Buildings and structures Renovation New York

Buildings Renovation Services in New York

Under the building renovation and structures the construction work is understood, the need for which arises in connection with the change in their geometric dimensions, design schemes (renovation, superstructure, extension, rezoning, etc.), increasing permanent or temporary loads within the building site, including the interior and underground facilities.

The increasing pace of development of construction in New York leaves behind a lot of buildings and structures that require timely restoration.

Vrender Company is actively engaged in projects and 3d presentations of reconstruction of buildings and structures. The project provides not only a complete restoration of the building but also a change in the profile of the object to a commercial or office building.

Buildings and structures Renovation

In the construction industry, buildings and structures renovation takes a special place. Reconstruction of the building is carried out in different cases – for example, if the customer wants to change the functional purpose of the object (reconstruction of old factories into shopping centers, for instance) or if the object is unsuitable for use or morally obsolete, as well as in many other cases where it is necessary to change the volume or size of the object, to reconstruct the floors, redo the entire building, redevelop the building, add additional extensions to it and the like.

Definitely, the reconstruction of buildings is a set of organizational and constructional activities along with construction and assembly processes associated with changes in the functional profile of the structure, conversion of the quantity and quality of the entire set of internal premises, the need to increase the total area of the object, and so on.
Reconstruction of structures during their operation is one of the most important issues in the construction area since the maintenance costs for dilapidated buildings that need constant repairs far exceeds the funds needed for the reconstruction of such objects.

It should be remembered that the reconstruction is a very serious job that requires knowledge, experience, and qualifications to make works. An incorrectly made reconstruction of a building may lead to irreversible consequences – cracks on the facade, in the ceiling, deformations of the foundation, even the destruction of the structure. In this regard, when reconstructing a building (and, especially, a residential building), it is very important to observe reconstruction technology, building codes, and regulations. Here the main importance is acquired by the level of skills of the employees of the company with which you work.

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