Visualization for Developers or 3D on the Service of successful projects

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The era of visual special effects and the growing demand for bright images brings its transformations in the process of design of housing, offices and industrial premises, buildings and entire neighborhoods. For a complete success, not only a good project must be developed that meets all the requirements, but also it must be presented confidently to the customer and to the investor.

Visualization is a bridge of understanding between the customer and the developer.

The main task of the developer lies in the organization of the construction process and bringing the object to the best fitting to customer needs. But how to put complex architectural terms and the names of styles in easy comprehensible words and forms?

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What 3D visualization is and how it helps in the work of the Construction Company?

In fact, this is a product of image editors and special image-processing programs. The result is a picture, video clip or an interactive map that allows to see the object from all sides to conduct a tour in the residential areas or to look and to “inhabit” the interior of the apartment to the last detail, taking into account the lighting and other nuances.

New technologies in 3D, using game engines, provide an unprecedented opportunity for the customer and construction workers to assess the future space visually, to study the details using the navigation, to discuss and to agree on the changes. It turns out that you can edit the building long before doing its drawings on paper.

Benefits of 3D for Developers:

•    the ability to visualize the ideas on arrangement of land plot or repair of housing, regardless of the scale;
•    demonstration of several solutions in each particular case, and many methods of finishing sets, variations of colors etc.;
•    clarity in the relations with the customer, rapid approval of the final plan.

In addition to these practical and obvious items, there are a number of advantages of the marketing character:

•    colorful and “tasty” submission considerably wins in modern society, as three-dimensional graphics with voluminous details gives a comprehensive view of the project;
•    an easy way to demonstrate the innovations and non-standard solutions in architecture;
•    access to new markets through online channels as a visually-performed portfolio can be presented on the website or  other place.

Three-dimensional graphics is a great opportunity not only to look at pictures, but also to experience the atmosphere of the future masterpiece, as feelings and emotions is a direct path to the successful implementation of the project and to the satisfaction of the parties.

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Selection of the surrounding landscape of the building by means of visualization

The skillful combination of architecture of construction with smallholding creates true masterpieces of beauty and aesthetics. Selection of the shape and style of the building is not easy, and even more difficult to link it with the surrounding buildings and vegetation.

To help the modern landscape designers, many programs have been developed that perform a visualization of the ready object in a two-dimensional image or video with many points of view on the three-dimensional object and this is regardless of the size of buildings and the land beneath it. There are also tools on the interactive engine, for a virtual tour in the future house.

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The landscape design itself solves several practical issues at once:

•    it helps to smooth the unnatural geometry of the building and to enter non-standard architectural solutions at existing landscape;
•    to deal competently with the different altitude of area or irregularities of boundaries;
•    to combine the existing infrastructure with the beauty of flowers and trees;
•    to hide unsightly items on the territory;
•    to pick flora and the color scheme;
•    to complement the project with functional and decorative items: alcoves, fountains, ponds, sculptures etc.

Benefits of visualization in the design of the area

Since the purpose of landscape’s design is the harmony between the aesthetic properties of the object and its practicality, the possibility of visual assessment at the design stage holds great promise for editing and for productive dialogue with the customer.
Rendering is used already in the earliest stages of the development of the landscape concept.With the help of software, it is easy to handle material from sketches, because image editors save the coordinates of the object, done by designer or architect. On the basis of these images, the future house with its land plot may be built.

landscape rendering  how-make 3d visualization  architecture 3d rendering

Powerful computers allow to edit an object in real time during the discussion with the customer or to create multiple images with some differences. Visibility of the process will be useful for both the designer and the client:

•    It is easy to make the changes to the program layout: to lift a hill or to form lowland, to install or remove a cascade of lakes or to delete a group of decorative elements.
•    With the rendering programs, it is easily to model the external view of estate at any time of the day and of the year, color palette may be formed based on this, depending on the plants’ life cycle. The calculations help to determine the size of the plant, which will affect the illumination of the room.
•    Hardware processing of graphics allows to calculate the artificial lighting sources in the dark time of the day. And to figure out, how will the lamp of cold or warm glow affect on the general atmosphere, to evaluate capabilities of color illumination.
•    The software allows viewing a combination of styles of individual elements, to receive a general view of the house in the landscape, or to see individual parts, as well as their texture.
•    Professional botanist or gardener can assess the compatibility of plants and the prospect of their interaction. Visualization for client is an opportunity to see the floral ensemble.
•    Comprehensive visual space can become an integrating element in the work of the architect, florist, designer and contractors.

Visualization provides an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate the appearance of the finished construction, so it is widely used by developers around the world for marketing policy, to attract new buyers or investors for construction projects of various levels.

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Technology of 3D Visualization

Modern technology of 3D visualization is a kind of three-dimensional computer graphics, which makes it possible to design objects of very different complexity.

This technology has already earned popularity among designers because it allows creating three-dimensional objects of any shape, which then can be studied in every detail: from any angle, at any point, it can be shown taking changes in the lightning into consideration. 3D visualization is the process of creating the three-dimensional volume, lifelike images on the basis of a special computer program. The most common 3D developers use such programs as AutoCAD,  Artlantis,  Archi CAD, 3D Studio Max.

Technology of 3D Visualization  3D visualization technology services

The main advantage of 3D visualization technology for the customer is an opportunity to see how your interior will look like in the reality, including the smallest details.

Three-dimensional design of the new interior of your apartment, newly built homes or renovated office will save time and energy, will give a professional approach to the repair process. In addition, this approach allows in advance to make all the necessary changes to the interior to prevent in a future very common situation, when the final result of decoration or furnishing is not at all what owner dreamed of. Visualization of the interior is a photorealistic image of the interior and exterior of the premises with the configuration of any complexity.

3D visualization technology  3D visualization service

The process of creation starts with a careful measurement of the size of the premises and places of communications.

After that, a virtual decoration is performed based on finishing materials offered to customers, furnishing, the choice of interior colors etc. This technology is widely used throughout the world to create the interiors of houses, repair and decoration of offices and hotels, development of the design of restaurants. One of the main features of 3D Visualization technology is to create a sense of presence. This enables the customer to assess in advance, what will be his or her future interior, to do a virtual tour of all the rooms of the house, from the living room to the bathroom and a balcony. The ability to examine carefully the details and features of the project, to correct and to change, if needed, make the process of agreement enjoyable both for designer and for the customer.

3d rendering -technology  three dimensional design

Another fashion trend in the is the visualization of exterior and architectural visualization. It is the process of creating three-dimensional images of an object with a demonstration of its external characteristics. As the object, there may be a building of any size and purpose: a soccer field, a garden of a private house, parking, children’s playground, aqua park.

3D visualization technology in the field of architecture and construction is used in the design of facilities of very different scales: a separate building, courtyard, urban area, the whole city. When creating such a project, the future infrastructure and landscape of the object, its architectural and natural features taken into account. Without the use of visualization technology, it is difficult to imagine the work of the major companies, involved in design and construction. In recent years, 3D technology has become not just a convenient working tool, but also an effective way to attract investments. After a three-dimensional image of the object, it is possible to coordinate projects with the customer quickly and efficiently, to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner. Together it all saves time and money, which is the main secret of success in any business.