Using 3D Rendering in Outdoor Advertising

Using 3D Rendering in Outdoor Advertising

Features of outdoor advertising of residential and commercial complexes, shopping malls, business centers, retail property that are being built.

Often we see ads that are so oversaturated with information that remembering something one is almost impossible. There’s such a feeling that in order to save money, marketers are trying to introduce clients with absolutely all special offers, discounts, layout features, façade solutions and so on.

Advertising rendering

In our opinion, when broadcasting some advertising about real estate sales, it is necessary to put a clear emphasis on one message: if it is about a discount, then the image should be secondary or not used at all. If this is a special finish – a focus must be made on the façade solutions with a close-up view of visualization, so everyone can see what that is all about.

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For this and other purposes, we’ve invented and introduced to the market atmospheric 3D Renderings, because with the right use of our images, they give fantastic results. Under “the right use”, we mean focusing on visual content, the simplicity of the message, and the lack of overburdening of the advertising carrier with information. In addition, quality 3D rendering is almost a work of art. It makes the urban advertising environment more beautiful.

In order to make this vividly visible, we virtually placed several advertising designs into existing pictures.

Alice Crawford