3d home design visualization

Why Photorealistic Renderings are Important for Architecture Companies

Architectural 3D visualization of Home Exteriors and Design

Visualization of the exterior is an important part of the process of developing a design project of any construction: residential house, cottage, a restaurant or a hotel, exhibition complex or office building. Visualization of exteriors is now actively used in advertising too. This technology helps to visualize the appearance of the future structure, outlining the smallest details of the facade, the area around the structure, including elements of landscaping, such as benches, fountains, walking paths, green areas, and the location of the object relatively to the surrounding objects.

architectural concept renderings

3D Exterior’s visualization allows conveying features of the building clearly: its architectural style, the overall color solution, shape and volume of each element, and texture of used building materials. Technologies allow showing a three-dimensional model of the building at different levels of illumination, thereby allowing to imagine more fully how an object would look like in daylight and at night.


The result of 3D visualization of exteriors is of high quality, realistic or stylized images of the construction object from multiple angles. Depending on the purpose of visualization, the resulting images can be used for promotional purposes in presentations and for the adoption of decisions on the construction itself. Based on 3D models, it is possible to create video clips, interactive Flash presentations or augmented reality, in which 3D object can be rotated, viewed from different angles and with different magnification.



Maxim S