rendering proces

To start a project, please send your CAD “dwg” files with drawings, plans, blueprints, 3D models or sketches (PDF, DWG, (CAD), JPEG, PNG or another file format, showing all elevations, interior design ideas, floor plans, site plans, and roof plans.

You will need to specify and send the images of your preferred building finish materials colors, design example, furniture, textures, landscape, and surroundings photos and Google Earth location coordinates.

The process takes us about 4-7 working days to render and modeling an architectural project depending on the size of the project and 3-5 days interior visualization project. There is an exception for quick or fast delivery which only requires 3 days with additional charges. A full animation project of 3 minutes will take us 1-3 weeks to finish.


cad for rendering

rendering inspiration

We will also provide a materials library (by request) for your convenience. You will need to specify the size and format of the output.


  1. Check set will be submitted to your approval and you will be responsible for making clear and concise revision notes and markups. The purpose of this check set is for you to approve the building design accuracy and camera perspective. Revisions, notes, and markups are to be resubmitted to us within 48 hours to maintain the project completion time.
  2. Check set will be resubmitted to you for final approval. This set will have all the colors, textures, and lighting as agreed upon during the previous approval. This rendering will contain people, landscaping, lighting, and shadows as per your specification.
  3. Any further modifications beyond the first two check sets are equal to additional services where pricing will be determined by the scope of revisions. You will be notified of charges prior to any work.
  4. Once the second check set has been approved, we will insert your logo, information, proper title, and resubmit to you for final approval.

We work with Imperial and Metric Units.

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