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Architectural project is the author’s idea of an object with a comprehensive solution of functional, constructive, and aesthetic requirements for it, as well as social, economic, sanitary, hygienic, environmental, engineering, and technical aspects that are written in the architectural part of the documentation for construction (a project) and implemented during construction. Its main sections are architectural, artistic, architectural-planning, and constructive solutions.

As a rule, an architectural project consists of a conceptual offer, 3D models of exteriors and interiors, blueprints, and models of the designed object.

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We develop architectural projects of:

  • residential buildings and structures
  • yacht clubs
  • business centers
  • multifunctional shopping malls and entertainment complexes
  • cinemas
  • car dealerships
  • banks
  • bars, restaurants
  • hotels and motels
  • sports and fitness complexes
  • medical institutions
  • office and administrative buildings
  • private houses (cottages)
  • industrial facilities.

These include the development of draft and working projects for construction, renovation, engineering services for the maintenance and coordination of project documentation.

Architectural Design Phase. The main sections of the project documentation are carried out in phases and consistently pass through the following phases of work:

Programming Phase. At this initial phase of work, the possibility of placing the object on the site is determined, conceptual space-planning decisions are developed, the main technical and economic indicators of the property are determined, and a stylistic orientation is designed. A 3D computer perspective of the object is being generated and a photo montage of the building is done to include it into the surrounding environment. The customer is offered options for possible functional zoning, depending on the type of a future object.

Schematic Design. In this section of the project, the main space-planning, architectural, and artistic solutions of the object are developed in more detail. The customer is offered floor plans showing the main premises, sections of the building indicating the heights of the main rooms, level marks, sketches, and stylistic solutions for the interiors of the main rooms and exteriors.

Design Development (DD)Phase. In this (mainly approved phase of project documentation), final space planning, architectural, construction, structural, engineering, and technological solutions of the future facility are being developed completely. Special subsections of the project documentation, regulated by the Urban Planning Task, are designed.

Construction Documentation (CD). Within its framework, the detailed drawings of architectural solutions, building structures, engineering networks, intended for the production of construction and installation works are performed, with the detailed indication of the exact geometric parameters and characteristics of the building or structure, structures and their elements on the drawings.

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Specifications. The specifications for design are a verbal description of the requirements for the future construction project. If the Customer does not have specifications, it is made together with the architect in the process of discussing the project.

The main issues that need attention in the preparation of specifications for design are:

• who will live (work/visit/rest) in the premises of the construction object
• how it is necessary to functionally divide the premises of the object
• what is the desired floor space (or the most important their parts)
• are there any special requirements for the engineering equipment of the object
• what are the requirements for the microclimate in the premises of the object (insulation, protection from adverse climatic conditions)
• are there any special requirements for the construction methods of the future construction object?
• what are the wishes for the architectural appearance of the object?

The architectural design of the house is created in the form of a three-dimensional computer layout, thanks to which you can see what your future home will look like.
We will help you develop an individual architectural project of a house or cottage in accordance with your wishes and taking into account the requirements for the project from the New York communal services.
At your request, our specialists in interior design will create a unique and individual design project of the house.

Architectural project – general information

An architectural project is a complex process of preparing technical documentation and various approvals required for designing and creating a country house (cottage).
The architectural project contains architectural solutions that comprehensively take into account a number of project requirements:

• social
• economic
• functional
• engineering and technical
• fireproof
• sanitary and hygienic
• environmental
• architectural and artistic.

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