Checklist to spot and hire the best 3d artist for your ideas

In recent times, almost every business, one way or another, requires the services of a 3D artist because 3D visualization helps to bring to life the mental picture of ideas, aid in advertising of products that will give a comparative advantage over competitors, and provide a preview for your thesis or work so errors can be spotted and corrected beforehand.

3D visualization relevance doesn’t end with businesses that involve products and manufacturing as even with other companies. They could help give a clearer picture of your brand to your customers to understand better and lure a more influential audience.
The relevance of these professionals to business owners cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, much consideration must be given in the selection process of the 3D artist to handle your project, and here are a few things you should look out for.

3D visualization relevance

First things first:

A lot of people make the mistake of beginning their search without knowing what they are trying to find, so they’d probably Google “3D artist” with the hope to find their “lucky guy,” but they end up with a long list of people and have to go through the stress of sorting through them. Knowing what you’re looking out for can help narrow down your search and quicken the process.

Be on the lookout for experience:

Experience entails a set of skills possessed by an individual in a particular area accumulated or attained by having firsthand knowledge of processes involved in a task. It is imperative to be on the lookout for the experience level of the candidate, and in the context of 3D artists, here are a few checkboxes to narrow down your selection: he or she must be competent in visualization, modeling, and conceptualization and must possess the following skill set – computer skills and artistic talent, business and networking skills, Teamwork skills and collaborative personality and of course creativity.


Check for reviews (if any):

The best way to properly ascertain your candidate’s credibility is to check for reviews of previous jobs done, and the easiest way is in the online space. These reviews give an honest and unbiased opinion of his job. They will expose things the candidate will probably never reveal in an interview, such as his promptness of delivery, his ability to understand his client’s needs, and his approach to work and communication patterns.

What’s in their portfolio?

A portfolio is a compilation of the artists’ best projects, and it serves as some catalog for clients to go through before hiring a 3D artist. You must take advantage of this to critically go through the portfolio and look out for the details to make an informed decision. Be on the lookout to see if this person is up to the task you have in mind. If you are disappointed by the projects in the portfolio that I mentioned are a compilation of their best projects, it’s too risky to give them the job to hope that they will improve.
On the other hand, if you’re impressed by their work, that’s a good start. A portfolio will give you everything you need to make an informed decision to pay attention to.

3D visualization

Money matters: Price and payment method:

Before you engage in pricing with 3D artists, you might want to first scout for the average prices of similar projects to give you an idea for a budget and avoid overpricing or underpricing the artist. You should also bear in mind that looking for cheap artists will be detrimental to you and your project because the quality depends on the price. It is challenging to see good quality jobs at a low price. This does not mean that 3D projects are generally expensive. It is possible to find good quality at an affordable rate, but prioritizing price over quality is a sure way to get disappointed in the end.

Finding a good 3D artist with prices compatible with your pocket is such a significant investment, especially those that can also perform other roles. The payment methods should also be considered to suit yours. Some may prefer a down payment. Some others might insist on a full payment first, or cost after delivery, whichever works for you should be discussed.

Consultation with the artist or not?:

Different artists have different approaches to work. Some prefer to work in solitude and only contact the client when the job is done, but it is best to be involved in the project’s process. This means that there must be constant communication between both parties, and the artist should be open to working together as much as possible. Also, since you may not have a lot of experience with 3D design, it is wise to consult with the artist in the project’s modification process even though the initial idea will be entirely yours.

3D artist project

Marketplaces vs. Firms vs. Freelancers:

When scouting for 3D artists, these are the three options to choose from depending on the project’s scope or scale or only the one you’re more comfortable with. While the first two may be a little tedious to find because of availability, freelancers are relatively easy to find as there are numerous tools to aid with your search.
‘VRender’ should be the first place to check out with their user-friendly interface while offering a wide range of incredible artists to choose from.

  •  You could also check out ‘Vrender’ if you’re looking for cutting-edge visualizations and renderings and have a big budget.
  • ‘Craigslist’ offers you the best talent within your locale, and you can meet them in person.
  •  ‘Cad Crowd’ is similar to Easy Render. Although it was initially intended for interior design and architectural designs, it could serve other purposes.
  • ‘UpWork’ as one of the most renowned hiring platforms, offers fantastic options for 3D visualization experts and rendering artists.


No matter the business endeavor you’re in that requires a 3D artist, choosing the right one can be such a hassle because they can boost or bust your efforts. I hope these little tips are helpful to you in your search.


Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Vrender Company is one of the interesting topics in architecture and this all things considered. Numerous clients are exploring different experiments regarding architectural Vrender Company or areas of now utilizing it in their day to day business. The experience of a virtual walkthrough is better than the effectively awesome experience of watching your project in 3D on a big screen or a projector. It empowers you to get a feeling for space and design, which you are not ready to get past different ways, not even with an architectural model.

The Vrender Company, one of the main virtual reality studio, gives great, fast turnaround and financially savvy Vrender Company solutions for the construction industry. Virtual reality advancement has taken our dreams and is endeavoring to make them genuine or possibly, as real as a PC can simulate. You can also look at the most conspicuous virtual reality headset technologies through with The Vrender Company.
virtual reality architectural services

3d Building virtual realityBy utilizing our skill to use this innovation completely, Architects, Property Developers, and Interior Designers have all flourished from the capacity to picture their arrangements in mind-boggling point of interest by virtually venturing into their creations like never before. Today’s specialists are tackling shot the most realistic 3D simulated world they can, using Vrender company technologies. PCs, merged with remarkable interfacing peripherals, are prepared for simulating any condition created into its tasks.

virtual reality architectural walkthrough

virtual reality Interior and exterior
Other than the five senses and perceptions that individuals have in our sense organs, there are distinctive resources that we learn through sensory information sources that our cerebrum enacts by preparing ready information from the earth around us. Vrender Company experience reality through our mind’s sense-get ready and making system that makes material information for us. So also, if our resources are given an interpretation of reality that isn’t exactly present in any case we consider it to be veritable because of the substantial information associated with it. This is the point that genuinely matters to Vrender Company. In the current age we live in, these virtual reality experiences are made with PCs and innovation created conditions.

In this way, you conceived your project. You imagined it in your mind, and afterward, you appeared the arrangements on paper or screen. Stretch out beyond your rivals by changing your hard work into an immersive, hyper-reasonable and vital Vrender Company encounter that they won’t overlook. It is simpler, and shockingly more moderate than you would ever envision.

Vrender Company 2019.


Interior Renderings Services New York

An interior of something provides an outstanding view of the eyes of the one who sees it. The human eyes naturally, get attracted always only to the beautiful and tends to neglect the things that are quite ugly. Here, there is a distinction, if something is beautiful to someone, need not be beautiful for everyone. We have a saying, “beauty is in the eyes of the viewer!” Irrespective of the place, irrespective of the size, there is nothing in this world that cannot be beautified. Ugliness can easily be replaced if something beautiful with creativity is applied. Beauty comes naturally if the thoughts that are related to the view are changed or altered in spite of having an ugliness.

residential interior rendering

commercial interior 3d rendering New York

In the U.S. the interior designer, decorator or design professional everyone would like to create Extraordinary yet Powerful interior design, to achieve this, designing beautiful interior design projects and giving them the creative visuals for any given site, should be the foremost task. Creativity is driven by thinking patterns. Think the Design in a different way and perceive an approach that nobody can even imagine. This will enhance the interiors of it. Vrender knows this very well and is keen on providing most creative and outstanding Interior Designs and 3D Interior Rendering services. We have our own studio in the USA, which is capable enough to do any design task and can provide best interior design for home, room interior design, and 3D Interior Designs, living room design, bedroom designs, and also the architectural rendering services.

Interior Visualization New York

Interior Rendering Services NYC

residential interior 3d design

Interior Design Services Firm

We here in New York being the design studio and having expertise in making realistic and the technically advanced 3D Architectural Rendering and 3D Interior Design Services provide the best in class design materials and create a most gigantic use of the white space. This makes our designs not only look good but also makes them functional for anyone to dwell in.

Vrender Company is a trustworthy name in the stream of designing and amongst top-known architects and builders. Our Rendering is as good as any realistic as it has to be and as expected by the client. British buildings are the architectural resources that have been created with the psychology that they shall outlast over years. So, the Interior Designs should also be of the same quality. That’s what we do here at our own 3D Interior Design Studio. Our Studio Offering Services Is 3D Walkthrough and 3D Exterior Rendering, 3D Floor Plan, 3D Interior Photorealistic Renderings, 3D Interior Modeling, CGI Firms.

The 3D Interior Design created by our artists is very useful in almost all the categories of the artwork of manufacturing industries, commercial, residential and also private/public properties.

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Exterior Rendering Services

The question is, what do you see the first in a person? Of course, the answer would be, the outer personality. Similar is the case when we see a building or a concrete architectural structure. First, exteriors of it are seen, and then it gives a notion to make a decision whether to enter the building or not? If the exteriors are good then people are likely to get in and then experience the interiors. On the other hand, if the interiors are good, but the exteriors are not, still people avoid getting in because on seeing a bad exterior, the decision is already made not to go in, no matter, how good the interiors are. This applies in each and every business and in the service-based industry.

3D Exterior House Design

Exterior Rendering Services

The U.S. is the leading nation in having thousands of businesses and lakhs of buildings. For all these businesses, service industries, and buildings the Exterior Rendering service is required. To cope up with the demand, there is a lower supply of 3D Exterior Design and other CGI Design services. And, out of these, only a few of the design service providers are able to give their excellence. Therefore, to meet up the demand of the exterior engineering and 3D Exterior Rendering services, Vrender Company does everything in time mannered.

Our company acts as a service provider for 3D Exterior Rendering services and other related design, animation, wall, filming, and other creative conceptual services. This includes the 3D Exterior Rendering and exterior wall rendering for the Exterior Designs. Conversion of 2D Rendered images into 3D images. Vrender Company Offering Services Is 3D Walkthrough and 3D Interior Rendering, 3D Floor Plan Design.

3D Exterior Illustration Service

Exterior Commercial 3d Rendering Services

Residential 3d exterior rendering servicesThere is a typical process by the means of which Vrender Company and its 3D Exterior design studio create Exterior Rendering for various projects including Hotels and Hospitals, 3D Exterior House Design, Restaurants and Clubs, Amusement Parks and Shopping Malls, Transportation Projects and Transportation Medias, and it also creates 3D Exterior Illustrations for various needs.

3D Exterior Design Services

3D Exterior Rendering for Commercial and Residential architectural objects requires a lot of attention on the amenities and the surroundings. The 3D Exterior Design Studio that we have is one of the most effective and loaded with all the technological tools required to create outlasting designs. Industrial Exteriors require typical attention on the functional parts and must showcase how the operations are handled in the industry.

This invokes the needs of the Exterior Rendering as well as the Interior Rendering for 3D Exterior Industrial Rendering Animation to be the most reliable on showing how the industrial job will be handled in that particular industry. This concludes that each and every type of exterior rendering requirement gets changed with the application. Each would require care and understanding of the functional and non-functional elements also. Therefore, VRENDER has experts who are keen on exploration and are sound in using the technicalities of animating the exteriors as they are required.


Vrender Company 2019.

3D Floor Plan Design

Vrender Company and its Floor Plan Design act as a basic element that is required before the building is constructed on a pure open space or the desired plot. The USA and other such nations lack in the open space due to increased population and due to lesser availability of land resources. Thus, the need to create a Floor Plan in 3D and to make 3D Site Plans are higher and this also requires special attention on utilization of space and planning the space for proper allocation of units of the whole architectural site. The endeavors therefore created may have to be visualized as 3D Floor Plan Rendering. This creates a necessity of getting a 3D Virtual Floor Plan tour so as to confirm the optimum space is utilized. The floor plans are the first and the foremost thing that every architect or a Civil Engineer will create before starting up the construction of the Building. Vrender Company and its 3D Floor Plan Design studio are capable enough to carry out the work of creating 3D Floor Plans and Interactive 3D Floor Plans. The studio comprises all the latest equipment and is technically loaded which provides best results without any compromise with the quality, ensuring higher resolution of the pixels.

3D Floor Plans

3D Section Plans Design

Vrender Company offers 3D Floor Plan Designs and 3D Wall Cut Plan creations for all the types of architectural resources which include residential, commercial, industrial as well as the cityscapes. The services give magical yet mesmerizing impact on property dealers as well as the one who visits them with a wish to buy. The 3D Rendering services and the Isometric and Orthographic projections on 3D Floor Plan layout for 3D Section Plans are the best way to create this impact on viewers. The viewer comes across a better idea about the whole of the building instantly by just looking at the layout of the 3D Section Plan and the blueprint which is a 3D Floor Plans. Our company and the design studio artists who are adequately skilled create extraordinary visualizations that are very effective for each and every type of architectural sites.

D Section Plans visualizations

3D Walkthrough floor plane

Drawings, Line graphs, sketches, Blended images, and blueprints are another way to outcast the design of architectural endeavors. As far as advertisements are considered, the 3D Floor Plans and 3D Floor Plan Rendering services are best application so that the clients can start convincing the potential buyers about the specialties that the architectural project may have in it and also they can provide useful information related to their properties, which makes an impact on the mind of the buyer. We Are Offering services is a 3D Walkthrough And 3D Interior Rendering, 3D Exterior Rendering, House 3D Site Plan, 3D Virtual Floor Plan, 3D isometric.

In the U.S., the services related to 3D Floor Plans are highly applicable yet they are the basic needs for any architectural resource to survive in the real-estate market.