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Premium Cost-effective Architectural 3D Rendering and Animation Services

Vrender provides architectural rendering and engineering design services which ensures that your visualization design is completely and effectively integrated into your presentation or distributed promotional media. Some of our services are standard architectural and engineering drawings, cost estimations, layering and 3D modeling which help you save costs.

We have highly trained and skilled professionals with engineering and architectural backgrounds who will provide quality architectural renderings, illustrations, animations and flythrough for architects, developers, designers and advertising agencies.

Our vast experience and proficiency in architectural design, engineering services and 3D visualization makes us an enviable company to handle your projects.. We provide you with a unique advantage when it comes to quality of service, flexible production schedule, fast turnaround and highly competitive pricing.

We go the extra mile by providing non-disclosure agreements to you when required so as to keep your data safe and protected as we value long term business relationships with all our customers.

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Architectural 3d Modeling

Hotels Interiors Renderings

Hotels Interiors Renderings

Furniture 3D Modeling and Renderings

Furniture 3D Modeling and Renderings

Architectural Services:

– CAD Drafting and Conversion Services
– CAD Drafting Services
– Architectural Drafting and Design
– Detail design information & documentation
– Landscape design
– Interior Design
– Renovation
– Designing in paper
– Concept Design.
– Architectural Project
– Hand Sketch
– Site Plan Detailing
– Survey Plan Drafting
– Architecture Detailing
– Structural Design and Detailing
– Construction Drawing
– Custom Designing
– Custom floor plan designing looking at only elevation
– Floor Plan Designing
– Elevation Designing
– Blue Print
– Work station Designing
– Working Drawing
– Fire Plan Drafting
– Gis Conversion
– Electrical Drawings

Residential and Commercial Buildings:

-Floor plans and roof plans framing
-Sectional elevation
-Wall sections, roof section
-Detailing of doors and windows
-Foundation plans
-Construction documentation consisting of plans, elevations, details and Specifications
-Lighting drawings and furniture layouts.

Urban Development and Planning:

Creating location map, pedestrian and vehicular passage, comprehensive layout of the Site demonstrating access points in the layout of site,construction blocks and landscaping is our forte.

Raster to Vector Conversions:

Architectural and technical layouts, archive drawings, schematic diagrams and numerous types of graphics converted into vector forms.

Our Projects Experience:

– Apartment Complex.
– High-Rise Residential & Commercial buildings.
– Schools & Universities.
– Residential Villas.
– Hospitals.
– Hotels.
– Theaters.

Cad Conversion Services:

– Paper to CAD Conversion
– PDF to CAD Conversion
– Tiff / Jpeg / Bmp to CAD Conversion
– Jpeg to CAD Conversion
– Bmp to CAD Conversion
– Hand sketches to CAD Conversion
– Scanned documents to CAD Conversion
– Velum or Blueprint to CAD Conversion
– Photographs to CAD Conversion
– As-Build Drawings
– Raster image to CAD Conversion
– All type of drafting in CAD
– CAD redrafting & Conversion
– As-Built Up Plan

Why Choose Us?

When you present your architectural design in front of an audience, you want the audience to be impressed by your vision and architectural excellence.


Therefore, we have developed a specific course of action that allows us to present your project in its best light as would have wanted it. Vrender Company is a design agency that is completely committed to providing custom designs to our real estate patrons.

We have the technical resources and a highly skilled workforce that can take on any design project and successfully complete it. We offer architectural renderings that are completed within deadlines and within budget allocations.

We understand that 3D rendering is an engineering vertical that not only requires technical expertise but also a sense of imagination and creativity.

Our Partners

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At Vrender, we take you through the following steps to achieve the best results:

  • After we receive the details and specifications of your project, our design team starts studying the details to acquire a thorough understanding of the project and your vision.
  • Once we understand your requirements, work is then designated to respective team members. A progress map is charted that would ensure the design is completed on time with minimal drawbacks.
  • As the design nears it completion, a preview rendition is mailed to you to make the necessary changes. After which, the final rendition is delivered in high-resolution within the agreed deadline.


When you trust us with your design work, you get the following:

  • Unique project management systems that delivers superior quality outputs within timelines.
  • Secured and well protected data.
  • Well-equipped resources and skilled professionals to meet the challenges of your project.

At Vrender, we have developed a client-centric design solutions with a flexible pricing system just for you.

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