Real time architectural visualization project

Real time Architectural Visualization  interactive project created using Unreal Engine 4.

Scene build with HDRI map

ue4 architectural vrender

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Visualization of Exteriors: 3D Software review

Visualization of the exterior is the process of migration of made drawings and calculations in the three-dimensional graphics. Despite the fact that working with the exterior is easier than with the interior, it requires special knowledge and training. In addition, the specialist must know different software that allows creating 3D models. We provide below the list of the most popular programs that are used to visualize objects and give a brief description of each of them, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each.

architecture portfolio

The most popular today is 3D Studio Max by Autodesk. The program gives the user wide opportunities, an impressive set of tools for work and numerous options to ensure the creation of the highest quality models. A huge number of settings allows to customize the program for your needs, to adapt it for your purposes. This is a professional software package that is ideal for the 3d rendering of models of houses and of other architectural structures.

autodesk 3ds max 2017  autocad 2017

No less interesting program for creating visualizations is AutoCAD. Its strengths are ease of operation, comfort and impressive functionality. Due to these, this software allows the realization of even the most complex projects. In addition, the undoubted advantage of the program is the fact that it can quite independently form all the necessary documentation, while the user is busy developing a 3D model.

However, in addition to the full-fledged programs, users often use various plug-ins in the process of creating a visualization. Most often, they are following modules:

•    VRay (System of rendering and creation of lightweight modifications),
•    Forest Pack Pro (adds additional details in complex scene),
•    RailClone Pro (creation of roads and related small objects).
•    Immediate Entourage (Cutout people, trees and more for use as architectural rendering)
All these plugins have fairly broad functionality and significantly enhance the user experience.

vray 3 for 3ds max  itoo forest pack

Using the above-mentioned ones and other, lesser-known programs, is being created the exterior visualization. This is lengthy process, which time can range from several hours to several weeks. Of course, a huge role is played by the complexity of the project, experience of the user and the software used. Needless to say – the more powerful the computer is, the faster the work on the project goes.

If necessary, the final stage of work on the visualization of the project is the compositing 3d layers details in Photoshop (3d render passes) to give it more realistic look.

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Effective use of 3D panorama

The rapid development of high-tech, of course, affects our lives. Changes were in absolutely every sphere of our life and business as well. The methods of making business have also substantially changed, and some previously effective methods are already obsolete today. Since many companies are in some way use the possibilities of 3D models, in this article we will take a look at the most effective ways to use 3D panoramas.

3D panoramas becoming more and more popular today

3D shooting is considered one of the best solutions when it is required to demonstrate the customer all the benefits of a particular object. It also allows to show everything in details, focusing on issues of interest and to see all the data.

Rotate 3D panorama with the help of a computer mouse

Panoramic filming suggests a demonstration of the object in a better perspective, with optimal lightning, which allows to show everything of what you think your client needs to see, in the most realistic way. The production of 3D panoramas for each project has its own peculiarities and individual features, the maintenance of which allows fully discover the essence of the object being sold.

Besides all of the above-mentioned, separately worth noting that the use of such technologies helps arose interest the customer and get his or her attention. Judge for yourself: if it is necessary to find any information, a person is likely to get into Internet. On one site, (s)he finds the necessary information presented in the form of text, and on the other – as 3D panorama. It is unlikely that preference will be given to boring text, while the panorama is not only more interesting, but also more informative thing. So placing 3D visualization to demonstrate the product helps getting an advantage over your competitors, to attract new customers, and to sell your product faster.

Summarizing all the above-said, we note that no matter what kind of business you do, using 3D panorama technology will help you to stand out from the crowd, to find buyers of your product or service and use the available resources in the best way.

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What is Virtual Reality?

what is virtual reality

VR is harmoniously working set of systems of content, projectors, glasses, synchronizer for glasses’ shimmer and a controller (a powerful computer or a cluster). Properly collected VR system allows receiving the main on the objects of the increased sensitivity – to teach staff to make decisions instantly in case of emergency. In a number of industrial projects, the difference of 3-5 seconds can be decisive and can worth not even a couple of million dollars (the cost of equipment) but dozens of human lives. That is why everything that allows having the experience of the emergency as closely as possible deserves attention.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to work on the emergency in the real life, it must be used. But the only large stand of this kind I know is a copy of the ISS (it was a copy of the MIR station previously), where future crews are trained. And if depressurization occurs somewhere, guys will not be able to breathe – this is beyond the VR’s capabilities so far. But, of course, it is impossible to copy NPP for training purposes, or an oil platform, or any industrial object (e.g. a factory for the construction of aircraft or cruisers, mining industry or something else). You must use VR as the closest technique, in addition to the “physical” machines on separate nodes.

3D-images are not virtual reality

virtual reality in unreal engine 4

Conventional 3D-images on the computer are not virtual reality. Yes, there are models, renders and so on, but the question is how it is perceived. Education of the personnel in a system of nuclear power plant is not very far away from training on the posters on the usefulness. The point, again, is that there is no effect of diving headlong, for which the entire VR is destined.

vr in v-ray for 3ds max

On the objects of increased liability, it is assumed that in the framework of working out the emergency situations on the simulator, you shall receive more or less accurate representation not based on logic, but as a whole, on your body. You know, it’s like airplane pilots – at first, the transition from a computer simulator to the simulator with realistic controls and simulation of sharp slopes to enhance the skills. It feels like for the first time after such a transition. And the second jump is the transition from a simulator to the real aircraft.


The Best 2016 VR Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

Oculus Rift

oculus rift
Sony PlayStation VR

sony playstation vr
Samsung Gear VR

samsung gear vr
HTC Vive/SteamVR

htc vive steamvr
Google Daydream View

google daydream view
Windows 10 VR Headsets

windows 10 Vr 3d rendering

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 Benefits of VR in your work

Virtual reality (VR) changes the visualization of architecture forever. 3D models can now be enjoyed and watched from all sides.
VR makes it possible to provide much more information to the customer. Multiple perspectives will not make you feel and walk in the building to see the details. Of course, the renderer will require making more work in terms of modeling of the objects, but the result is worth it. So, these are  reasons to add VR to your workflow.

The system of virtual reality is a competitive advantage

What is the competitive advantage at the first place? This is when your client can “touch” and clearly evaluate the project. In one article, a designer and visualizer Olivier Demangel described his shock that he experienced for the first time when using the VR. He could hardly believe that his project was not yet implemented. So, frankly speaking, if you or your company offer simple computer imaging while your competitor offers VR, the customer’s choice is obvious.

Be in trend

This item is from the same category as the previous one. If you will start applying the latest technologies first, it will definitely make you more visible amongst the other companies that are also involved in visualization. In addition, virtual reality is now at the peak of its popularity, and be in trend is always better to attract attention.

Almost everyone can afford the immersion in virtual reality

VR is not expensive at all; it can be afforded by many. Virtual reality system will cost you somewhere around $1,000 (the glasses of 3D virtual reality and/or a helmet). This technology will pay off multiple times due to your new customers.

Less edits from the customer

The stunning detalization shows the entire project at once and provides all details about the object. Thus, you redo less throughout the entire project.
For example, you can make the lighting in real time. The customer will be able to switch light between day and night. Such interactivity allows evaluating the design quickly and efficiently.

Implementation of real-life scenarios

Modeling may include something as simple as lighting, which has been already previously described. But it is possible to approach to the use of virtual reality more globally. For example, to create the airport and to see how buildings and machines will react to different weather conditions.
Another option is to check your systems of the emergency exit; the man finds a way out of the building by means of a system of signs and signals in glasses of virtual reality. Computer scenarios are able to show us how people can behave in emergencies, but exclude human errors. These ideas shall make future buildings safer and more comfortable.

VR for Architecture and Design

VR in 3D Software

How to make a virtual reality in 3ds Max? You can find all the necessary tools to create a virtual reality in the latest versions of ChaosGroup Vray 3.2 for 3ds Max. And this is one of the ways how to do it:

Virtual Reality in Unreal engine 4

10 of the Best Virtual Reality Games

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