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Features of 3D Visualization in various fields

Features of 3D Visualization

Not always did the picture in the catalogue correspond to the expectations of the clients and with eventually received results. Some customers were unhappy with what they saw after all the design work had been finished. Today, with the advent of the panoramic photos, as well as the progress of various bulky programs and formats for the transmission of images, many companies have shifted to the virtual catalogues. There they offer to their potential clients to get acquainted with 3D visualization of the interior in bulky format.
3D visualization of the interior gives an excellent opportunity to examine the object in every detail from different angles, as well as to see the entire panorama. Thus, each client will be able to consider the idea of each of the interior styles more accurately which will allow him or her to know what exactly the outcome would be.

trade rendering  retail store rendering

3D visualization of the trade islet or retail store

To demonstrate the construction projects, facilities projects, including information about the architecture solutions and the materials used, architectural visualization is applied. The rendering result is presented in a 3D format in the HD 3k/4k. The client will have a possibility to consider the future project fully at any angle. He’ll receive the entire information about the object at the initial stage.

For example, 3D visualization of the trade islet will allow considering not only the architectural shape of the object but also how the project will look like in its final stage, including the color solution. Architectural visualization is of two kinds – sketch and photo-realistic. Sketch 3D visualization of the store is required at the initial stages of design, to have a common vision of the future construction. And photo realistic rendering is more expensive and improved version of the presentation of the project. 3D visualization of the store is often needed for those who lease space for rent. It will be easier in this way to discuss all the possible layouts of the space with the tenant.

The starting point for the visualization will be:

• projects,
• blueprints,
• preliminary sketches.

The time to create visualization must be from one to five days depending on the complexity of the object. Imaging results are often placed on the websites of construction companies so that customers could understand, whom they will be dealing with. The visualization of the object will allow to develop not only viable finishing option and exterior design, but also to save money. It is much cheaper to choose a high-quality rendering of the object than to remodel elements of the structure, which you didn’t like.

3D visualization of the interior

3d model rendering

3D visualization of the interior is one of the most popular services of many companies of interior design of spaces for various purposes.
Visualization program in this format allows creating projects of architectural design, decoration of individual rooms, and of the entire structure of the space as a whole. Visualization experts also can add to the picture, images, and animations that will allow examining the particular panoramic visualization in more details.

The main objectives of 3D visualization

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visualisation 3d modeling  3d visualizations

Computer graphics, which is intended to represent a particular object in a bulk form with the help of specialized computer programs, is called 3D visualization. Programs of various complexities and orientations (AutoCad, 3D Studio Max, Archi CAD, and others) achieve the reflection of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional flat surface (screen or paper). A variety of programs allow using 3D visualization for the following purposes:

• modeling of virtual objects and creation of images on their basis;
• visualization of graphics when creating computer games and applicative programs;
• visualization of mechanisms’ models and production parts.

Three-dimensional visualization opens new opportunities in many fields of science, manufacturing, computer graphics and others.

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