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The computer for 3D graphics

computer 3d graphics

Any 3D artist-beginner before the start of his or her career is faced with the challenge of the choice of computer. To understand what kind of computer to work with graphics is needed, it is necessary to determine first what kind of work will be carried out on it. For example, if a computer is only needed for training to work with graphics or for work, you should not choose the most expensive model in the shop. At the same time, such PCs must also not be too weak.

CPU 3d rendering

Roughly speaking, the complexity of the tasks with graphics can be divided into two main types.The simpler type of graphical tasks is modeling of individual objects, texturing, rendering and so on.For example, it can be creation of houses, characters, equipment and so on.In this embodiment, the computer should have average characteristics.

If you want to make the whole scenes, to do post-processing and rendering, for these purposes, you need to choose a PC with the highest possible performance.The difficulty of choice of a PC for this type of graphics tasks is limited only by the size of your wallet.

Another point cannot be overlooked. To select the right computer, you must define the software in which the entire creative process of the 3D artist will be performed. For example, the image processing module of CINEMA 4D program uses all the CPU power in its processing of data but does not use the resources of the video card.In this case, emphasis should be made on a more powerful CPU.

best computers for 3d rendering

A computer has 4 main “bodies”, on the performance of which you should pay attention to, first of all.

The most important thing is the processor; its power is measured in Hertz.Almost all modern processors today have multiple cores, and so, the more of these cores the PC have, and with the greater frequency in which each of them works, the faster the computer will process all tasks.

The second most important “body” is the memory. This element has two characteristics. They are the speed and volume. When working with graphics, these two parameters are equally important. Even when learning working with graphics, you need to select a PC with the size of the RAM at least 8-12 GB, but the more, the better. The speed of the memory is also necessary to be chosen the highest possible, not less than DDR3.

Another important element that needs to be powerful in the computer to work with graphics is a video card.Today’s leader in this industry is Nvidia Company (Miami, Florida).This company even produces special video cards for such tasks in their product line ‘Quadro’.

Finally, the PC will not work stably without such a thing as a hard drive.This is the main computer memory for storing data. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the size according to your needs, taking into account the size of software and operating system.It is advisable to do the accent on hard drives working on SSD technology.Even if the RAM wouldn’t be enough, with this hard drive, the computer will work fine, as it can take additional memory from the dumping file.

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