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Visualization for Developers or 3D on the Service of successful projects

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The era of visual special effects and the growing demand for bright images brings its transformations in the process of design of housing, offices and industrial premises, buildings and entire neighborhoods. For a complete success, not only a good project must be developed that meets all the requirements, but also it must be presented confidently to the customer and to the investor.

Visualization is a bridge of understanding between the customer and the developer.

The main task of the developer lies in the organization of the construction process and bringing the object to the best fitting to customer needs. But how to put complex architectural terms and the names of styles in easy comprehensible words and forms?

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What 3D visualization is and how it helps in the work of the Construction Company?

In fact, this is a product of image editors and special image-processing programs. The result is a picture, video clip or an interactive map that allows to see the object from all sides to conduct a tour in the residential areas or to look and to “inhabit” the interior of the apartment to the last detail, taking into account the lighting and other nuances.

New technologies in 3D, using game engines, provide an unprecedented opportunity for the customer and construction workers to assess the future space visually, to study the details using the navigation, to discuss and to agree on the changes. It turns out that you can edit the building long before doing its drawings on paper.

Benefits of 3D for Developers:

•    the ability to visualize the ideas on arrangement of land plot or repair of housing, regardless of the scale;
•    demonstration of several solutions in each particular case, and many methods of finishing sets, variations of colors etc.;
•    clarity in the relations with the customer, rapid approval of the final plan.

In addition to these practical and obvious items, there are a number of advantages of the marketing character:

•    colorful and “tasty” submission considerably wins in modern society, as three-dimensional graphics with voluminous details gives a comprehensive view of the project;
•    an easy way to demonstrate the innovations and non-standard solutions in architecture;
•    access to new markets through online channels as a visually-performed portfolio can be presented on the website or  other place.

Three-dimensional graphics is a great opportunity not only to look at pictures, but also to experience the atmosphere of the future masterpiece, as feelings and emotions is a direct path to the successful implementation of the project and to the satisfaction of the parties.

Author: Maxim S . © Copyright  2016.

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