What is a three-dimensional design?

three-dimensional design

A 3D design differs from the conventional (static) design with its realism, the ability to look at the object from different angles. There is a wide range of software that makes it possible to create three-dimensional designs. Each program is intended to a certain scope and, therefore, has a different interface and tools.

Popular software to create 3D designs:

• ArCon
• 3D VisiconPro
3DS Max
• Cinema 4D
• Sweet Home 3D
• Softimage 3D Infini-D

three-dimensional graphics

Features of 3DMax

One of the most widespread programs for 3D modeling is 3DMax. The work in this program is a bit like constructing the conventional drawing. On the standard drawing, the object is represented from 3 angles: from the side, top and left. But there is a significant difference in three-dimensional design from the usual drawing. 3DMax can allow not only to see the objects from all sides, but also to change their shapes, location, shade, and so on. This process is reminiscent of an entertaining video game where a player can manipulate with 3D objects.
The effect of “three-dimensionality” is created based on simple shapes: sphere, cube, circle and others. Objects in the program are created using the “polygon grid” tool. It consists of polygons (grid elements). The grid is editable – transformed in width, height, or top. The larger the number of polygons contained in the grid, the more realistic it looks. But at the same time, increasing the complexity and shape of an object and increasing the number of polygons, you are also increasing the time for the image rendering in a program.
Initially, objects in 3DMax look not alive, because natural objects such as a table, a glass of water or a horse – all have natural unevenness, curves, glares, shadows and other elements that give the degree of realism to the final picture.
The program’s interface has the tools to create supportive attributes. One of these is the virtual light sources. They are of two types – omni and direct. With their help, you can illuminate the three-dimensional scene, creating glares, shadows, adjusting their brightness and contrast. The designer adjusts effects to provide a natural look to the picture.

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Scope of the three-dimensional graphics application

The three-dimensional graphics has different directions and scopes of application. 3D graphics is used in the film industry, while creating special effects on television, when making scenery and costumes. Advertising also uses three-dimensional design broadly. Spillover effects have an excellent look when one object turns into another, for example, a black BMW that smoothly transformed into a silhouette of a running panther. Also, 3D effects make commercial sites more beautiful and perfect-looking. Plain packaging of biscuits will shine and sparkle, will have no distortions and will lure a customer with its perfection because this is not an ordinary photo, but a thought-out three-dimensional object, created by professionals.

Three-dimensional design is an integral part of the production of computer games and various multimedia projects, VRML, modeling interiors, furniture and so on.

Three-dimensional design has opened to mankind hitherto unknown possibilities. The customer can see own home, the bedroom’s interior or furniture before the creation process begins, and will be able to make adjustments according to own preferences. 3D model of a house can be viewed from all sides – both inside and outside, all the details can be considered and eventually, the result can be imagined.

Features of 3D visualization in various fields

Today, many different design companies offer their services for the original and stylish design of the entire structure (houses) or its individual parts. Clients were previously offered with huge catalogues of ready designer decisions, from which they could select different stylistic ideas for the interior design of any building.

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