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3D Visualization compared with Adobe Photoshop

3d rendering and Photoshop

Most people know about Adobe Photoshop. In fact, this graphic editor may be the most popular software for PC. People use it for many tasks, such as creating greeting cards, to edit their photos, for websites, to create various effects and much more.

Photoshop is also widely used in the development of websites and other graphics applications. However, other graphics technology in recent years is beginning to occur, such as 3D visualization.

3ds max viewport

3DS Max Viewport

Many people learn Photoshop and receive jobs as graphic artists. The same is true for the 3D rendering. So if you are planning to become proficient in graphic software to make money from your skills, you may have a question: which is better – to learn Photoshop or 3D rendering? This article will help you find the answer.

The differences between Photoshop and 3D rendering software

Photoshop, as we know, is software for photo editing ‘on steroids’. It has too many muscles for plain editing software, and people love it. With Photoshop, people can edit own photos, changing their shape, increasing their muscles to make themselves look better and more beautiful. However, eventually, it is only Photoshop – photo manipulation software.

On the other hand, with 3D rendering software, you can manipulate photographs and create 3D images from scratch. If Photoshop is a photo editor ‘on steroids’, then 3D rendering software is Photoshop ‘on steroids in a square’. 3D visualization is used a lot in the construction industry and architecture. Architects present their projects of houses and create their photo-realistic design on a PC using the 3D visualization software.

Adobe Photoshop for rendering

Adobe Photoshop

3D visualization or Adobe – the difference is in complexity

Everyone says that Photoshop is difficult.Education is a pretty complex process, as there are too many buttons and features to remember.It is true that anyone who has ever tried to master Photoshop can confirm that this may be frustrating.However, when it comes to 3D rendering, it brings double difficulties in studying.Such programs have much more buttons and functions, having a complex process of learning as well. So, if it is so difficult then why do we need visualization at all?The answer is in profitability.

Differences between the profitability of Photoshop and 3D rendering

People earn good money using Photoshop – there is no doubt. They are in demand on the Internet in the field of graphic design and in the advertising industry. But remember that there are already too much Photoshop professionals around, so the competition is very steep.

3D rendering, on the other hand, is the new technology. Currently, there is a great demand for 3D rendering professionals, because many industries require them: mobile phone companies, car manufacturers, construction companies, architecture firms, landscape designers, interior designers, and a lot more.

3D visualization is used to create and edit not only the physical structures and products, but even the concept cars that you see can be designed using 3D rendering software.

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