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To create something different, we believe on the power of best technology and idea along with unique imagination. We are one of the leading 3D architectural visualization company, providing high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) 3D rendering and 3D animation for various fields. Almost a Decade ago on the basis of our creativity, we start to make people visualize their imagination and shape the idea into reality.

3D Architectural Visualization Montgomery AlabamaAnd also We are as one of the top-notch service providers that are engaged in offering Floor plan (2D&3D)service provider to Real-estate market in a huge number of production capacity with unbelievable quality.

  • Intensely focus towards customers to attain their categorical requirements.
  • Deliver economical yet efficient, competent and innovative services.
  • Adhere to the global standards of Professionalism and conduct.
  • Our mission is to deliver cost-effective service solutions in 3D visualization. To set a new trend in an era of visualizing and shaping tomorrow.

At Vrender Company, our creative designers work seamlessly to create a perfect balance of stunning design and expert engineering. Our professional and friendly team is here to provide you with flexible, cost-effective and easily accessible 3d rendering services.

We provide services in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and other Alabama State cities.

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3D Architectural Renderings Alabama

We are here to turn your ideas into reality! Our photo-realistic 3d renderings are completed within 4 days and we even offer revisions to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

Exterior rendering samples:
Interior rendering samples:
Walkthrough animation example:

We mix art, comfort, and timelessness to make your designs into a living masterpiece. If you have a minute today, please get back to me.

We can also schedule an appointment to discuss about your projects in details.

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If you want to build a modern house with the best design and a beautiful facade, we can help. Let us tell you a little why we are the best option to do that.

3D remodeling houses

We have long experience in development of architectural plans and official plans for approval of any type of house, residence or modern facade.

Our models can be created based on a photograph, plan, diagram, measurements, any other model, and even simple hand-drawn sketches. Everything you need can be illustrated in a real 3D world. We make images for all types of commercial and residential buildings, such as:

•    single story house
•    two-story house
•    walk-ups and others.

architectural renderingWe create all types of 3D rendering — residential/commercial and outdoor/indoor images. In all our 3D images, we incorporate a high level of detailing including textures, colors, decors, landscaping, furniture, and illumination making our 3D perspectives ones of the best on the market of such services.

The work that we do is based on the quality of life and aims to cover the wishes of every client based on numerous latest extensive studies about how qualitatively people want to live. We’ll make the luxurious design of your house to make it a pleasant and a comfortable place to live and stay, and to hold full control of your life in this building.

Your ideas combined with our tools are the perfect ingredients for an extraordinary project. Do not start building without having visualizing your idea first. Our focus is to provide you the optimal quality of 3D layout and final look of your house. We are committed to designing highly realistic 3D images displaying every detail with the highest perfection. The images produced by our company add value to each project creating an impression of elegance and modernity. We have already gained an impressing portfolio of realized 3D projects.

exterior rendering

Our services include 3D remodeling, 3D rendering, 3D floor plans, exterior rendering, interior rendering, and 3D animation for houses. We give the best quality in architectural rendering. Our company has several years of experience in the 3D rendering and architecture.

The process of the development of 3D rendering of residential houses:

1. The development of basic geometry – the development of the 3D model of the project: walls, floors, windows, doors, etc., taking into account the information provided by the client (plans, photos, and so on).

2. Insertion and accommodation of furniture – we propose furnishing from our extensive 3D library that also has vegetation and the other necessary objects.

3. Lighting testing – simulation of natural lighting from windows and artificial lighting from lamps, spots and so on inside the house.

3D rendering — residential

The cost of every project (to build, remodel, expand or create any design of house or facade) depends on the complexity of the project. In order to offer you any initial price, it is necessary to receive your input data: square meters, approximate budget, sketches and so on. So if you need architectural 3D rendering, please call or email us for further collaboration.

Vrender Company 2017.

Many of us have seen realistic images of houses, cottages, gardens, which show in detail how nice it all looks from different angles.

Here are a few examples.

realistic images of houses

profession of 3d visualizer

In fact, these are not photos. They are just the ideas of designers and architects who work out the development plan. Yes, it is not built yet, but the designer has already embodied the idea in a visual image on which the happy owner of the real estate is able to assess how things will look like, and make adjustments, if applicable. That is, exterior visualizer is the person who creates a photorealistic image based on the given plan of development.

Here many readers might have a natural question – this is, probably, a sort of very creative profession, which has to be studied for years in institutions? Yes, this work is a creative one, because you need not only to create a scene, but also to give realism to it. On the other hand – the work on specific task forces to follow a predetermined plan that makes everything much easier.

With regard to study, we’ll talk about it a little later. We would like to say that it’s not so terrible and expensive, as it seems, but available.

photorealistic image

How much can you earn by doing visualization of exteriors?

This is the second natural question that arises before you decide whether to spend time exploring a new field for yourself. This can be answered simply – the construction field is expensive in general. If you require for designer services, the services of visualizer are also needed – picture can tell a person much more than a thousand words and plans. This means that the exterior visualization services aren’t cheap, which means that this can be quite a good work for earning for living.

For example, work on a simple building, which takes a couple of days, can cost 10 thousand roubles and more. The more complex the project is, and the more images are required from different angles, the more expensive the work will be. Thus, even a novice with a serious approach to the work may earn 50 thousand roubles in a month and more.

Experienced professionals, whom every novice will become sooner or later, have monthly income of more than 100 thousands and this is common thing. Would you agree that this is quite decent payment? Especially if you do not have to leave the house to do this work, and it is enough to have only a computer.

What do you need to start studying a profession of visualizer?

It’s simple – you need to have 3 things only:

1. A computer, powerful enough to work with 3D Max program. Most part of home computers, capable to cope with modern games-shooters, having 4 GB RAM, are suitable at the initial stage.

2. The desire and perseverance – this must be named the principal thing. Nothing will work out if to treat work carelessly and especially, if you do not practice. Anyone who treats work seriously, reach success – this is the fact of life.

3. Teacher – you need to have sufficiently experienced specialist, who will teach you all the details of 3D visualization. It is desirable to have the opportunity to ask questions, which the beginner always has many.

If the first and second points make more or less clearance and are solved on your own, the third is bit more complicated. Reading books, video tutorials and learning courses on modeling in 3D Max – they are nearly useless, as they will give a lot of theory, but little clearer in terms of actual 3D visualization of exteriors. Therefore, we will provide you with links to video tutorials on this topic from the two very known visualizers. If you learn, do it from the best!

Vrender  Company 2016.

3D rendering complex calculations

Innovative technology to create three-dimensional models is universal. 3D visualization of exterior allows to work with both tiny projects and large, bulky objects, that have unique features.

Due to operations that are performed during such three-dimensional visualization, specialist maintains an integrated approach to the process of object creation. He can intelligently underline particularities of an object from various angles and in a variety of lighting conditions. This makes it possible to implement the product in strict accordance of individual order of the client, so the product would be unique. According to these reasons, in the areas of work of designers and architects, three-dimensional technologies have become paramount and popular. 3D rendering performs even very complex calculations. Every peculiarity of construction of any model is clear and accessible even to non-professionals, since all the features and properties of the object will clearly be shown on the screen.

3D visualization of exterior

Rendering of the exteriors is performed via constructing the three-dimensional models:

• Individual private homes, townhouses and cottage settlements;
• Auxiliary elements in architecture, decoration parts and equipment;
• Exterior of living spaces of all sizes and forms;
• Landscape development;
• Architectural albums and organization of presentations.

Visualization of private houses

Three-dimensional modeling of cottages is a true art, because its essence consists in the construction of models of objects to be built, their careful study and application of details and textures.

As a rule, the result of such work is close-to-reality projects of cottages. Studio team painstakingly work on even the smallest details of the designed cottage or any other structure. At the same time a lot of attention is given to the selection of materials, parts, lighting, decoration and other. Such approach creates a complete picture and that is the key to successful work!

ny renderings

Architectural visualization became ingrained in our everyday living. Modern architectural projects are complicated and fancy. Their qualitative up-to-date realization is responsible for a company’s profit and many peoples’ lives.

It’s efficiently to visualize both a little project of a house and a huge project (especially a plot plan of cottage communities, multilevel junction, new city districts), that will greatly develop the quality of the final result. 3D visualization intends for virtual graphic pictures’ creation using modern software. The image precisely resembles both chart and a real conceptual design, because the programs can create all details of the object with the maximum accuracy.


Architectural visualization will help you to:

• take details of your project into account;
• look at the object from each side;
• detect strengths and weaknesses of a project;
• correct the project through 3D pre-visualization (correction of readymade projects).

No profitable project can manage without preliminary 3D visualization in modern life. So, 3D service is accessible for anyone who wishes to use the architectural visualization.


Architectural visualization has become ingrained in our everyday living. Modern architectural projects are complicated and fancy. Their qualitative up-to-date realization is responsible for a company’s profit and many people’s lives.

3d rendering service

It’s efficiently to visualize both a little project of a house and a scale project, (especially a cottage communities’ plot plan, multilevel junction, new city districts,) that will greatly develop the quality of the final result. 3d visualization intends for virtual graphic pictures’ creation by means of modern software programs. The image accurately resembles to both a chart and a real conceptual design, because the programs can create all details of the object with the maximum accuracy.


3d visualization  3D Renders‎
Architectural visualization will help you to:

•    take details of your project into account,
•    look at the object from each side,
•    detect strengths and weaknesses of a project,
•    correct the project through 3d per-visualization (ready made projects’ correction)

At present no one profitable project can’t manage without preliminary 3d visualization. However, there is still an accessible service for anyone who wishes to use 3d architectural visualization.




rendering construction companies

3D Visualization (rendering) is one of the most important key concepts in computer graphics.

The main objective of visualization is getting an image with volume from modeling. The final variant of the object has an influence on usage of visualization technology. For example, 3D accelerators used in development of computer games. There is also pre-rendering option for video creation, but it is relatively slow process of visualization. The programs, which provide visualization by means of computer programs, named “Renders”. Such programs work with 3D objects’ lighting.

How 3D Graphics Work  three dimensional graphics

There are many famous leading companies using 3D visualization software.

“Pixar” company has created an application with programming interface for 3D animation, which named the “Renderman”. The “Renderman” has a great advantage – a simple and convenient interface. This program has been used since the 90s by many other big companies.

There is one more famous rendering system named “V ray” (render) which was made by Bulgarian developers called themselves as “Chaos Group”. “V ray” has a quite big creative and technological prospect. These factors influence on speed, success, and the quality of the result.

Finally, “Fryrender” is the most realistic render. Its developers are familiar with physics that seen in this render. Fundamental laws of universe kept here, indeed.
A computer cluster-render farm used for making visual effects for a film. Parallel computing systems in render farm save time for videos creation. Theoretically, rendering includes a few techniques by means of which you can achieve the needed result.
Rendering makes calculations and the presence of the core algorithm is quite logical there. There is a rendering equation, which theoretically proves the visualization models.

bar interior Render

3D interior visualization helps you to reconstruct any interior (kitchen, bedroom, baby’s room, office, bar, restaurant etc.).

You can set any objects of the interior, choose the variants of their combination, vary with windows and doors’ location, and apply different colors and textures, experiment with lightning for interior decoration through to the each millimeter detail.

attractive visualization

3D visualization uses specialized computer programs. Images accuracy will satisfy any client as we use modern computing algorithms letting us draw each detail and to catch all tones of colors and textures during the interior construction.

Rendering methods have made 3D view possible because you can see an interior inside, not only if you looked at the model from the top. The view creates effect of presence. You can look from any side; catch every details of interior that were previously unnoticed. You can also look at any surfaces to estimate their interior decoration. Thus, 3D visualization gives you an opportunity to achieve perfection in interiors design.

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