Benefits of 3D Rendering

For a long time, I imagined a technology that translates my thoughts, ideas, and concepts into real-time images and visuals, so they give a lived-in experience to be revisited and reviewed as many times as are required. So, imagine that you conceptualize in your mind a state of the art restaurant overlooking a view of the clouds touching the mountain tops; while this can be designed and represented with 2D graphics, it most definitely would not communicate the full picture as it is in your mind to your clients or anyone else. Thankfully, 3D rendering helps to solve this problem and has many more benefits that will be mentioned in this blog post.

To begin, let’s demystify some terms. “Rendering” is just a fancy way of saying “to make” or, “cause to become” or to “create.” With regards to the term “3D rendering”, it simply refers to using computer software to aid in producing an image or video (a collection of images being shown in rapid succession) based on three-dimensional shapes (referred to as a 3D model).

The rendering software assists us by calculating a variety of different elements, including, the 3D shape, the texture of the object(s), the lighting in the image and the surrounding environment. Once these calculations are made, the software will spit out the resulting image, 3D Render.

While it is true that rendering takes time to create, it offers benefits over traditional miniatures and mockups. The turnaround time continues to shrink as more powerful computers and stock component programs come into play. For every designer, the choice of rendering software(s) is very important as it determines the final output and this is because of the numerous benefits of 3D rendering and a number of these benefits will be highlighted below.

Benefits of 3D Rendering

Time is considerably saved

One of the most important benefits among numerous 3d rendering benefits is that with 3D, time is saved and the project can start without any delay. Rendering is soon replacing traditional methods; it is in fact, a far better option. It facilitates smooth and swift communication between customers and designers.

Decomplexifies designs to clients

3D rendering allows the designers to be more expressive without the fear that the client would not understand the design. It brings every detail into reality such that the client sees and understands exactly the concept of the designer. It allows design ideas to be conveyed to the clients through 3D animated walkthroughs and rendered images.

Easy approval from clients

Because the designs are easily understood by the clients, it is easier for them to make an informed decision much faster. Having a visual for a proposed design has its way of enticing the clients as it creates an excitement stemming from the fact that their ideas are somewhat real. This excitement can be expounded when the rendered visual corresponds with the idea in the mind of the client. Also, clients may want certain changes to be made in the original design and 3D rendering software has made it is easy to integrate these changes in the design and get the projects approved.

Eliminate misunderstandings

Sometimes misunderstandings between other building team members could arise from misinterpretation of 2D graphical representations during the construction phase of the design. This misunderstanding can be eliminated with the help of 3D renderings since it gives a detailed three-dimensional view of the design. The designer could also use 3D renderings to explain complex parts of the design to other building team members and this helps in improving mutual understanding amongst different participants in a project including designers, builders and customers.

3D Rendering Boostsales

Wholesome Visuals

With 3D rendering, a wholesome picture of the design is achieved which is beneficial. The client will never have to put together a different set of elements by himself. This is the reason why professional designers are demanded to offer architectural 3d rendering service. Being able to see a complete picture always helps.

Photo-realistic imagery is available

With photo-realistic 3d rendering services, there are many upsides. The design of Computer Generated Images (CGI) can be panoramic or static. With the former, clients can easily move around to see every aspect of the design. There are also provisions to view the design from different angles of elevation or depression, thus the complete idea is easily achieved.

Professional reputation value is further elevated

For the designers, adding 3D rendering services to your portfolio gives you an added advantage because everybody prefers a good visual representation (images and video). You are more likely to have more clients as you are perceived to be more reliable and advanced.

3D Rendering for marketing

Photo-realistic 3D Rendering

Ideas are brought closer to reality

Experienced and skilled engineers, architects, and designers can easily visualize spaces simply by seeing floor plans along with elevations in 2D. However, the additional benefit 3D rendering avails are that it can let you see the project coming to life with every minutest detail before the work starts. By this, the level of understanding and comfort enjoyed during the designing and construction phase are elevated.

Changes can be easily managed

During the progression of your project, budget restrictions may come into play. In such a situation, there can be a need to compromise aesthetically. Such complications related to this process of evolutions can be properly managed using renderings. Unlike the hand-drawn ones, 3D rendering helps in making quick modifications throughout, just like a breeze.

Boost in sales

3D architectural renderings can be used to market projects. An increase in sales has been an important benefit of 3d rendering in designs. As the customers can view every little detail of the projects, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Better marketing tactics

Most of the real estate companies and architects are using 3D rendered images to market their projects. When you present your upcoming projects in a clear and precise 3D format to the customers, they can get a better view of the features. You can have a look at certain 3d interior rendering design tips that will help you to develop high-quality images.


3D rendering has amazing benefits that cannot be overlooked for both the client and designer. It has helped the organization to maintain standard marketing and branding that fits into the modern architect market. However, the most important part of it all is that it has helped to facilitate understanding and smooth dialogue by guiding clients, customers, and organizations to grasp the turn-key of projects they dream about.

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Residential & Commercial Building 3D Renderings in Birmingham, Alabama

3D Visualization Services for Developers, Architects, and Real Estate Agents, For Home Builders and Home Renovators

To create something different, we believe on the power of best technology and idea along with unique imagination. We are one of the leading 3D architectural visualization company, providing high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) 3D rendering and 3D animation for various fields. Almost a Decade ago on the basis of our creativity, we start to make people visualize their imagination and shape the idea into reality.

3D Architectural Visualization Montgomery AlabamaAnd also We are as one of the top-notch service providers that are engaged in offering Floor plan (2D&3D)service provider to Real-estate market in a huge number of production capacity with unbelievable quality.

  • Intensely focus towards customers to attain their categorical requirements.
  • Deliver economical yet efficient, competent and innovative services.
  • Adhere to the global standards of Professionalism and conduct.
  • Our mission is to deliver cost-effective service solutions in 3D visualization. To set a new trend in an era of visualizing and shaping tomorrow.

At Vrender Company, our creative designers work seamlessly to create a perfect balance of stunning design and expert engineering. Our professional and friendly team is here to provide you with flexible, cost-effective and easily accessible 3d rendering services.

We provide services in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and other Alabama State cities.

3D Interior Visualization Huntsville Alabama

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3D Architectural Renderings Alabama

We are here to turn your ideas into reality! Our photo-realistic 3d renderings are completed within 4 days and we even offer revisions to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

Exterior rendering samples:
Interior rendering samples:
Walkthrough animation example:

We mix art, comfort, and timelessness to make your designs into a living masterpiece. If you have a minute today, please get back to me.

We can also schedule an appointment to discuss about your projects in details.

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3D Rendering Services – Visualization of Building Architecture

Enhanced 3D Visualization and a clear vision in mind regarding the building architecture prior to its actual construction are invariably beneficial for Architects, Builders and Engineers.

Quite a lot of services are available which facilitates them to provide detailed as well as clear 3D Visualization of the building. Among them 3D Rendering Services are being widely used across the globe. There are a plethora of benefits that make 3D Renderings Services which has made them extremely popular.

3D Rendering Services architecture

A few of them are enlisted below:

  • Efficacious marketing as well as advertising technique and is without a doubt far more realistic way for Architects, Engineers and end users to convey their ideas.
  • Helps in attaining high level of detailing in the project and enables to exhibit design plans from distinct angles at affordable costs.
  • Virtual Model generated using 3D Rendering before construction enables you to try out more with the furnishing and exteriors.
  • Various advanced software’s and plug-ins available today assist you to generate accurate as well as error free 3D Models and Animations which enables photorealistic visualization.

3D Rendering Services are basically sequence of processes utilized in the approach of converting 3D Wire-frame models or 2D images into photorealistic 3D Virtual Models. 3D Rendering Services has become mainstay of Architectural Industry these days. Architectural 3D Rendering Services helps you to have a precise notion of the building architecture much before its actual construction. If you are familiar with how your building appears to be by constructing it employing certain methods, then it turns out to be less complicated to manage entire building construction process as per your requirements.

Building rendering Services

Various advanced Software’s such as Revit, 3Ds Max together with plug-ins like V-ray, Mental Ray, etc are available in market that enables you to execute high-end 3D Rendering Services. By utilizing them it becomes possible for you to incorporate various real life elements such as day and night sky, vegetation, water bodies, people, etc in the virtual model generated using various 3D Modeling Services. Further, various other elements such as colors, textures, landscaping, etc and effects like lightings, shadows, camera angles, etc could also be incorporated in the model. These elements enhance the visualization thus imparting a photorealistic touch to the proposed building model. By setting various camera angles you can visualize your building architecture from various angles and perspectives.

3D Rendering Services has also emerged as an extremely beneficial tool for project proposals as well as for visual presentations of an architect. These presentations comprises of structural as well as non-structural designs such as houses, commercial buildings, golf resorts, landscapes, etc. To make the 3 dimensional presentations more realistic as well as dynamic, Architect utilize various 3D Animation Services. 3D Animation Services includes generation of 3D Walkthroughs and Flythroughs, which provides you with a feeling as if you are having a virtual tour of the exterior as well as interior of building architecture. It is also possible to integrate building model with an existing or rendered site with the help of photomontage.

Building Visualization 3d Services

Thus, 3D Rendering Services are extremely beneficial in Architectural Industry for comprehensive visualization of Interior as well as Exterior of the Building before construction.

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Rendering Services

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Bring Your Architectural Projects to Life with High Quality Photorealistic 3D Architectural Renderings.


Vrender 3d Rendering Services Company creates a full color, true perspective, photo-realistic architectural 3d renderings of any structure for which you have the blueprints (or a very good sketch containing measurements).

We use your blueprints, floor plans (it doesn’t matter if the structure is built yet or not), and create a 3D computer model from our selection of computer images, building materials, textures such as bricks, shingles and concrete are applied to the model. We decide where, in relation to the structure (front yard, back yard, aerial view, etc.), the view in the final image will be from. It is a true 3D model, so the view can be from any possible angle or direction. Seasons, time of day, and weather conditions are simulated to create the type of scene desired.

Rendering the model produces a 2D picture of the structure from this viewpoint, which is the final product. It is analogous to a photograph (a 2D image) being taken of a real-life building. This 2D image is saved as a computer graphic file (i.e. a .BMP, .GIF, .TGA, .TIF, or .JPG). It can be printed or saved to disk. Multiple images of different viewing angles can be contained in an image.

High-quality 3D Rendering services. Affordable & fast turnaround

Do you need to cut expenses in crisis time but you still have to invest in more marketing tools to improve your business? Do you have a floor plan in mind, but not sure what it would look like once it’s built?

Are you Architect, Builder,Real Estate or Developer who needs to show a proposal?

In all these cases we are there to assist you with our Cost Effective & Impressive Rendering Services. Top quality residential and commercial Exterior and Interior rendering or animation is the solution.
Making the final exterior rendering may take you hours. We can take your 3D Model and do the final exterior rendering or start from scratch. Deadlines are too much pressure for your team, especially when other projects also demand full attention?

Our rendering team provides professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation service to the architectural community and the building industry. Our professional experience as architects is an important factor in producing the rendering of architectural design.

Rendering Cost  professional 3D modeling  3D Rendering Services

3D Architectural Visualization Services:

  • Real estate development
  • Infrastructure Rendering
  • Virtual Reality VR environments
  • Architectural Animation
  • Photomontage
  • Interior Rendering
  • 3D Architectural Modeling
  • Urban Visualization

Real Estate 3D Visualization:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • 3D Home staging
  • Residential Building Renderings
  • Commercial  Spaces Visualization

Commercial 3D Rendering and Animation:

  • Shopping Center
  • Retail Store
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Bar

Furniture 3D Rendering:

  • Cabinet Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Living room Furniture

3D visualization and Animation – how it works?

Step 1: Evaluation of the project

Need to assess the difficulty and delivery for the project.

Please send us all the files, references, etc.

Step 2: Pricing and conditions

In this part, we will send you a price proposal together with the conditions, delivery, image formats, etc.

The price is composed of various things such as modeling, furniture, etc.

Step 3: 3D Modeling

We start the 3D modeling, this can be done according to your  data, drawings, reference images, etc.

Step 4:  Rendering

This is the main part of the project.

We will assign materials, create lights, render and post process the image.

Step 5: Changes

This part is optional as there might be some changes in the image such as colors, lights, etc.

Step 6: Delivery

Delivery of the final project image and further client satisfaction.

Rendering and 3D Modeling Cost

Prices will be made by quote (at no charge) upon examining your plan (mail a copy of the plan with prepaid return packaging and phone number enclosed).

3D Rendering Services prices are quoted assuming that if the structure is not going to be viewed from a certain angle, no detail is necessary from that angle. For example, if you know that you want an image taken from the front left corner, it would be unnecessary to have doors, windows or anything else in the rear right corner. If the model needs to contain all detail (for multiple views or animations), the cost of modeling will be slightly more. No advance payment is required. Payment will be due upon your approval of a low-resolution preview image that will be sent to you upon completion of modeling.

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