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Visualization of Exteriors: 3D Software review

Visualization of the exterior is the process of migration of made drawings and calculations in the three-dimensional graphics. Despite the fact that working with the exterior is easier than with the interior, it requires special knowledge and training. In addition, the specialist must know different software that allows creating 3D models. We provide below the list of the most popular programs that are used to visualize objects and give a brief description of each of them, considering the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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The most popular today is 3D Studio Max by Autodesk. The program gives the user wide opportunities, an impressive set of tools for work and numerous options to ensure the creation of the highest quality models. A huge number of settings allows to customize the program for your needs, to adapt it for your purposes. This is a professional software package that is ideal for the 3d rendering of models of houses and of other architectural structures.

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No less interesting program for creating visualizations is AutoCAD. Its strengths are ease of operation, comfort and impressive functionality. Due to these, this software allows the realization of even the most complex projects. In addition, the undoubted advantage of the program is the fact that it can quite independently form all the necessary documentation, while the user is busy developing a 3D model.

However, in addition to the full-fledged programs, users often use various plug-ins in the process of creating a visualization. Most often, they are following modules:

•    VRay (System of rendering and creation of lightweight modifications),
•    Forest Pack Pro (adds additional details in complex scene),
•    RailClone Pro (creation of roads and related small objects).
•    Immediate Entourage (Cutout people, trees and more for use as architectural rendering)
All these plugins have fairly broad functionality and significantly enhance the user experience.

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Using the above-mentioned ones and other, lesser-known programs, is being created the exterior visualization. This is lengthy process, which time can range from several hours to several weeks. Of course, a huge role is played by the complexity of the project, experience of the user and the software used. Needless to say – the more powerful the computer is, the faster the work on the project goes.

If necessary, the final stage of work on the visualization of the project is the compositing 3d layers details in Photoshop (3d render passes) to give it more realistic look.

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