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To create something different, we believe on the power of best technology and idea along with unique imagination. We are one of the leading 3D architectural visualization company, providing high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) 3D rendering and 3D animation for various fields. Almost a Decade ago on the basis of our creativity, we start to make people visualize their imagination and shape the idea into reality.

3D Architectural Visualization Montgomery AlabamaAnd also We are as one of the top-notch service providers that are engaged in offering Floor plan (2D&3D)service provider to Real-estate market in a huge number of production capacity with unbelievable quality.

  • Intensely focus towards customers to attain their categorical requirements.
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  • Our mission is to deliver cost-effective service solutions in 3D visualization. To set a new trend in an era of visualizing and shaping tomorrow.

At Vrender Company, our creative designers work seamlessly to create a perfect balance of stunning design and expert engineering. Our professional and friendly team is here to provide you with flexible, cost-effective and easily accessible 3d rendering services.

We provide services in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and other Alabama State cities.

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We are here to turn your ideas into reality! Our photo-realistic 3d renderings are completed within 4 days and we even offer revisions to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

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We mix art, comfort, and timelessness to make your designs into a living masterpiece. If you have a minute today, please get back to me.

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If you want to build a modern house with the best design and a beautiful facade, we can help. Let us tell you a little why we are the best option to do that.

3D remodeling houses

We have long experience in development of architectural plans and official plans for approval of any type of house, residence or modern facade.

Our models can be created based on a photograph, plan, diagram, measurements, any other model, and even simple hand-drawn sketches. Everything you need can be illustrated in a real 3D world. We make images for all types of commercial and residential buildings, such as:

•    single story house
•    two-story house
•    walk-ups and others.

architectural renderingWe create all types of 3D rendering — residential/commercial and outdoor/indoor images. In all our 3D images, we incorporate a high level of detailing including textures, colors, decors, landscaping, furniture, and illumination making our 3D perspectives ones of the best on the market of such services.

The work that we do is based on the quality of life and aims to cover the wishes of every client based on numerous latest extensive studies about how qualitatively people want to live. We’ll make the luxurious design of your house to make it a pleasant and a comfortable place to live and stay, and to hold full control of your life in this building.

Your ideas combined with our tools are the perfect ingredients for an extraordinary project. Do not start building without having visualizing your idea first. Our focus is to provide you the optimal quality of 3D layout and final look of your house. We are committed to designing highly realistic 3D images displaying every detail with the highest perfection. The images produced by our company add value to each project creating an impression of elegance and modernity. We have already gained an impressing portfolio of realized 3D projects.

exterior rendering

Our services include 3D remodeling, 3D rendering, 3D floor plans, exterior rendering, interior rendering, and 3D animation for houses. We give the best quality in architectural rendering. Our company has several years of experience in the 3D rendering and architecture.

The process of the development of 3D rendering of residential houses:

1. The development of basic geometry – the development of the 3D model of the project: walls, floors, windows, doors, etc., taking into account the information provided by the client (plans, photos, and so on).

2. Insertion and accommodation of furniture – we propose furnishing from our extensive 3D library that also has vegetation and the other necessary objects.

3. Lighting testing – simulation of natural lighting from windows and artificial lighting from lamps, spots and so on inside the house.

3D rendering — residential

The cost of every project (to build, remodel, expand or create any design of house or facade) depends on the complexity of the project. In order to offer you any initial price, it is necessary to receive your input data: square meters, approximate budget, sketches and so on. So if you need architectural 3D rendering, please call or email us for further collaboration.

Vrender Company 2017.

In the past, architects were using professional ink pen – rapidographs, creating unique construction projects in specially inclined boards installed vertically at an angle. This painstaking work took maximum care, patience, and perfect accuracy in calculations. The era of global computerization allowed taking another look at the activities in the field of visual design. Software for visualization of the interiors made a breakthrough in the field of architectural design, making life easier for the millions of professionals on the planet.

3D Software for the visualization of the interior

This review is for three most popular software products of 3D design. The list includes the programs for modeling and visualization of the interior, which became widespread among professionals:

• Cinema 4D;
• Google ScketchUp;
• 3Ds Max.

The user is given the choice to order the 3D visualization or consider the characteristics of the presented programs, to create own unique designs.

interior Render 3d

A popular package for the production of three-dimensional graphics and animations

The most attractive for the USA designers is a versatile package for 3D rendering of the interior – Cinema 4D software, from the leading manufacturer for the creation of a three-dimensional animation, graphics, and other effects – the company MAXON Computer GmbH. The product’s advantages already were appreciated by millions of users:

• It has a simple and comprehensive interface;

• It stores a wide variety of “templates”, allowing the use of ready-made animations, embedded images, advanced shaders, so not to create objects “from scratch”;

• It has built-in Russian-language support;

• It can work with third-party renders. The most popular one is Cinema 4D Vray – universal rendering system which has proven itself in all areas of professional visualization;

• 10 additional modules are present: the simulation of the dynamics of hard and soft bodies, particles control using the nodes system, the formation of volumetric (bulk) effects (solar rays, dust, rain) and others. The system has an excellent compatibility with third-party programs such as Adobe After Effects or ArchiCad.

Cinema 4D is the best program for the visualization of the interior according to experts from various fields of professional design, architecture, and building design.

interior Rendering services

Google ScketchUp – modeling of simple three-dimensional objects

The program for creating interior visualizations, coupled with the renderer named Google ScketchUp Vray, allows designing quickly and efficiently, three-dimensional building objects, furniture, and other interior design elements. It is perfect for imaging objects in architecture, outdoor advertising, landscape design, engineering design, as well as for modeling the objects for 3D printing. The main disadvantage is the limited possibility to deal with more complex problems, for which it is difficult or impossible to:

• build models having complex structural elements;

• give the natural curvature to the objects;

• create accurate detalization.

Google ScketchUp is not suitable for work with voluminous and energy-consuming projects. Looking at the result, it is not difficult for a specialist to understand in what program such visualization of the interior has been made. For example, the shadows look unnatural. Managing raster textures is also impossible. There are no tools for the creation of a full-fledged animation.

interior Render company

Autodesk 3ds Max – modern tool for professionals in the field of multimedia

For designers, studying the programs for the interiors visualization, experts recommend popularized software, allowing to create accurate visualization scenes – 3Ds Max Vray. Built-in Vray rendering is not included in the standard package of 3Ds Max. The features of the system are in editing and creating of professional animation and three-dimensional graphics in the production of movies, games, animation, and videos. The program focuses on the design of complex architectural objects. It has a lot of useful tools:

• photorealistic renderer;

• means for adjusting the illumination and detailed analysis of three-dimensional objects;

• additional modules for generating realistic special effects: explosions, splashes of water and much more.

Considering its shortcomings, it should be noted that the design and visualization of the interior in this program is quite slow. High-tech hardware will be required to create complex three-dimensional structures. Some novice users complain about the difficulty in learning this program, but this product is not designed to work with standard elementary tasks. The programs for visualization of the interior are necessary for effective work of professional engineers and designers.

3d visualization usa

It is true that 3D visualization is an important tool not only for game developers and directors, who shoot 3D movie, but also for scientists.

If you want to demonstrate the important discoveries and use only numbers or dry facts, you should know that sometimes it is not enough. In the same time, comparison of results of experiments not always represents a complete scientific picture. As a rule, theoretical justification requires a visual complement. This is a reason why a large number of the academic reports or demonstrations supplemented with data visualization. The OpenGL library holds a special place in the list of programs for visualizing. In addition, it is used in video games. The interface has more than 250 functions for drawing three-dimensional scenes. The program demonstrates highest results in computer hardware that works with graphics accelerators.


Availability of scientific results in 3D makes dream of many scientists about public dissemination of science come true. Photos from different informative publications are unique and gorgeous. Moreover, they can be a rendering of real scene of social or natural character, not necessary to be a true photo.
In the scientific field, 3D visualization provides illustrative examples of specific weather data, current sea level rise, life of ants or recording of the brain’s activity of some animals.
In addition, we always can see the visualization of social events, which helps us to understand better each other or to see percentage of unconscious actions in society.
New methods of studying genome in real-time operation mode being recognized as effective in the whole world. They make the internal structure of the human more available for everyone who is interested in studying genome.

Finally, 3D rendering makes science more progressive and convenient for scientists and expands their range of interests, so we cannot but rejoice.

3ds Max rendering

Rendering (3D visualization) is the process of generation an image from a model. Basically, visualization represents one of the most important parts in 3D graphics. The program that provides rendering called “Render”.

In the rendering structure, we use algorithms to get a qualitative image. In general, rendering can change vector structure into flat pixels. As the result, a 3D image can be displayed visually as a two dimensional image on the PC monitor.

The one of the most outstanding renders is “3ds Max”. “3ds Max” is universal software because it is used for 3D modeling. In addition, the program is great for computer games design.
You can be sure that 3D visualization is good for interior design. As a rule, it helps you to see the real picture of the future interior. Interior visualization lets you to view each element of house, flat or furniture. 3D visualization creates the effect of presence. In addition, renders have succeeded in 3D models adaptation and that is why its’ creations considered as masterpieces.
Preview visualization is a famous and helpful option too. It is mainly used when a customer hesitates and not sure about some elements of the future house. For example, it can be a color of wall or wallpaper, or some materials’ selection.

3ds Max visualization

Final 3D visualization is the last variant of interior based on all amended corrections on the stage of preview visualization.
According to the project’s goal we have rendering in a real time mode (used in creation of videos) and pre-rendering which is more convenient for computer games creation. Pre-rendering uses 3D accelerators. The last ones help you to increase quality of graphics of old computers.

rendering construction companies

3D Visualization (rendering) is one of the most important key concepts in computer graphics.

The main objective of visualization is getting an image with volume from modeling. The final variant of the object has an influence on usage of visualization technology. For example, 3D accelerators used in development of computer games. There is also pre-rendering option for video creation, but it is relatively slow process of visualization. The programs, which provide visualization by means of computer programs, named “Renders”. Such programs work with 3D objects’ lighting.

How 3D Graphics Work  three dimensional graphics

There are many famous leading companies using 3D visualization software.

“Pixar” company has created an application with programming interface for 3D animation, which named the “Renderman”. The “Renderman” has a great advantage – a simple and convenient interface. This program has been used since the 90s by many other big companies.

There is one more famous rendering system named “V ray” (render) which was made by Bulgarian developers called themselves as “Chaos Group”. “V ray” has a quite big creative and technological prospect. These factors influence on speed, success, and the quality of the result.

Finally, “Fryrender” is the most realistic render. Its developers are familiar with physics that seen in this render. Fundamental laws of universe kept here, indeed.
A computer cluster-render farm used for making visual effects for a film. Parallel computing systems in render farm save time for videos creation. Theoretically, rendering includes a few techniques by means of which you can achieve the needed result.
Rendering makes calculations and the presence of the core algorithm is quite logical there. There is a rendering equation, which theoretically proves the visualization models.

bar interior Render

3D interior visualization helps you to reconstruct any interior (kitchen, bedroom, baby’s room, office, bar, restaurant etc.).

You can set any objects of the interior, choose the variants of their combination, vary with windows and doors’ location, and apply different colors and textures, experiment with lightning for interior decoration through to the each millimeter detail.

attractive visualization

3D visualization uses specialized computer programs. Images accuracy will satisfy any client as we use modern computing algorithms letting us draw each detail and to catch all tones of colors and textures during the interior construction.

Rendering methods have made 3D view possible because you can see an interior inside, not only if you looked at the model from the top. The view creates effect of presence. You can look from any side; catch every details of interior that were previously unnoticed. You can also look at any surfaces to estimate their interior decoration. Thus, 3D visualization gives you an opportunity to achieve perfection in interiors design.

architectural rendering process

Are you tired of looking at the boring interior of your apartment?

Want something new and modern? How to make a right choice among dozens of materials and technologies? You visit malls and supermarkets, turn the pages of magazines and imagine what the interior of your future apartment should look like.

3D renders company  architectural walkthrough

You are concerned about the idea in your mind. You can still see different variants of your idea even when you asleep. It is a known effect among students when a long working on a course-work leads them to the way when their analyses and calculations keep go on when dreaming. Then an insight comes to your mind and you can see the ready image of the new interior. How to keep the image in your memory and not to forget it’s details and tones?

Our specialists will help you to create and fix your future interior 3D model using 3D visualization. You can easily improvise with the interior on the computer’s screen. Now you can match the color scale of walls, ceiling and floor. You also have an opportunity to choose the suitable texture and the brightness of anything you want. 3D visualization includes even more opportunities.

Please have a look at our latest projects, check out our portfolio and make sure that we do not deliver promises, but we deliver job done. Our clients are always pleased with the quality of our work.