premises and places of communications.

After that, a virtual decoration is performed based on finishing materials offered to customers, furnishing, the choice of interior colors etc. This technology is widely used throughout the world to create the interiors of houses, repair and decoration of offices and hotels, development of the design of restaurants. One of the main features of 3D Visualization technology is to create a sense of presence. This enables the customer to assess in advance, what will be his or her future interior, to do a virtual tour of all the rooms of the house, from the living room to the bathroom and a balcony. The ability to examine carefully the details and features of the project, to correct and to change, if needed, make the process of agreement enjoyable both for designer and for the customer.

3d rendering -technology  three dimensional design

Another fashion trend in the is the visualization of exterior and architectural visualization. It is the process of creating three-dimensional images of an object with a demonstration of its external characteristics. As the object, there may be a building of any size and purpose: a soccer field, a garden of a private house, parking, children’s playground, aqua park.

3D visualization technology in the field of architecture and construction is used in the design of facilities of very different scales: a separate building, courtyard, urban area, the whole city. When creating such a project, the future infrastructure and landscape of the object, its architectural and natural features taken into account. Without the use of visualization technology, it is difficult to imagine the work of the major companies, involved in design and construction. In recent years, 3D technology has become not just a convenient working tool, but also an effective way to attract investments. After a three-dimensional image of the object, it is possible to coordinate projects with the customer quickly and efficiently, to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner. Together it all saves time and money, which is the main secret of success in any business.

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Usage the technology of 3D-visualizing during creation of visual images of various objects every day gain more and more popularity. For example, during the construction and maintenance, using 3D it is possible to visualize the future project (interior, exterior, single object), taking into account the smallest details. 3D visualization or 3D-rendering is a three-dimensional image of the object that is created using a special three-dimensional computer programs.

3D Renders‎  3d visualization service

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine functioning of area of design and construction without the use of 3D technologies. Another important point is the presentation of the developments. Using three-dimensional images makes the process of communication of the customer and executor more easy and productive. 3D images will help to consider the draft from all sides, to evaluate all the pros and cons, to make the necessary changes on-time. This allows to save time and money seriously, because even the most professional and detailed drawing is not capable to display all the details of the object.

What are the main tasks of 3D-visualization?

3D-visualization is a versatile technology, but it is most often used in those areas where it is crucial to have a very detailed representation of the object. First of all, we are talking about the following areas:

•    Design, architecture, construction,
•    Repair and restoration works,
•    Design (projecting and performing of interiors and exteriors),
•    Preparation of the presentation of objects and groups of objects (house, car, boat, garden etc).

Types of visualization:

1. 3D visualization of exteriors

3d visualization  visualization service

Creation of 3D images of architectural objects allows to see and to consider all the features of the project as a whole. In this case, the technology allows to solve a number of serious issues simultaneously: the creation of projects of individual objects, the possibility of landscape planning around this object, the probability of inclusion of an object in an existing landscape (complex).

2. 3D visualization of interiors

exterior visualization  Residential visualization

3D visualization of the interiors is most often used in case of need to present an object to the customer or to a group of customers (your target audience). An example would be a visualization of a design project of apartment, where design solutions and interior passages are clearly demonstrated. 3D project is a mobile tool for the demonstration, which highly accelerates the process of negotiation and discussion. The main advantage of 3D visualization in this case is a real saving of time and efforts both of the customer and of the performer.

3. Subject 3D visualization

This type of visualization is used to create three-dimensional images of specific objects: furniture, techniques, art, advertising leaflets, packaging, and much more. In this case, the objective 3D visualization is transformed into indispensable tool for the creation of content of resources: websites, online stores, catalogues. Three-dimensional visual product is in many ways superior to usual photograph. This is especially required when the developed object does not exist in reality and it is simply impossible to make its photo. Another important advantage of 3D visualization is the ability to use these images for 3D-printing. This is useful in case of the need to create layouts and visual educational aids for various purposes.

4. Visualization’s tools

The quantity of special programs for the 3D-visualization grows constantly. Creation of new applications in this field is one of the most popular areas of programming. Already existing tools constantly updated with new features. This says that the ability of 3D-imaging technologies increase each day, opening new prospects for customers and performers. Today, the most popular programs in this field are:  3D Studio Max,  Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD,  and others.

3D Visualization is used to create animated commercials, layouts of interiors and exteriors in volume, movies and computer games with three-dimensional graphics. Visualization is indispensable wherever you need to create a copy of an imaginary object.

3D visualization is most often used for demonstration at various exhibitions, presentations and conferences. Three-dimensional imaging allows to see the original design idea, the future project, any existing objects or invisible ones. It allows to demonstrate visually the trends of different products – from food and its packaging to new models of equipment.

3D visualization is also used in:

  • printed promotional products;
  • creation of clips;
  • architecture; industry; scientific or educational projects;
  • design of the interior and exterior, and so forth;
  • 3D rendering.

3D visualization is closely connected with three-dimensional modeling, because on the basis of the 3D model, the image will be built in three-dimensional space. If you do not use the 3D model of the product or the program for 3D rendering, but simply create an image of it using visual editors, it will be the usual two-dimensional visualization. Visualization process takes place in several stages:

  • creation of a 3D model of the object;
  • creation of scenes of environment around an object;
  • texturing;
  • setup the proper lighting;
  • camera setup, selection of successful angle; effects adjustment.

3d rendering 

Rendering is one of the components, visualization steps. Rendering allows to receive the final image of a three-dimensional model as a “flat” version. Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the received images, rendering may take from a few minutes to dozens of hours. Power of computer also affects its speed.

architectural 3d modeling service  Rendering exterior company servoce

Various 3D programs are used for imaging. Many of them have a rendering function, and some require to have additional software installed. So, here are some of the program for 3D visualization and rendering:

3Delight , 3ds Max, AIR Angel,  Arion Renderer,  Artlantis Render , AutoCAD, Brazil R/S, BusyRay, Cinema 4D, Final Render, Fryrender, Hypershot, Holomatix, Renditio, Indigo Renderer, iray, Kerkythea, Keyshot, LuxRender, Mantra renderer, Maxwell Render, mental ray, Octane Rende,r POV-Ray, Render DotC, Render Man, Rendition, Sunflow, Turtle, V-Ray, YafaRay

The interior design, architecture, construction

3D Visualization of the interior or the building using computer programs attracts interest relatively recently, as earlier models were made ​​of cardboard or other special materials. Today, 3D-visualization of the house is an important step before starting the construction process. This technology allows to see the finished object and to make changes if necessary.

Three-dimensional visualization is used during creation of advertising of the interior or whole building to show a proposal to customers. The peculiarity of advertising in the field of construction and architecture is that it offers something that does not exist yet. For example, the advertisement of the residential complex shows the result – the user sees the image of finished buildings, while their construction can only begin.

Who uses visualization  Who need Architectural Visualization  What is 3D Visualization

 Science and Technology

In this area, 3D-visualization is used primarily for the design of technical products. Modern technologies allow to create a visualization of the object that is in design, as close as possible to the actual look to evaluate it visually. The three-dimensional model of the future mechanism makes the work of the design engineer faster and easier, eliminating the drafting itself. Often customers need to elaborate the unusual design of everyday objects. In this case, the visualization process helps to demonstrate the solution of designer.

Advertising and Marketing

use of 3D visualization  visualization in the design  Rendering Service

Advertisers increasingly use 3D-visualization of objects, when creating animated commercials. The shooting in the real world do not give such an attractive picture, as with the use of animation. The advantages of using a three-dimensional visualization in advertising are:

  • it allows to create fictional characters;
  • 3D-object looks more attractive than in real life, conveying the necessary qualities of the proposed product better;
  • makes it possible to create a finished layout of the advertising banner and to see how it will look like.

Cinema, computer games, animation

3D-visualization has entered and entrenched in the film and game industry, apparently, forever. Modern person hardly imagines a favorite game without three-dimensional characters, or a film – without of 3D-graphics.

visualization service  3D visualization Service  three dimensional graphics
3D-visualization is the process of creation of three-dimensional image, fictional or as close as possible to reality. The capabilities of this technology are unlimited – it is possible to create objects of all shapes and sizes, to experiment with colors, to change and to transform them. However, the main advantage of the three-dimensional imaging is that it allows to create models of spectacular images, amazing paintings and intricate characters that are born in the human imagination.

Sustained quality, observance of time, systemic approach.

Working on a project architects confront a question: «In what way they can profitably present it to a customer?».

Drawings, sketches or planning documentation are everything that usually helps architects to work comfortably and easily aren’t good enough for customers, because they are very far from cobwebs of architect’s work.

The most profitable and intelligible way to present the project is 3D rendering that helps architects:


  • to free time for creative work;
  • to bolster your profit margins;
  • to guarantee competitive position.

Call us  or write on, in order to book the rendering of your project and to know all details about all work advantages with our architectural visualization studio and about different variants of effective architectural objects presentation.

Robert Brice (a founder of the “AECIS Interiors” studio) tells about experience of cooperation with our studio:

Benefits of using qualitative architectural rendering

An opportunity to demonstrate a photorealistic image of a project and make a simpler way of coordination. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain to a customer the concept of the project.

It is very difficult to do it orally, but many transitional stages, such as the first sketches or conceptual drawings with a pencil can be sufficient for you may not be intelligent to a customer, so all coordination work and explanations will drag out a business.

The project of reconstruction: current situation and the first sketches (You think a customer will understand the idea? Fat chance).

An ideal decision for a customer will be to see a three-dimensional image of his own object.

Renovation project rendering, so the customer understand an architectural concept and the project will be concurred and proved:


architecture reconstrationarchitectural drawing

Furthermore, a customer has business partners, colleagues, friends and a family whom he wishes to consult with in order to determine conclusively. But for them it is too difficult to puzzle out project documentation and to understand architectural and planning concepts. Even more reason is that a client and not you will present the project. Here again rendering will be a finished, nice and intelligible picture, so it is a good way to form a favorable opinion about the project among people whom a client accustomed to advice. Very often, he put a rendering of his future house or shop on the table or demonstrates it on IPhone.

And in the case of objects presentation at public hearings or before different planning commissions rendering is practically the only way of demonstration.

A possibility to convince a client of the need to order a project



Is your customer thinking, hesitating of the need of a project or his manager of the work can build everything himself?

The main fact is to «give a kick» to a customer and motivate him to order the complete outfit of the project documentation, spending minimum amount of time and money. Rendering is the best way to solve such a problem, because it is enough to use only several sketches and reference images for creation of a nice marketing picture.

A reference image and alternate layout (for an experienced architect it is a simple, quick and a solvable problem):


stairs drawing

Consequently, you can demonstrate the image of a client’s future stairs even before the stage of initial design, finally convince him at your professional manner, and show the necessity of further cooperation.


stairs renderingstairs visualization

Rendering – the project is well designed and finished

A possibility to get an additional income

Rendering for an architect is cheaper than for an end customer.

During rendering takes place, with a cooperation of both architect and visualizer, corrections are proposed, angles are approved, and technical assignment is coordinated. Rather than anywhere else at this cooperation an additional value of a rendering is born. Another way of putting it is that rendering that has been ordered at our studio is selling to the end customer at a higher price.

All the more reason is that by means of a qualitative rendering worth of the project is rising at customer’s eyes.

A possibility to save some time for a creative work and greenfield-projects

Once in a way an architect have to follow all customers’ tough requirements. So, practically all architects have kitschy projects – they are simple and banal architecturally, but nevertheless very attractive for a client.

Such a routine for perfect architects is very burdensome, but all the same moneymaker especially if the question is about facade stylization of already-existing objects.


Specified planning documentation, drawings or detailed sketches aren’t needed to be used.

Rendering helps to solve such a problem: you describe the concept of the project and prepare schematic sketches (of course, a client doesn’t need them, but they are enough for beginning of the rendering work). In a similar fashion, it is possible to visualize only facades apart from foreground images that in some cases allow stepping away from drawings and save your time and money.
Additional confidence that in the course of projection and material selection were not refused admittance.

Rendering reproduces a play of light and shadow that cannot be represented in any other way. Many materials change their color and reflective power depending on optic angle and lightning, so that this property is taking into account during materials selection.

Also rendering allows watch different variants of color layout and to choose the best one.

Rendering is a sort of control examination of the whole project. To integrate all possible amendments is cheaper at the design stage than in the process of construction.

A project that has been already designed and visualized can be incased in portfolio and demonstrated to new customers without waiting the end of construction.
Object construction is delayed very often or even doesn’t begin sometimes. Nevertheless, the project is finished and examined in detailed, so that a wish appeared to show it to new customers, colleagues or put up for tender.

And since our rendering has been taken for a photograph, you can easily replace the photo of a completed object. It will speed up architect’s portfolio replenishment and spend the minimum of time between project finish and its beginning, so it brings the glory to an architect and his studio.

Competitive position before other architects, because they don’t have a good rendering.

Unfortunately, for us (visualizers) and fortunately for you (architects), not many architects consider a qualitative 3D visualization as a necessity.

Some architects:

• prefer to refuse from rendering at all forgetting about its demonstrativeness for a customer;
• economize greatly on rendering without paying attention at its quality and doing everything only just to check the box, because «everybody do the same».

Such approach is appropriated only for some architectural circles. But if to take into consideration business engineering, architecture or design, projects sales will be topside. Project success depends on their visual appeal that is exactly reproduced by rendering.

Graphic tablets with our works, executed for Architectural and design workshops “Allegro” and “White square”:

An opportunity to give new release of life to old competitive or unrealized projects.

Surely, every architect has several old, unrealized, but all the same compelling projects. Such projects you wish to use in portfolio or demonstrate to new potential clients but it can’t be done because of their obsolete form of presentation (a wash drawing, axonometric drawings or a simple model of “ArchiCAD”).

Rendering gives new release of life to projects like that and they will work for you a great while, attracting more clients.


3D modeling is a unique technique that will help you make a quick decision with your chosen project. This is because a three dimensional simulation is easier to understand than two dimensional simulations.

Rendering exterior company servoce

Architectural visualization is often used on company’s sites, in presentations, catalogues and other promotional materials. A good 3d modeling studio usually offers high quality visualization, panoramic 3d tours, printable graphic arts and three dimensional models development.

These services are becoming more popular in the building industry because they are so persuasive and gives a well-rounded image of a building, making it possible to study the interior and exterior of a project in details.

Some of these details are land-use plan of a surrounding countryside, standard floor layouts (which are different), roofing plan, section drawings (this item is compulsory for constructions with compound shape) and chromatic images of front building elevations.

Examples of 3D models  3d models for architect

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3D modeling is a unique technique that will help you make a quick decision with your chosen project. This is because a three dimensional simulation is easier to understand than two dimensional simulations.

Rendering exterior company servoce

Architectural visualization is often used on company’s sites, in presentations, catalogues and other promotional materials. A good 3d modeling studio usually offers high quality visualization, panoramic 3d tours, printable graphic arts and three dimensional models development.

These services are becoming more popular in the building industry because they are so persuasive and gives a well-rounded image of a building, making it possible to study the interior and exterior of a project in details.

Some of these details are land-use plan of a surrounding countryside, standard floor layouts (which are different), roofing plan, section drawings (this item is compulsory for constructions with compound shape) and chromatic images of front building elevations.

Examples of 3D models  3d models for architect

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The photographic images are not always successful but this is only photographer’s fault.  We often see pictures of places, which don’t exist!

After all, realistic and colorful landscapes can be created without any camera, paints and brushes. Architectural visualization is a computer graphic image of interior and exterior of the building that shows all their distinctive features. The main purpose of architectural visualization is to show all external characteristics of the future building before is will be constructed. That is why the visualization is of great importance for architecture, advertisement and art.

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Smart artist-visualizer through 3D modeling and 3D graphics and with help of such programs like 3ds max, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, ArchiCAD can make architectural objects proportional and aesthetically beautiful.

The principle of these programs is rendering. The functions of rendering are creating computer models of the objects, getting ready raster or vector image, 3D-animation or visualized panorama.

Visualizer should understand that not only virtuosity in working with the programs gives an excellent result.  The compliance with the rules of composition, proper lighting, showing large and small building elements and precise elaboration of all small details plays an important role. The images of these buildings considered to be the most attractive.

With help of architectural visualization, you can present your project effectively; prepare a wonderful presentation connected with the construction and design. Specialists from various fields can work on the images, depending on the wanted result. They may be visualizers, 3D animators, designers, retoucher, art director, project manager. The quality of future work depends on literacy and professionalism of each of them.

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First, it should be noted that architectural visualization helps the best way to see how well the plan to make the room as the new facility will fit into the surrounding landscape and the architectural ensemble or as high-rise buildings will be located in the new district.

Architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors come to the assistance during the creation of beautiful colorful images and 3D visualizations of the demonstration and a variety of competitive works of architect presentations.

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Photo-realistic image that allows you to see all the positive and negative characteristics of the building and highly informative – that’s what the term architectural visualization.

Architectural visualization is now is a full region in the architects, builders and designers. Also, to create a good project, it should work on the whole team : 3D- visualizer , retouches , art director , animator , designer and others.
Can be a lot of talk about the aesthetic side of the architectural rendering, but it is better to highlight some interesting elements in the work on the finished image.
Using in their work such wonderful programs as ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, V-Ray, specialists take to the attention not only the technical aspects of the work , but artistic norms .
For example, the picture will not look professional if the render will not adhere to the rules of composition, light and shade and construction perspective.

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Very often, these items will play a key role in the entire long work on the project.

Modern computer capabilities and rendering techniques allow you to create fully photographic pictures without photography. Planned result can be raster or vector image, panorama or 3D-visualization. Currently, the most popular method of architectural visualization  is remote programming.
Architectural visualization includes a significant number of different tasks. Informative and artistic value should be the main qualities of the designed object created.
Visualization is highly interactive, which means the possibility of modeling the reaction sites on human actions. It may be elevators, escalators, doors that open in response to the movement of a person. Also you have a real simulation of interactivity impossible in the real world.
Architectural visualization in general is not only a very convenient area, but also a new level of cultural arts. Visualization of each object is a complete art unit.

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Rendering (3D visualization) is the process of generation an image from a model. Basically, visualization represents the one of the most important parts in 3D graphics. The program that provides rendering is called render.

In the rendering structure we use the algorithms to get a qualitative image. In general, rendering can change vector structure into flat pixels. As the result, a 3D image can be displayed visually as a two dimensional image on the monitor.

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The one of the most outstanding renders is 3ds Max. 3ds Max is universal software because it is used for 3D modeling, basically. Also, the program is great for computer games design.
You can be sure that 3D visualization is good for interior design. As a rule, it helps you to see the real picture of the future interior. Interior visualization lets you to view each element of a house a flat furniture. 3D visualization creates the presence effect. Moreover, renders have succeeded in 3D models adaptation and that’s why its creations are considered to be masterpiece.
Preview visualization is a famous and helpful option, too. It is mainly used when a customer hesitates and not sure about some elements of the future house. For example, it can be a color of wall or wallpaper, or some materials’ selection.

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Final 3D visualization is the last variant of interior based on all amended corrections on the stage of preview visualization.
According to the project’s goal we have rendering in a real time mode (used in creating videos) and per-rendering which is more convenient for computer games’ creation. Pr-rendering uses 3D accelerators. The last ones help you to increase the old computer’s graphics quality.

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lead USA 3d Rendering and Design Company based in New York with more than 15 years experience in architecture and CGI projects.

The Company offers award-winning commercial services – such as Retail Project 3D Rendering and Design, Architectural Animation, Visualization for Real Estate, 3D Modeling and CAD Drafting – to a wide variety of international clients.

Leveraging digital wherever possible, we are always seeking creative and innovative ways to deliver our solutions. Primarily we produce photo-realistic images and animations for the Property Development sector.

Our team of 3D Artists and Architects:

– Have a degree from New York University.

– Great knowledge of 3D software, virtual reality, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, 3D animation, and digital image post-production.

– Self-motivated, innovative, adapts quickly to new solutions and works well under pressure meeting all challenging and mission-critical deadlines.

– Successful professional in the visual representation of high-end residential and commercial architectural design from overall architecture to custom cabinetry design.

– Built any design and make it the unique space every designer is looking for.

– Producing detailed High-Quality computer generated 3D  illustrations such as images, marketing materials, presentations and 3D models for contracted projects according to the client brief.

How to ensure a customer invest money in still not built house? Our company offers you a big range of services such as:

We will help you to:

  • Turn your ideas into reality by adopting any object into micro detailing work.
  •  Create an object’s place by means of your charts, photos, pictures, overall volumes etc.
  • Create all your bold and difficult ideas in the field of architectural visualization.
  • Complete your order with good quality and on time.
  • Realistic image and 3D walkthrough of the upcoming building.
  • Increase sales by volume level and attract new customers.

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Why do you need Architectural Rendering?

Architecture is one of the most advanced places in shaping visual culture. The impact of improved or simply beautiful architecture on a person is more than serious – it creates not only the aesthetic looks but also provides a good or depressing relevant experience. Besides the basic architecture is a portrait of the city determines, its advantages or disadvantages, and it shows historical components.
In the current context of the architecture of any nature it has become closer, and now there are not only in one mind and can be demonstrated large numbers of people. And the question here is not only the backbone of future construction or builder nuances of the situation in the landscape but also the inside of the house, a large shopping center or stadium. The scale does not limit to if the object of architectural visualization is the city.

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Architectural Visualization is a graphic demonstration of a future construction using architectural design. It allows you to maximize the full version and see the details if you want to fix them. Usually includes not only the appearance of an order but the purely technical details. In particular, the qualitative composition, staging lights, and showcasing the elements of architecture and materials.

In architectural visualization, we use two methods to represent graphics images. For implementation, we either use our hands or use computing methods. When images are created by hand, we use the principles of descriptive geometry and in the case of computer graphics, we use an appropriate professional program.

We make use of different software programs which provides completely different professional solutions such as Blender, Archicad, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Vray, SketchUp etc.

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In essence, architectural visualization allows you to get a photo-realistic image of your proposed project, to assess the costs and ultimately choose the option that better suit the financial potential. Architectural rendering also helps to resolve unexpected errors that may arise in the building process because all the details are expected to be calculated.


3D exterior rendering is usually created at the first stages of the developmental process of a project. It helps to simplify the interaction between the author, the owner of the project and their partners, investors or customers.

3D exterior visualization of a building will show you all the future construction benefits and drawbacks, estimates of all architectural advantages and correspondence with the surrounding redevelopment areas.

You can also show your investors or prospects a graphical model of your project instead of complicated drafts for observation. This will help your prospects to quickly reach a decision on buying or investments. This makes architectural visualization an effective marketing apparatus.


Recently, 3D rendering appears to be the standard during the development process of interior design projects. Architectural visualization of interior designs is very useful in private house construction projects and buildings intended for public use.


3D rendering of technical processes goal is to explain “how it works” to you. With this, you will have a basic understanding of the technology involved in your building projects. This will in turn guide you in making a decision on purchasing and investments.

The technical workings of many engineering structures and machinery can be represented only with the use of 3D graphics. Therefore, it is possible to visually present the most complex engineering processes with the use of 3D visualization to anyone that is interested.

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Vrender has been in the 3D computer graphics industry for more than 15 years. Our team of professionals uses strategic digital innovations to create realistic animation and renderings of stunning 3D assets. We will bring your thoughts and ideas to life with 3D arts which are of the best quality.

Our options of 3D Walkthrough, VR and Virtual tours offer you views from any angle which gives you an amazingly realistic representation of an idea.

The most effective and powerful tool – High quality 3D Photo Realistic 3D Visualization

At Vrender, we can take an aerial shot, eye level view or ground level photographic picture of existing conditions and show you how your new structure or modifications simulated in 3D would look like as well as indicate the material changes. This can be used for any of your marketing materials or for any local architectural review board presentations.

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Architects, developers and other building professionals use our company services when they need to have their designs shown to regulatory planning board members. So, instead of having an extremely expensive physical model built, you can trust our cost-effective service with the highest quality standards which will portray the “before and after” views.


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How to Order Architectural 3D Rendering Services? It’s Simple!

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Send us your drawings, plans , blueprints, 3D models or sketches (PDF, DWG, (CAD), JPEG,PNG or other file format.

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What kind of input do we need from you?

Our requirements vary and it also depends on your architect. However, we recommend you to have 2D AutoCAD drawings or at least hard copy blueprints prior to ordering. These can easily be obtained from your architect once your design is ready as most architects understand the importance of having a realistic 3D illustrations done on your project. Read more about 3D Rendering process

3d rendering softwarePrograms that we use: Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, Pixologic ZBrush, e-on Vue, Eyeon Fusion, V Render, After Effects, MentalRay, Vray.

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We transform your desires into imaginative conceptual animation to show the landscaping and lighting parameters as well as the amount of needed materials.

Our goal at V Render is to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction while maintaining affordability and promptness of the services. You are regularly updated with current progress throughout all development stages. As a result of this, our product (output) is innovative, extraordinary and spectacular.

At the moment, we are working in partnership with the New York-based architectural company 3D Enterprise. Should you have any questions about architectural designs, drawings, or architectural construction, please contact our architect directly by phone, or via e-mail.

For more information about 3D Enterprise and VRender, please visit our page Architectural Services.


Real-time Interactive VR 3D Visualisation

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What tasks 3D visualization helps solve?

3D visualization is a three-dimensional display of an object with a high resolution. Quality work is indistinguishable from a photo. With the help of visualization, it becomes possible to evaluate and, if necessary, correct the architectural design before the construction works begin. Along with that, it is possible to change the geometry, color decisions, structure, […]

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