Real Estate Properties rendering at realtor’s work

Real Estate Properties rendering at realtor’s work: sell more expensive and quicker. Rendering is an engine of a trade the real estate!

The main rule of a successful realtor is always to be in trend! Rendering is a real trend for the next 2-3 years at dealing with the real estate.


According to National Association of Estate Agents of USA for 2014, rendering allows to sell on 27% more expensive and on 20% quicker.

Rendering or visualization is an innovative product of Internet technologies development, photos, and video replay. Little to no tampering it helps to convey object’s image to a customer (occupier) of real property.

This trend helps to modify a concept of realtor’s profession changing attention of a nonprofessional from lawful angle to advertising. Even 2 or 3 years ago answering the question “What does realtor do”, many people pictured themselves to be «rather lawyers» than realtors. But today they have become more like «marketing experts, advertisers, decorators or negotiators» than a realtors.

Architectural rendering Real Estate

There appeared vociferous opponents to rendering from an «old school» of realtors, which consider that rendering will kill the profession of estate agent and leads to dumping at the market of realtor’s services. We can dispute or accept it. Notwithstanding the above and whose side we will choose the progress is unstoppable, so as rendering. If truth be told, it isn’t depending on us. The train called «a render» has a great speed, so you can jump into it or stay aside. This is your own choice.

The main stages of rendering

Pre-sale preparation of an object. This is of paramount importance to take out the rubbish before shooting of a real property. Take away all unnecessary things and the less the real estate are cluttered the easy it will be sold out.

The main instruments of rendering are photos, video, 3D planning and 3D virtual tour.

Rendering layout on the Internet and on destination sites. We can arrange an object on a corporate site, on other effective sites, and arrange with the only one click.

Rendering at printing industry: posting full-colored advertisements with QR code, presentations, and other inexpensive install printing.

The selling real property will be seen by tens of thousands potential clients (suppliers).



Real Estate interior rendering


Architectural Design

Architectural design is a modern art and styling.

Architects use it in creating artistic rendering and architectural-artistic appearance of space during the process of multi-building development or in the single building, and even in the transformation of parts of the city or the landscape. Architectural design is trying to understand your imagination and bring it to life, using project design, specification and visualization. To comprehend the complex of relationships between architect work and the exact city you need to focus your attention on preservation and environmental compatibility in order to conceptualize interior space or building. Of course, everyone wants to express own individuality in interior design or in corporative design so it is possible to call it a construction design, because everything you should do, goes in complex with integrated construction.

Architectural Services,Architectural Design

Architectural design is an idea and its realization in different pieces of architecture art, which has been created according to innovative technology, because the construction world and design constantly change. Innovative materials are important too. They affect the technical design of buildings, because today we have the need for conserving and upgrading buildings of different styles and epochs. So, all contemporary construction techniques, different materials of construction, urban and architectural transformations in relation to environmental and economic sustainability help us in architectural design.

architectural services department,architecture drawings

Today architectural design looks for ways of integrating both architecture and engineering with modern technologies and cut-edge engineering. It souses the architectural design to be a luxury, because not everyone can afford it. The main thing to take into account is up-to-date and uniqueness, but in using of modern canons to interior decoration you must remember that requirements imposed on contemporary design grow increasingly. Today such requirements are unique style and, likewise, shapeliness and moderateness. All creative ideas from direct interaction with clients can be modified in future building construction, and become an accelerant for adopting the design to future needs, like restaurants, shops, offices, etc. So, Architectural Design must give the owner esthetic pleasure and be unique.