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    Realistic High Quality Architectural 3D Visualization

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3D Rendering Services and Architectural Animation for designers, architects, and real estate

Vrender Company has been in the 3D computer graphics industry for more than 17 years. Our team of professionals uses strategic digital innovations to create realistic animation and renderings of stunning 3D assets. We will bring your thoughts and ideas to life with 3D arts which are of the best quality.

Our options of 3D Walkthrough, VR and Virtual tours offer you views from any angle which gives you an amazingly realistic representation of an idea.

The most effective and powerful tool – High-Quality 3D Photo Realistic 3D Visualization

At Vrender, we can take an aerial shot, eye level view, or ground level photographic picture of existing conditions and show you how your new structure or modifications simulated in 3D would look like as well as indicate the material changes. This can be used for any of your marketing materials or for any local architectural review board presentations.

Choose The Right USA 3D Rendering Services Company!

Architects, developers and other building professionals use our company services when they need to have their designs shown to regulatory planning board members. So, instead of having an extremely expensive physical model built, you can trust our cost-effective service with the highest quality standards which will portray the “before and after” views.

What is 3D rendering services?

3D rendering services involve the process of creating two-dimensional images or animations from three-dimensional models using computer software. This technology is extensively used in various industries, including architecture, interior design, product design, gaming, animation, advertising, and more. The goal of 3D rendering is to visualize and communicate the appearance and characteristics of a 3D model in a realistic and visually compelling manner.

3D architectural visualization services are particularly valuable for professionals who want to showcase their designs or products in a visually compelling way before they are physically realized. For instance, architects can create realistic visualizations of buildings to help clients understand the final outcome, interior designers can showcase their design concepts, and product designers can create lifelike renderings of their products for marketing purposes. As technology advances, the realism and quality of 3D rendering continue to improve, allowing for stunning and immersive visual experiences across a wide range of industries.

Here’s a breakdown of how the 3D rendering process typically works:

The first step involves creating a 3D model using specialized software. This model can represent anything from architectural structures and interior spaces to products, characters, and more.

Once the model is constructed, textures and materials are applied to its surfaces to simulate real-world materials like wood, metal, glass, etc. Additionally, virtual lights are set up within the scene to mimic natural lighting conditions or specific lighting effects.

A virtual camera is placed within the 3D environment to define the viewpoint from which the scene will be rendered. This camera can be positioned and oriented to capture the desired composition

This is the process where the 3D software calculates how light interacts with the materials and surfaces in the scene, producing a two-dimensional image or series of images. The software takes into account factors like lighting, shadows, reflections, refraction, and more to generate a photorealistic result.

After the initial rendering is done, additional post-processing effects can be applied. These effects can include color correction, depth of field, motion blur, and more to enhance the final image’s visual quality.

The final rendered image or animation can be outputted in various formats, resolutions, and aspect ratios, depending on the intended use. These outputs can be used for presentations, marketing materials, websites, animations, and more.

The perfect 3D Presentation of your project

Fast & Affordable Photorealistic Renderings & Animations directly from your files.

Our goal at VRender is to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction while maintaining affordability and promptness of the services. You are regularly updated with current progress throughout all development stages. As a result of this, our product (output) is innovative, extraordinary, and spectacular.

3D Exterior Rendering

A powerful tool that allows architects, real estate developers, and designers to effectively communicate their design concepts to clients, investors, and stakeholders. It provides a realistic preview of how a building will look in its surroundings, helping decision-makers make informed choices and facilitating the marketing and promotional efforts for new developments.

3d rendering for private architects and architectural companies


  • Multi Unit Housing
  • Apartment
  • Private House
  • Residential Interiors
  • Unbuilt Residential
architectural visualization services


  • Office Building project
  • Office Interiors
  • Retail Space
  • Shopping Center
  • Factory Warehouse
  • Unbuilt Commercial
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Health Care & Wellness
  • Unbuilt Hospitality
  • Stadium / Arena
  • Recreation Centers
  • Unbuilt Sports & Recreation
  • Museum
  • Gallery
  • Hall / Theater
  • Pavilions
  • Religious Buildings & Memorials
  • Unbuilt Cultural

3D Animation / 3D Walkthrough Services

We transform your desires into imaginative conceptual animation to show the landscaping and lighting parameters as well as the number of needed materials.

  • Exterior Animation
  • Interior Animation
  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Flythrough
  • 3D 360 Panorama Views
3d architectural site plan rendering

Site Plan 3D Rendering

3D visual representation of a site plan is essential for communicating design concepts to clients, city planners, investors, landscape designers, and real estate, as they provide a visual representation of how a specific site will be developed or renovated. They help convey the overall layout, spatial relationships, and design intent of the project.

3d interior render

Interior 3D renderings

Is a powerful technique used by interior designers, architects, and real estate professionals to create realistic visual representations of interior spaces. These renderings allow stakeholders to experience and understand how a room or space will look and feel once it’s fully designed and furnished.

3d animation walkthrough

3D Rendering for Real Estate

3D rendering plays a crucial role in the real estate industry, enhancing the marketing, visualization, and decision-making processes for various property types, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Is a powerful tool that transforms the way real estate is marketed, visualized, and understood, contributing to better-informed decisions and improved customer experiences.

3d visualization for real estate agencies

Rendering for Architects

  • Architectural Plan/Design/CAD
  • Landscape
  • Development Plan
  • Creating Hi-poly and low-poly Architectural 3d models

3D rendering is an essential tool for architects that enables them to visually communicate their design concepts, ideas and plans to clients, stakeholders, and other professionals involved in a project.


Government and Education Buildings and offices rendering

3D rendering plays a pivotal role in enhancing the planning, design, communication, and decision-making processes for government and education buildings and offices, leading to more efficient and successful projects.

Industrial Rendering

Is a valuable tool used in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to visualize and communicate complex designs, processes, and facilities. It helps convey intricate details, machinery layouts, and operational workflows in a clear and comprehensive manner.


  • Furniture 3D Modeling
  • Conceptual Design Visualization
  • Detailed Architectural 3D Models
  • Architectural Scale 3D Models

How to Order 3D Architectural Rendering Services? It’s Simple!

drawings plans blueprints

Send us your drawings, plans, blueprints, 3D models or sketches (PDF, DWG, (CAD), JPEG, PNG or another file format.

3d Quote

We’ll provide a Quick Quote

3d modeling stage

3D Modeling Stage

stage Rendering

Texturing and lighting


Final stage-Visualizing Architecture and Post-processing

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Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Architectural Renderings

3D rendering is a computer graphics process that involves creating two-dimensional images or animations from three-dimensional models. It’s a technique used to simulate the appearance of real-world objects, scenes, and environments in a digital format. The process aims to generate visual representations that closely resemble how objects would appear in the physical world, accounting for factors like lighting, shading, materials, and perspective. Learn more about 3D Rendering

Architectural visualization is the process of creating realistic visual representations of architectural designs and concepts using computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques. It involves using specialized software to transform architectural plans, drawings, and models into lifelike images, animations, or interactive experiences. Learn more about Architectural Visualization.

3D rendering is the process of generating two-dimensional images or animations from a three-dimensional scene or model using computer graphics software. Learn more about Definition of 3D Rendering.

3D graphics refer to the creation, manipulation, and representation of visual content in three dimensions. Unlike traditional 2D graphics that are confined to height and width, 3D graphics add depth as a third dimension, enabling the creation of more realistic and immersive visual experiences. Learn more about What is 3D graphics? 

V-Ray is a widely used and powerful rendering software that provides advanced capabilities for creating high-quality and realistic 3D renderings. Learn more about What is V-Ray? 

3D visualization refers to the creation of three-dimensional representations of objects, scenes, environments, or concepts using computer graphics technology. It involves generating lifelike visual simulations that accurately depict the depth, perspective, and spatial relationships of the subject matter. Learn more about Definition of visualization.

3D rendering software is used to transform 3D models or scenes into 2D images or animations that simulate realistic lighting, materials, textures, and visual effects. Learn more about 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling Software 

3D render engines are software components or standalone applications that specialize in generating realistic images, animations, or visual effects from 3D models and scenes. These render engines simulate how light interacts with objects, materials, and environments to produce lifelike visuals. Learn more about 3D Render Engines.

3D rendering companies, also known as rendering studios or visualization firms, specialize in creating high-quality, realistic, and visually appealing 3D renderings, animations, and visualizations for a wide range of industries and applications. These companies utilize advanced computer graphics techniques and software to transform 3D models and scenes into compelling visual representations. 3D rendering companies offer their services to individuals, businesses, architects, designers, advertisers, and other professionals who require professional-quality visual content.  3D rendering companies cater to a wide range of industries, including architecture, design, entertainment, advertising, real estate, product development, and more.

3D rendering companies typically have a team of skilled artists, designers, and technical experts who collaborate to produce high-quality visuals that meet the specific needs and requirements of their clients with a strong project portfolio. They may use a variety of rendering software and tools to achieve realistic lighting, shading, textures, and effects. These companies offer different levels of detail, from basic renderings to highly detailed and photorealistic images or animations.

The cost of 3D rendering can vary widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the level of detail required, the number of images or animations, the quality of the final output, the software and tools used, the experience of the 3D artists, and the specific requirements of the client. Here are some factors that can influence the cost of 3D rendering:

  1. Project Complexity: The more complex and intricate the 3D scene or model, the more time and effort it will take to create a high-quality rendering.
  2. Level of Detail: Highly detailed renderings with intricate textures, materials, and realistic lighting will generally require more work and time, thus affecting the cost.
  3. Resolution and Size: Larger image resolutions and animations with more frames may require more rendering time and computing resources, contributing to higher costs.
  4. Deadline and Turnaround Time: If you need the rendering completed within a tight timeframe, it might require additional resources and potentially impact the cost.
  5. Number of Views.
  6. Revision Rounds..

Learn more about Cost of 3D architectural rendering

There are several types of 3D rendering services offered by professionals and companies specializing in creating high-quality 3D visuals for various industries. These services cater to different needs, from architectural visualization to product marketing.

Yes, having architectural plans, CAD files, or sketches is highly recommended when ordering 3D rendering services. These resources provide essential information to 3D artists and studios, enabling them to accurately create the 3D renderings according to your specifications.


What kind of input do we need from you?

Our requirements vary and it also depends on your architect. However, we recommend you to have 2D AutoCAD drawings or at least hard copy blueprints prior to ordering. These can easily be obtained from your architect once your design is ready as most architects understand the importance of having realistic 3D illustrations done on your project. Read more about 3D Rendering process

3d rendering softwareSoftware: Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, Pixologic ZBrush, e-on Vue, Eyeon Fusion, V Render, After Effects, MentalRay, Vray.

Partners / Clients

Client Testimonials

Commercial Building 3D Renderings Dallas, TX

We always use Vrender Company services for our Commercial 3D Renderings! They provide very fast turn-around and High Level Quality in 3D Renderings. Very affordable prices and best Rendering Service around.

Great Rendering Services!

Great Rendering Services! The best in quality! The best 3D rendering and architectural design company in New York. I couldn’t be more happier with the final result. Highly recommended!!!

Rendering interiors and exteriors Seattle.

Very impressed by both their responsiveness and awesome results taking a line drawing to 3D rendering interiors and exteriors. Recommend!!!

Quality, easy and fast rendering services!Best in Miami!

Hi-quality, fast rendering services and good price. Would highly recommend!

Fast turnaround on an exterior view!

I needed a fast turnaround on an exterior view for our object in Houston and Vrender came to the rescue with a beautifully finished product. They were easy to work with, efficient, and with great value for the price. Will return for future projects!

We needed to show a photographic representation of a project in Chicago to a team of investors. I found Vrender Company on a web search Fantastic services to work with, and delivered just what we were looking for!

Architectural 3D Renderings, Washington, DC

For several years now our advertising company has been working with Vrender on many projects. We use them for our Architectural 3D Renderings. Vrender has to be the best 3D Rendering Company in New York with their superior quality in 3D Renderings and 3D Animations. Their turn around time is super fast and they have offer very good prices.

Architecture 3D animation Boston, MA

I have worked with architecture animation firms in the past and V Render Studio is without a doubt the best I company I have dealt with, they provided the best service and amazing quality work in a timely fashion. Vrender was able to find solutions to design problems that my company could not, and their creativity was remarkable.

Shopping center renderings Los Angeles.

I have worked with Vrender Company on several projects which are typically shopping center and environments. Company is prompt and has reasonable turn-around and has always delivered high quality renderings. I will continue to use this company in the future.

School building 3d renderings and classrooms animation in  San Diego.

These guys are excellent, came through when we needed rendering for our school building quickly with a high quality of work. Highly recommend them. I will definitely give them my business again.

3D rendering for a sales presentation New York.

Work is excellent, he’s easy to work with, and everyone is happy with the final product. The cheapest quote we got from a local architect for our project – a 3D rendering for a sales presentation!

Private Residence realistic architectural 3d rendering, Philadelphia.

This was exactly what we wanted to show our builders and hesitant what we had in our heads. Team did an excellent job of combining information for different sources and different formats to come up with a final produce we are very happy with.

Architectural 3D Rendering of Business Center, Buffalo, NY.

They put up with me and my pickiness and produced an amazing product. Seriously check them out, give them your requirements and let them do their thing, you wont be sorry. Amazing work, thank you!!!

Commercial building exterior 3D Visualization of Townhouse San Francisco, CA.

I have another project with this company and I know in confidence that the final visualization will be amazing. Thank you for a great product & putting up with me, will be ordering more.

Interior Visualization Concept Phoenix, AZ

Requested a new main image for a product I am selling which required some easy render  and Photoshop work done. an excellent job was done. Responded promptly to all revision requests and got the job done on time! Thanks You!

Architectural Animation and 3d render from from different views of commercial property project (skyscraper) in Las Vegas, NV

Exceeded my expectations! Great communication and understanding of my needs. Will definitely be using them again! Highly recommended!!

Visualization of Residential Building, Albuquerque

Amazing!!! Maxim is very responsive, very easy to work with and delivered excellent products. The timeframe was easily met. Highly recommended. Thank you

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