Facade design and 3d visualization

Facade design and house visualization

House exterior design

The decoration of the facade is an important step in building a beautiful and reliable home. Improved thermal insulation, increasing the durability of the building, environmental friendliness and, of course, the aesthetics of the appearance – these are only the main tasks, the solution of which are in the design of the facade of the building.

Vrender Company develops exterior (facade) design in for:

  • private houses, cottages
  • hotels
  • malls and shopping centers
  • restaurants and cafes
  • office buildings
  • industrial facilities
  • entertainment centers
  • multi-story apartment buildings.

Most often, such exterior finish materials are used:

  • front tile
  • facing brick
  • wood (wooden board, blockhouse, wall paneling)
  • siding
  • ceramic, granite
  • polystyrene foam
  • decorative plaster and paint.

The design of the facade of the house begins with a sketch, that is, the outline of the contours of the future facade of the house. This can be done independently if you are knowledgeable about modern decoration, decorative materials, and building standards. The exterior design is carried out by the architect in the form of a manual sketch or using architectural modeling programs. Practice shows that those who decide to build a building or change the design of the facade of a house, often turn to professional craftsmen – architects who have an idea of how to make a sketch of the design of the facade of a house. The design of the facade of the house can be done in a short time and become the key to carrying out facade works in the future.

The next stage can be considered the design project of the facade of the house or the design part itself. On how the design of your house will be executed, the final appearance of the house depends.

design of the facade of the house

For such responsible work, it is strongly recommended to use the services of specialists who know how to design the facade of the house, how this work is done, what tools to use to make a better facade, what should not be done in the design, and to have sufficient experience in the house facade designs.

The facade of the house is in plain sight of everyone and it is an identifier of your taste, material capabilities, and position in society. This is the face of the entire house and, so that the design of the facade of the house is done flawlessly, it is highly desirable to use the services of a design studio or the services of a good architect-designer with vast experience. This can be a full range of “turnkey” works, including the development of a project, assistance in choosing finishing materials and decorative elements, creating small architectural forms, developing a landscape design, developing interior design inside the house, selecting lighting and so on. Orthis can be a one-time consultation about how to design the design of the facade of the house the best.

The advantages of working with a design studio are that it is very difficult for an uninformed person to understand modern technologies and have all the required knowledge about building materials. It is especially important to take this knowledge into account in order to create a complete and original design of the facade of the house. The use of materials such as sandwich panels, polystyrene foam or gypsum can greatly contribute to the fact that the design of the facade of the house would turn out exceptional but it requires certain experience and level of knowledge in this industry.

Facade design New York

In order to develop the design of the facade of the house, after the preliminary draft of the facade of the house is ready, go to the next step. Preparation for decorating is another link in the chain of actions, whose goal is to make an exceptional design of the facade of the house.

The overall decoration of the facade of the house should not be inconsistent with the holistic design concept of individual fragments, as the design of the house facade consists of a roof, front door, porch, stairs, cornices, balconies, additional ancillary buildings, and landscape design of the adjacent territory. The combination of all these elements should be organically combined with each other and look in the same style. In addition, decoration emphasizing the individual design of the facade of the house should take into account the presence of awnings and colonnades.

The constructive part can be considered the final part of the work on the design of the facade of a house or building.

The design of the facade of the house can be made for a new house and a house that requires updating the design of its facade. Developing the design of the facade of a new house, designers do not face the problem of reworking of an old facade, which complicates the work, but in general, does not affect the final result and the quality of work.

Architectural studio “Pirog” will develop a design project for the facade of your building or adjacent areas, including landscape design. We professionally, efficiently, and at a high level develop the design of facades for cottages, office buildings, casinos, gambling establishments, residential complexes, shopping malls, industrial facilities, and multi-story residential buildings.

Visualization of facades (exterior) of buildings and structures

Visualization of the facade (exterior) of the building will help you see how your object will look like in certain conditions of residential development or suburban recreation long before the construction work begins.

Cottage villages, shopping malls, office buildings, New York neighborhoods or just separate buildings – all these are possible to implement in architectural visualization (animation).
The cost of visualization of the facades of the house according to the developed drawings and selected material starts. Visualization and animation of exteriors (facades) is the best way to present your property object to a future investor or a partner.

house facade 3d visualizationExterior visualization will reflect all the advantages of the designed object as fully as possible. Architectural visualization gives a complete picture of the colors, materials, sizes, and other parameters of the composition. The use of 3D visualization provides an opportunity to examine the structure from all sides, at the angle, which interests the customer. The location of visualization objects into a photo of an existing terrain or objects a popular service. For example, these can be 3D modeling of advertising signs on the facade of the building, the creation of 3D models of various structures, shopping pavilions, and placement in the urban landscape.

3d visualization of the exterior includes the exterior of a building, adjacent landscape, communications, and scenery. Materials are provided in both electronic and printed form (color image on photographic paper).

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