What does Architectural Rendering really cost?

The factors that affect the cost of architectural rendering have a wide range but one thing is certain: a high price does not equate to good quality, the same way a low price does not imply poor quality. In this article, we will attempt to help you accurately estimate architectural renderings. This will allow you to ensure that your investment pays off eventually. Some of the factors that can affect the cost include software choice, available rendering equipment, type of render, quality, pricing techniques, time invested, market, etc.

When compared to other pricing techniques, the per-image and the per-project techniques are the most common. However, the cheapest pricing technique is the per-image technique. This implies that the rendering is done on an already modeled 3D model from the client. So, the prices are based on the number of rendered images. On the other hand, the per-project technique implies that the artist completes the entire project from the modeling stage to the rendering, and of course, the price will be higher.

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The market

The first thing we must note here is the fact that there is an immeasurable amount of amazing 3D artists all over the world, but usually, rendering artists from developing countries are considerably cheaper but not necessarily with poor quality. The economy of their country and other factors are responsible for this margin in price. One of the factors is the unauthorized use of 3D rendering software and this is the most disturbing factor. The use of unauthorized software limits the users to fewer options to work with as compared to the full licensed package hence the cheaper prices. Another reason for the cheap price is because most artists from developing regions are just venturing into the market and want to become well known. So they believe a higher turnover (number of projects rendered) will put them at a vantage point where they would be more visible. This mostly impacts their work negatively but because most people already have the mindset that price equates to value, it is easy to assume that the value of the work offered is of a low quality.

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Quality or Quantity

There has always been a toggle between quality and quantity on which a 3D artist should focus on. Both have their advantages but if you’re looking to earn more, you should focus on the quality of work you’re putting out there. The misconception that more numbers mean more publicity and in turn, more returns have more negative effects than positive because in most cases, more quantity means less quality and that will more likely ruin your reputation than build it. Quality means investing time, equipment, personal skills, knowledge, and effort and that’s the price you must be willing to pay to earn more.

Rendering equipment

The result of render is directly proportional to the equipment used. In other words, to achieve the best results (hyper-realistic rendering) in good time, massive investment should be made in high-end computers, gadgets, tools, and equipment; these hyper-realistic renderings will in turn yield more in terms of price because most of this equipment is expensive.

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Choice of Software

Choice of software is closely associated with the quality in terms of detail, time of production, and hyper-realism. To earn more as a 3D artist, it is better to make your choice based on the quality it can offer and it is better to buy licensed software because it affects the result. Renderings that are done with unauthorized software end up looking unprofessional and in some cases, tacky.


Post-production is the distinction of skill and is the most outstanding difference between a render that will cost more. Another will cost less even if both were done with the same equipment and software using similar textures, materials, lighting, and camera settings. Post-production refers to the process of infusing the environment and scenery to the design, giving it a more realistic appearance.


There is no fixed cost for an architectural render. Its true cost is a combination of various factors, so whether as a rendering artist looking to place a price on your jobs or as an individual looking to hire the services of a rendering artist, systems should be put in place based on the aforementioned factors to ascertain the cost of an architectural render.


The relevance of 3D rendering in exterior architecture design

The relevance of 3D rendering to any architecture project is irreplaceable. If you check, nothing beats being able to visualize a project even before it has been built in reality or spot problems or issues and fix them in the design phase, averting their occurrence in reality. How about its usefulness in marketing and advertising? It serves as a medium of communication between client and architect in the most straightforward language that both parties can understand.
This article explains in great detail its relevance to architecture.

Sneak-peak into the project in real-time

With the aid of rendering software, it is possible to view a project as if it has already been built, recreating the surroundings and other outdoor elements precisely as it will be in real life. The help of high-definition textures, light effects, color, and other features produces a hyper-realistic image of the project, making it easy to relate with and understand. This makes it very easy for clients to be enticed and attracted to the designs and make purchases because they can see the final output. You will get an image of the project from one view and in multiple views, walkthrough, etc.

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Reveals design problems

Sometimes, a paper on paper may seem perfect and flawless but may have some issues that may only be seen when built. 3D rendering takes away that factor as it minimizes such occurrences. It reveals problems that a 2D drawing will never tell. A typical example will be the famous walkie-talkie building in London.

The skyscraper’s unique shape makes it one of the most famous landmarks in the city, but the architect didn’t think about the changing seasons. Its curved shape doesn’t cause any problems most of the time, but the towering side reflects the sun down to the streets for three weeks. That raises the street temperature so much, car tires deflate, plastic parts melt, and people can cook eggs on the concrete.

3D rendering will save the cost of identifying the problems after it has been built and trying to correct it. It ensures the best possible design before construction takes place.

Easier Presentations

3D rendering is a communication tool. They are to present what visual aids are to the classroom. They guarantee effective visualization of the project to investors, clients, etc. 3D rendering helps to show the world the image in the designer’s mind in great detail, much better than drawings and models, especially for designs that are not conventional and difficult to imagine. 3D rendering is the medium we can use to see the future because they look like real pictures. It’s a fantastic tool to blow the mind of the investors and sell designs with ease.

3D rendering is a cost-effective


Before now, in the absence of 3D rendering, architects had to re-design projects by hand when corrections were made to the initial design. It takes about the same time it takes to complete the initial design, and of course, the costs involved were doubled. 3D rendering is a cost-effective way of designing because it allows for almost instantaneous upgrades at practically no cost or even upgrading the buildings in reality.

Marketing prowess

Marketing is a big deal to any business or industry, including the architecture industry, and nothing comes close to closing a deal like 3D rendering. In today’s business world, where everyone is looking for a competitive advantage, 3D rendering proves to be effective when used as an advantage over one’s competition. Your renders have the power to attract the right people depending on the amount of effort you put into it and what you want to achieve. People are attracted to your work based on two significant factors; ability to pay attention to details and what your style represents. With this, you can build a reputation for yourself and attract the crowd that you desire. It is the easiest way to promote a new design or project or even yourself as an architect.

Ease of access to creative juice

Visualizing your design during the design process is a sure way to open your mind up to new ideas and innovations. It will bring you to notice things that you did not initially see or intend, giving you multiple views of the design in progress. Corrections and modifications can be made on the go, and clients can also visualize the project and make inputs. It is so unique that you don’t even have to start over to make these modifications in making changes.

3D exterior render

visualize exterior relates to the landscape and surrounding elements

Architects can visualize how the exterior relates to the landscape and surrounding elements

For a 3D exterior render, the building only makes up one part, and the surroundings make up the other part. Otherwise, the building will exist in isolation. 3D rendering allows you to take a few photos of the surrounding area and implement the renders in realistic settings. This is one of the most useful attributes of 3D rendering. 3D rendering takes out trying to create visual images in the mind of what should be and what shouldn’t be and allows everyone to see what the building or design will look like.

Better understanding by building team.

The entire building, including the engineers, surveyors, designers, software professionals, and the client, needs to maintain a good understanding of the project among themselves. The 3D render serves as a language where everyone understands, thus enhancing communication and knowledge in the building team. This also speeds up the design process when everyone is working in sync and at the same pace.

They leverage on the Emotions of Clients

3D renders can look 100% real if done correctly, allowing the architect to evoke emotions from the client or everyone who sees them. Every person likes to appreciate anything aesthetically pleasing, and 3D rendering helps designers leverage this appeal to beautiful things. Nothing can bring an investor closer to a project than a 3D render as they have a lived-in experience of the building or design.


From all angles, the relevance of 3D rendering has been proven without any doubt as a game-changer in the world of architecture. It has simplified the design process from drawing with large sheets by hand to designing small and big scale projects using rendering soft-wares and producing realistic visualizations of the project to be appreciated by everyone.

Exterior Rendering Services

The question is, what do you see the first in a person? Of course, the answer would be, the outer personality. Similar is the case when we see a building or a concrete architectural structure. First, exteriors of it are seen, and then it gives a notion to make a decision whether to enter the building or not? If the exteriors are good then people are likely to get in and then experience the interiors. On the other hand, if the interiors are good, but the exteriors are not, still people avoid getting in because on seeing a bad exterior, the decision is already made not to go in, no matter, how good the interiors are. This applies in each and every business and in the service-based industry.

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Exterior Rendering Services

The U.S. is the leading nation in having thousands of businesses and lakhs of buildings. For all these businesses, service industries, and buildings the Exterior Rendering service is required. To cope up with the demand, there is a lower supply of 3D Exterior Design and other CGI Design services. And, out of these, only a few of the design service providers are able to give their excellence. Therefore, to meet up the demand of the exterior engineering and 3D Exterior Rendering services, Vrender Company does everything in time mannered.

Our company acts as a service provider for 3D Exterior Rendering services and other related design, animation, wall, filming, and other creative conceptual services. This includes the 3D Exterior Rendering and exterior wall rendering for the Exterior Designs. Conversion of 2D Rendered images into 3D images. Vrender Company Offering Services Is 3D Walkthrough and 3D Interior Rendering, 3D Floor Plan Design.

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Exterior Commercial 3d Rendering Services

Residential 3d exterior rendering servicesThere is a typical process by the means of which Vrender Company and its 3D Exterior design studio create Exterior Rendering for various projects including Hotels and Hospitals, 3D Exterior House Design, Restaurants and Clubs, Amusement Parks and Shopping Malls, Transportation Projects and Transportation Medias, and it also creates 3D Exterior Illustrations for various needs.

3D Exterior Design Services

3D Exterior Rendering for Commercial and Residential architectural objects requires a lot of attention on the amenities and the surroundings. The 3D Exterior Design Studio that we have is one of the most effective and loaded with all the technological tools required to create outlasting designs. Industrial Exteriors require typical attention on the functional parts and must showcase how the operations are handled in the industry.

This invokes the needs of the Exterior Rendering as well as the Interior Rendering for 3D Exterior Industrial Rendering Animation to be the most reliable on showing how the industrial job will be handled in that particular industry. This concludes that each and every type of exterior rendering requirement gets changed with the application. Each would require care and understanding of the functional and non-functional elements also. Therefore, VRENDER has experts who are keen on exploration and are sound in using the technicalities of animating the exteriors as they are required.


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