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First, it should be noted that architectural visualization helps the best way to see the plan of new facility and how will it fit into the surrounding landscape and the architectural ensemble or how high-rise buildings will look like in the new district.

Architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors come to the assistance during the creation of beautiful colorful images and 3D visualizations and the demonstration of variety of competitive works of architect presentations.

Photorealistic images allows to see all positive and negative characteristics of the building and highly informative. That’s the goal of architectural visualization.
The architects, builders and designers use architectural visualization. Following should work as a team to create a good project: 3D-visualizer, retoucher, art director, animator, designer and others.
You can talk about the aesthetic part of the architectural rendering, but it is better to highlight some interesting elements in the work on the ready image.
Using the work of such wonderful programs as “ArchiCAD”, “3ds Max”, “AutoCAD”, “V-Ray”, specialists consider not only the technical aspects of the work, but also building criteria.
For example, the result will not be professional if the renderer will not consider the rules of composition, light and perspective.

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Very often, these one play a key role in the entire destiny on the project.
Modern computer capabilities and rendering methods allows creating photographic pictures without photography. Planned result can be raster or vector image, panorama or 3D visualization. Currently, the most popular method of architectural visualization is remote programming.
Architectural visualization includes a significant number of different tasks. Informative and building value should be the main qualities of the designed object.
Visualization is highly interactive and uses the possibility of modeling the reaction on human actions also. For example, elevators, escalators and doors can open in response to the movements of a person. So the real simulation of interactivity is possible with 3D Architectural visualization.
Architectural visualization in general is not only a very convenient, but also a new level of cultural arts. Visualization of each object is an art.

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