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First, it should be noted that architectural visualization helps the best way to see the plan of new facility and how will it fit into the surrounding landscape and the architectural ensemble or how high-rise buildings will look like in the new district.

Architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors come to the assistance during the creation of beautiful colorful images and 3D visualizations and the demonstration of variety of competitive works of architect presentations.

Photorealistic images allows to see all positive and negative characteristics of the building and highly informative. That’s the goal of architectural visualization.
The architects, builders and designers use architectural visualization. Following should work as a team to create a good project: 3D-visualizer, retoucher, art director, animator, designer and others.
You can talk about the aesthetic part of the architectural rendering, but it is better to highlight some interesting elements in the work on the ready image.
Using the work of such wonderful programs as “ArchiCAD”, “3ds Max”, “AutoCAD”, “V-Ray”, specialists consider not only the technical aspects of the work, but also building criteria.
For example, the result will not be professional if the renderer will not consider the rules of composition, light and perspective.

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Very often, these one play a key role in the entire destiny on the project.
Modern computer capabilities and rendering methods allows creating photographic pictures without photography. Planned result can be raster or vector image, panorama or 3D visualization. Currently, the most popular method of architectural visualization is remote programming.
Architectural visualization includes a significant number of different tasks. Informative and building value should be the main qualities of the designed object.
Visualization is highly interactive and uses the possibility of modeling the reaction on human actions also. For example, elevators, escalators and doors can open in response to the movements of a person. So the real simulation of interactivity is possible with 3D Architectural visualization.
Architectural visualization in general is not only a very convenient, but also a new level of cultural arts. Visualization of each object is an art.

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3D Architectural visualization makes it possible to view both the outward and inward appearances of the future constructions.

This type of imaging called architectural visualization, it represents a separate line in the work of architects, and 3D designers, allowing them work together successfully.

It is important to note the fact that architectural visualization now is a very precise in demonstrations of the future projects look, its compositions, setting the light sources and any other details.

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There are several types of imaging

This is hand drawing and computer graphics, respectively. Special software allows you to make high-quality presentation of the project.
Therefore, hand drawing is a method of imaging, which often means a computer process, but everything almost entirely based on the works created by hand. This takes into account geometric principles.

Computer graphics are more specialized. Graphics are usually vector or raster obtained after calculating rendered objects in specialized application.
In addition to this, these are highly interactive visualizations, which mean the possibility of modeling the reaction on human actions. It may be elevators, escalators or doors opens in response to the movement of a person. Also, they have a real simulation of interactivity impossible in the real world. There is a practical value in the opportunity to assess the need for the presence of architectural additions.

One of the most comprehensive architectural rendering industries is interior design.
This function allows changing the interior plan, including the color of walls, wallpapers, kitchen or living room. 3D Architectural visualization of the interior will help even to move the furniture in the apartment.

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Architectural visualization became ingrained in our everyday living. Modern architectural projects are complicated and fancy. Their qualitative up-to-date realization is responsible for a company’s profit and many peoples’ lives.

It’s efficiently to visualize both a little project of a house and a huge project (especially a plot plan of cottage communities, multilevel junction, new city districts), that will greatly develop the quality of the final result. 3D visualization intends for virtual graphic pictures’ creation using modern software. The image precisely resembles both chart and a real conceptual design, because the programs can create all details of the object with the maximum accuracy.


Architectural visualization will help you to:

• take details of your project into account;
• look at the object from each side;
• detect strengths and weaknesses of a project;
• correct the project through 3D pre-visualization (correction of readymade projects).

No profitable project can manage without preliminary 3D visualization in modern life. So, 3D service is accessible for anyone who wishes to use the architectural visualization.


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Rendering (3D visualization) is the process of generation an image from a model. Basically, visualization represents one of the most important parts in 3D graphics. The program that provides rendering called “Render”.

In the rendering structure, we use algorithms to get a qualitative image. In general, rendering can change vector structure into flat pixels. As the result, a 3D image can be displayed visually as a two dimensional image on the PC monitor.

The one of the most outstanding renders is “3ds Max”. “3ds Max” is universal software because it is used for 3D modeling. In addition, the program is great for computer games design.
You can be sure that 3D visualization is good for interior design. As a rule, it helps you to see the real picture of the future interior. Interior visualization lets you to view each element of house, flat or furniture. 3D visualization creates the effect of presence. In addition, renders have succeeded in 3D models adaptation and that is why its’ creations considered as masterpieces.
Preview visualization is a famous and helpful option too. It is mainly used when a customer hesitates and not sure about some elements of the future house. For example, it can be a color of wall or wallpaper, or some materials’ selection.

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Final 3D visualization is the last variant of interior based on all amended corrections on the stage of preview visualization.
According to the project’s goal we have rendering in a real time mode (used in creation of videos) and pre-rendering which is more convenient for computer games creation. Pre-rendering uses 3D accelerators. The last ones help you to increase quality of graphics of old computers.

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3D Visualization (rendering) is one of the most important key concepts in computer graphics.

The main objective of visualization is getting an image with volume from modeling. The final variant of the object has an influence on usage of visualization technology. For example, 3D accelerators used in development of computer games. There is also pre-rendering option for video creation, but it is relatively slow process of visualization. The programs, which provide visualization by means of computer programs, named “Renders”. Such programs work with 3D objects’ lighting.

How 3D Graphics Work  three dimensional graphics

There are many famous leading companies using 3D visualization software.

“Pixar” company has created an application with programming interface for 3D animation, which named the “Renderman”. The “Renderman” has a great advantage – a simple and convenient interface. This program has been used since the 90s by many other big companies.

There is one more famous rendering system named “V ray” (render) which was made by Bulgarian developers called themselves as “Chaos Group”. “V ray” has a quite big creative and technological prospect. These factors influence on speed, success, and the quality of the result.

Finally, “Fryrender” is the most realistic render. Its developers are familiar with physics that seen in this render. Fundamental laws of universe kept here, indeed.
A computer cluster-render farm used for making visual effects for a film. Parallel computing systems in render farm save time for videos creation. Theoretically, rendering includes a few techniques by means of which you can achieve the needed result.
Rendering makes calculations and the presence of the core algorithm is quite logical there. There is a rendering equation, which theoretically proves the visualization models.

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3D interior visualization helps you to reconstruct any interior (kitchen, bedroom, baby’s room, office, bar, restaurant etc.).

You can set any objects of the interior, choose the variants of their combination, vary with windows and doors’ location, and apply different colors and textures, experiment with lightning for interior decoration through to the each millimeter detail.

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3D visualization uses specialized computer programs. Images accuracy will satisfy any client as we use modern computing algorithms letting us draw each detail and to catch all tones of colors and textures during the interior construction.

Rendering methods have made 3D view possible because you can see an interior inside, not only if you looked at the model from the top. The view creates effect of presence. You can look from any side; catch every details of interior that were previously unnoticed. You can also look at any surfaces to estimate their interior decoration. Thus, 3D visualization gives you an opportunity to achieve perfection in interiors design.

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Are you tired of looking at the boring interior of your apartment?

Want something new and modern? How to make a right choice among dozens of materials and technologies? You visit malls and supermarkets, turn the pages of magazines and imagine what the interior of your future apartment should look like.

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You are concerned about the idea in your mind. You can still see different variants of your idea even when you asleep. It is a known effect among students when a long working on a course-work leads them to the way when their analyses and calculations keep go on when dreaming. Then an insight comes to your mind and you can see the ready image of the new interior. How to keep the image in your memory and not to forget it’s details and tones?

Our specialists will help you to create and fix your future interior 3D model using 3D visualization. You can easily improvise with the interior on the computer’s screen. Now you can match the color scale of walls, ceiling and floor. You also have an opportunity to choose the suitable texture and the brightness of anything you want. 3D visualization includes even more opportunities.

Please have a look at our latest projects, check out our portfolio and make sure that we do not deliver promises, but we deliver job done. Our clients are always pleased with the quality of our work.


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Architectural visualization is a step forward in town planning. Modern society demands different requirements to the cities’ appearance. Particular value acquires original design decisions and the aesthetic component of the architectural object.

It is not enough just to build a common house, because people want to create a great and interesting object, perfectly suitable to a particular place. Such a result will help you to achieve the architectural visualization that allows creating a graphical display of the object.


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Large building must have preliminary layouts. You can see the appreciable advantages of architectural visualization (in comparison with traditional models) with the rendering methods of creating photorealistic objects. It is essential when you turn on the architectural form of a holistic architectural ensemble.

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Visualization allows you to see the object from all sides, so that it becomes possible to make changes in the project before starting to implement it. You can change both the overall concept, and a few lines that will show a perfection of each form and will allow you to integrate it into the existing environment.

Architectural Visualization is perfectly suitable for the presentation of the project to investors or the competition of architectural committees.