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For Developers,Construction and Real Estate Companies – 3D-visualization, promo-sites, printing, video clips, virtual tours.

Impressive 3D-visualization is the key to successful sales at the stages of the design and construction.

•    Increasing of salesVisualization gives the opportunity to present the subject in the most attractive way and thus gain the sympathy of the clients already at the stage of design and/or construction.
•    Receiving of investments on project’s implementation3D Visualization is much clearer to potential clients and investors than drawings. It effectively presents the project, contributing to the positive decision of the investor.
•    Agreement of the project in the regulatory authoritiesTechnically accurate and artistic visualization is credible to win trust of regulatory authorities. It provides visibility and makes it easy to prove that your project fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape and does not violate the required standards.
•    The efficiency of investments – Visualization provides a rapid return on your advertising investments by increasing sales.
•    Clever advertising – You can use bright and attractive visualization on the promo sites, in presentations, on advertising banners, catalogues and in other promotional products.
•    Savings – Thanks to a thorough technical development, visualization helps to identify and correct possible mistakes made during the design stage and thus avoid extra costs during the construction stage.

Realistic 3D-visualization Professional Visualizationvisualization portfolio

Visualization for design organizations attractive visualizationVisualization for Architect


For Design and Architect  Companies – 3D-visualization, Architectural 3d Models Rendering, Architectural Animation , Interior Visualization, Scale 3D-models and Virtual Tours.

Realistic 3D Visualization is an effective tool of agreement and “selling” your project to the customer.

  •  The competitive advantage when participating in tenders.Bright visualization of high quality leaves your competitors far behind, and increases your chances of winning any tender
  •  Simplification
    •   Visualization makes work with the customer much easier, because the drawings and design documents do not give a complete picture of a result. Moreover, the customer does not always have the time and desire to understand the nuances.Visualization forconstruction companies
    •   Visualization allows selecting suitable color shades and to deal with the lighting. Any changes are easier and more profitable when making at the design stage rather than at the construction stage.
  •   Reducing the time and costs for the project
    Due to the clear visual and artistic giving, visualization makes it easier to coordinate the project with the customer, saving time and money.
  •   Professional image – Visualization of objects is an important part of the portfolio, allowing you to demonstrate your level of professionalism to the future customers.
    •   Visualization is needed for spectacular professional presentation, creating thematic printing (brochures, catalogs), and, of course, for your site or page on the specialized portals.
    •   If the construction of the object will not start or the implementation would be of poor quality, you will keep “the primary source” in your portfolio – original result of your work.


Many of us have been amazed many times with beautiful landscapes in computer games and in animated 3D films, special effects in a movie and with creative solutions in ads. All of them were created using modern technologies such as rendering.

Rendering is the process of creating a flat image (picture) from the developed 3D-model. In other words, it is obtaining a photographic image by calculations of lighting (like creation of shadows, reflections and refractions of light, overlay of glares) of subjects, which makes them more realistic.
The rendering process is not an easy task. Rendering the special effects for the “Avatar” movie took about 40 million computer hours. That is, if one powerful PC was used, this operation could have finished in not less than 4500 years. To accelerate the process of calculating today, a so-called “render farm” is used.
Render farm is a block of powerful servers, “sharpened” to make rendering. With their help, you can speed up the rendering in several thousand times!

architect studio 3d

To whom it is useful for

The main customers of the render farm are design studios, who require obtaining the naturalistic images of the object under construction. As long as the building exists only in the form of a drawing, and there is an excavated pit on its place, where construction work is just at the beginning stage, the customer can already imagine a future look with the help of photo-realistic sketches. The designer can easily insert a building under construction in the surrounding landscape; to draw the people and cars that move along the street next to it, and to set certain weather conditions. In addition, the rendering process is indispensable when creating a virtual tour or when animating the future or existing building. Being home, in front of your own PC, you can easily take a walk, for example, in the mall, located on the other side of town or even of Earth.
Faster and better visualization is important also for companies engaged in the creation of video clips. The colorful presentation and memorable commercials, live three-dimensional image for the outdoor ad or for booklets – all these products can be done with technologies of fast rendering.


The cost of rental of services of render farm is quite high, but the capacity of the farm allows calculating not only single files, but also long videos.
Moreover, rental of render farm allows reducing production costs so no need to neither create nor maintain in good state the own render farm. Render farm is an ideal match for small studios and users who need to create quickly a large number of three-dimensional images or videos.

The process of 3D visualization is based on the usage of three-dimensional graphics, and goes within several stages – designing of a 3D model of the object, the scenery of environment, texturing, setting the optimal level of lighting, selection of camera’s angle and selection of effects and 3D rendering.

There are many rendering programs, which are used for visualization, so in this article we shall consider the most popular ones.

Vray Rendering Service

Chaos Group V-ray  www.chaosgroup.com

Among the modern rendering programs, the external program of visualization named VRay, developed by Chaos Group, is in great popularity. The reason is that the program for the calculation uses only the most advanced computing techniques and is based solely on the method of Monte Carlo. Besides that, the program includes a lot of interesting, innovative technologies and solutions that allows to perform all the calculations quickly and accurately. V-Ray is available as a plug-in for Maya 3ds max, Rhino3D, SketchUp and Cinema 4D.

VRay is not so demanding to the geometry as other similar applications, for example, programs that use radiosity, so it is very important to analyze initially and to fix the geometry of the scenery before starting the rendering process.

Thanks to VRay, a global illumination can be adjusted, resulting in improvement of photorealistic scenes that are created. You can use different algorithms required for imaging calculations to display the global illumination – Photon Map, Light Cache, Irradiance Map.

It is worth noting that VRay is well known in all areas of visualization thanks to pretty large arsenal of different tools required for integration.

Among the main advantages of the given program are the ability to distribute rendering on multiple PCs, adding of procedural tools and textures in 3ds MAX, which may ease the work with the scenery. It is worth noting the presence of different algorithms, flexible settings and own materials that can accurately reproduce the properties of the objects.

Corona rendering service

Corona Renderer www.corona-renderer.com

Corona Renderer is new photorealistic renderer, fully integrated into the 3ds MAX, designed by Ondra Karlík in 2009. This render actively develops and supports more and more functions, while having high stability at large postproductions.
Corona renderer is relatively young rendering system and still has a limited number of possibilities, but even on the eve of the release is capable to solve complex problems. Corona confidently used in architectural visualization and objects visualization. Gradually it goes into an area of TV production.
Stunning visuals, lightning speed and enviable simplicity, along with the free, outdated, but still an excellent version of Alpha6, Corona renderer is simply an irreplaceable tool for any visualizer!

Menal Ray 3d Rendering

Mental Ray  www.nvidia-arc.com

This graphics software is a professional integrated system of visualization and rendering from the German studio named Mental Images (a branch of the Nvidia corporation).
Mental ray is a powerful rendering technology used in many software products of industrial design and creation of digital content, such as Autodesk, Autodesk Maya, Solidworks.

The application supports technology of distributed rendering, thanks to which rationalization and equal distribution of computing on PCs comes, supporting the segmented visualization.
The program allows generating images of the very highest quality, to create realistic visual effects, harmoniously combining all the latest technologies of computer programming and lighting.
The function of the built-in volume shadowing, as well as the method of final gathering are the necessary tools by means of which a natural look of the frame achieved without the use of additional settings.
In addition, this app is equipped with a diverse set of tools that allow to simulate multiple light reflection of elements in the scene (Global Illumination) and allow calculate accurately the parameters of the level of lighting to create realistic effects when objects are moving.



Rendering – more and more we encounter this new and not quite clear word. Games, programs and professions (not within a long time) – everywhere we meet this. So what is rendering?

usa rendering company services

What is rendering?

In the broad sense of the word, rendering is the term from computer graphics, which indicates the process of visualization, imaging, or creation of models with the help of a computer 3D programs. However, the definition of renderings context may include very different things. For example, when somebody hires you, your employer may mean the skills of 3D graphics creation, while it is only the last stage of it.

what is 3d graphics  responsible for rendering

3d graphics service  attractive visualization

Who is responsible for rendering?

The most common profession requires you to possess rendering knowledge is 3D designer. A specialist of this kind can create everything beginning from basic models (such as banner) ending with computer games.
And, of course, 3D designer does not only render, but do all previous stages of creating of 3D graphics, namely: modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and only then – visualization.
However, 3D designer does not work with mathematical and physical formulas, describing their on a level of programming languages. All this compiling programs do for him (3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Zbrush, Blender, Vray etc.) taking this from already written libraries of physical properties (ODE, Newton, PhysX, Bullet and so on).
So for the manipulation with such quantity and quality of graphic scenes, there will be not enough having a desktop computer. To render the processes, not only programs are made, but the services, such as a “render farm”. And it’s worth noting that this pleasure is not cheap. Despite low prices of rendering, the rendering farm’s price is quite impressive.


Architectural 3D visualization is the direction in advertising, real estate sales and construction, aimed at the presentation of architectural objects for different target audiences. 

This may be a print in various formats (from billboards to flyers), television advertising in various formats (HD, Full HD, PAL, etc.), as well as interactive presentations both on desktop computers and on Tablet PCs. In addition, architectural visualizations widely used for the approval of projects at different levels. The object you want to advertise, not necessarily have to be built. In fact, there is enough to have drawings of architectural structures, or its outlines, and then computer technologies come into force – they create photorealistic images and animations. The building looks as if it has already been built.

what is architecture visualization

Any design office, architect or designer having 3D visualization, visualization of the interior, furniture object visualization, visualization of facades, to show them to its customers or for the approval with relevant authorities. Qualitative architectural visualization will definitely attract the attention of Your customers to Your product. Architect, designer or an architectural firm must attract customers somehow. And nothing will attract the attention of potential customers as qualitatively advertised project.

what is architecture rendering

The purpose of architectural 3D visualization is an effective visualization above all. It allows making the advertised object recognizable, to enhance the credibility for development of projects and to create an image and the desired atmosphere around the required buildings, cottages, cottage settlements, residential complexes, bridges, cities and interiors, neighborhoods, road junctions, conceptual projects and other architectural objects. Three-dimensional modeling now provides the necessary promotion of construction projects and real estate investment.

Thanks to modern computer technologies of 3D architectural visualization, architects, construction companies, ad departments, developers and investors have the opportunity to be competitive in the market, sales, rentals and real estate development.

3D graphics, 3D visualization, architectural 3D visualization – these are all the terms that refer to the broad scope of the visual presentation of objects for different purposes, whether it is advertising, branding, investment presentation or traditional documentary support of projects. 3D visualization provides a greater understanding of the product. For example, volumetric model of the cottage gives a lot more information than any other option of presenting information to a person who cannot read architectural or constructional drawings.

Photoreal Render

3D visualization is always innovative, because thanks to the development of information technologies, it takes more and more ways for the display. For example, it may be 3D stereo TV, displaying images using anaglyph technologies, or other currently available technologies, Flash presentations, printed publications and other effective methods of presenting of information about Your product to Your customer.

Where 3D visualization is used? Is used in a variety of projects that can be divided into several categories:

  • architectural visualization;
  • interior visualization;
  • visualization of furniture;
  • visualization of interior;
  • subjects visualization;
  • 3D visualization of real estate objects ;
  • visualization of concepts;
  • visualization of residential areas;
  • visualization of urban development;
  • promotion of constructional projects;
  • approval with the construction authorities;
  • development of sites of cottage settlements;
  • visualization of cottages;
  • polygraphy;
  • animated presentations;
  • advertisement of settlements;
  • 3D Animation

and others.

Photorealistic 3d Visualization

High-quality rendering was realized in many business projects, which proves its importance in promotional activities for successfully developing companies on Russian and foreign markets. Photorealistic video presentation today is an inherent part of almost every implementing project that emphasizes its ability to promote the product on the market effectively, both at construction market and during introduction of innovative technologies.

Versatile qualities of 3D visualization

3D visualization is a versatile product, as its use is justified in all fields that require a graphical display of an object. It may be the furniture or architecture visualization, visualization of military equipment, of the interior of yachts, of conceptual art, of a car, of concepts, of elements of interior, of presentation materials, of cottage settlements and many others.

architectural rendering chikago

Increasing numbers of architects, interior designers and real estate developers are solving traditional problems by applying the latest 3-D presentation technology such as architectural renderings and 3-D digital drawings to their needs, that enables prospective clients, investors and buyers to visualize any architectural design and clearly envision what the building exterior or the interior space will look like.

new york rendering

If you need to convince key decision makers, 3D visualization & fly-through animation will make the most significant impact and difference. There are many amazing advantages to rendering your architectural design in 3D.

Architectural rendering allows you and your partners to visualize conceptualized structure way before it’s built, making design and decorating choices extremely easier and more natural. We know that a picture costs a thousand words, however not every picture can successfully compete in today’s visual communication environment and win your new client or design competition.

When you spend your marketing budget you need to think twice and remember that the beauty of your project is in the details, and every tiny detail plays it’s crucial role in selling your idea or property. If marketing rendering is cheap and looks traditionally hand drawn, chances are the result will be completely opposite to what you wanted your pre-sale marketing to be. Don’t gamble with a future of your project, make sure you present your creation in the best possible way.

Architectural rendering has to be very attractive, consist of accurate details, realistic finishes, professional landscaping and background, as well as lighting and shadows. If 3-D rendering that you about to order looks exactly like professional architectural photograph, then it’s a clear sign that you on the right track. Only photo-realistic 3-D rendering can fully guarantee that you will eliminate all flows of your design idea. Besides great design study that mostly helping you and your architect during planning stages, architectural renderings and other 3-D visualization solutions allow to obtain most outstanding marketing tools for your pre-sale campaign.

In recent times, it has become rare for customers to buy the product based on descriptions only, nowadays customers are hungry for something more – something almost realistic. 3D Rendering has become an effective tool that satiates hunger because it demonstrates the product as it is in the real world. It has become one of the key developments in the market that persuades a customer to order.

architectural rendering service

A qualitative three-dimensional model of a product allows potential buyers to examine it on all sides and to make adjustments to features such as color with only a click. More importantly, it has the following advantages:

  • Every product can be better presented from the marketing perspective with the help of it;
  • It is needed for in-depth development of every detail that pertains to a product;
  • It allows converting a meager style of engineering drawing into its graphic prototype of a ready-made product;
  • It is one of the few opportunities that allow a seller to present a new product to clients, even before its production;
  • It is cheaper for a client to order computational model than to search for a professional photographer.

3D visualization is one of the most demanded services among architects, landscapers and manufacturing industry representatives. This is of no major surprise because obviously, it makes ideas come alive and ultimately makes dreams come true. Rendering is especially popular in situations where the possibility of getting a photograph is hampered or impossible.


architectural rendering

3D Rendering is relevant to everyone; for instance, as it helps a designer to demonstrate his building construction ideas to a client, so can it aid a photographer in taking into account the whole physics of lens and cameras during the installation of studio lightning, furthermore, it can assist in developing new models of jewelry, souvenirs, children’s toys, and many other things – this list is inexhaustible.

Experience has proven that 3D rendering service is becoming popular by the hour. However, it is necessary to entrust it only to professionals, if you wish to derive the utmost benefit from it.

Sustained quality, observance of time, systemic approach.

Working on a project architects confront a question: «In what way they can profitably present it to a customer?».

Drawings, sketches or planning documentation are everything that usually helps architects to work comfortably and easily aren’t good enough for customers, because they are very far from cobwebs of architect’s work.

The most profitable and intelligible way to present the project is 3D rendering that helps architects:


  • to free time for creative work;
  • to bolster your profit margins;
  • to guarantee competitive position.

Call us  or write on mail@vrender.com, in order to book the rendering of your project and to know all details about all work advantages with our architectural visualization studio and about different variants of effective architectural objects presentation.

Robert Brice (a founder of the “AECIS Interiors” studio) tells about experience of cooperation with our studio:

Benefits of using qualitative architectural rendering

An opportunity to demonstrate a photorealistic image of a project and make a simpler way of coordination. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain to a customer the concept of the project.

It is very difficult to do it orally, but many transitional stages, such as the first sketches or conceptual drawings with a pencil can be sufficient for you may not be intelligent to a customer, so all coordination work and explanations will drag out a business.

The project of reconstruction: current situation and the first sketches (You think a customer will understand the idea? Fat chance).

An ideal decision for a customer will be to see a three-dimensional image of his own object.

Renovation project rendering, so the customer understand an architectural concept and the project will be concurred and proved:


architecture reconstrationarchitectural drawing

Furthermore, a customer has business partners, colleagues, friends and a family whom he wishes to consult with in order to determine conclusively. But for them it is too difficult to puzzle out project documentation and to understand architectural and planning concepts. Even more reason is that a client and not you will present the project. Here again rendering will be a finished, nice and intelligible picture, so it is a good way to form a favorable opinion about the project among people whom a client accustomed to advice. Very often, he put a rendering of his future house or shop on the table or demonstrates it on IPhone.

And in the case of objects presentation at public hearings or before different planning commissions rendering is practically the only way of demonstration.

A possibility to convince a client of the need to order a project



Is your customer thinking, hesitating of the need of a project or his manager of the work can build everything himself?

The main fact is to «give a kick» to a customer and motivate him to order the complete outfit of the project documentation, spending minimum amount of time and money. Rendering is the best way to solve such a problem, because it is enough to use only several sketches and reference images for creation of a nice marketing picture.

A reference image and alternate layout (for an experienced architect it is a simple, quick and a solvable problem):


stairs drawing

Consequently, you can demonstrate the image of a client’s future stairs even before the stage of initial design, finally convince him at your professional manner, and show the necessity of further cooperation.


stairs renderingstairs visualization

Rendering – the project is well designed and finished

A possibility to get an additional income

Rendering for an architect is cheaper than for an end customer.

During rendering takes place, with a cooperation of both architect and visualizer, corrections are proposed, angles are approved, and technical assignment is coordinated. Rather than anywhere else at this cooperation an additional value of a rendering is born. Another way of putting it is that rendering that has been ordered at our studio is selling to the end customer at a higher price.

All the more reason is that by means of a qualitative rendering worth of the project is rising at customer’s eyes.

A possibility to save some time for a creative work and greenfield-projects

Once in a way an architect have to follow all customers’ tough requirements. So, practically all architects have kitschy projects – they are simple and banal architecturally, but nevertheless very attractive for a client.

Such a routine for perfect architects is very burdensome, but all the same moneymaker especially if the question is about facade stylization of already-existing objects.


Specified planning documentation, drawings or detailed sketches aren’t needed to be used.

Rendering helps to solve such a problem: you describe the concept of the project and prepare schematic sketches (of course, a client doesn’t need them, but they are enough for beginning of the rendering work). In a similar fashion, it is possible to visualize only facades apart from foreground images that in some cases allow stepping away from drawings and save your time and money.
Additional confidence that in the course of projection and material selection were not refused admittance.

Rendering reproduces a play of light and shadow that cannot be represented in any other way. Many materials change their color and reflective power depending on optic angle and lightning, so that this property is taking into account during materials selection.

Also rendering allows watch different variants of color layout and to choose the best one.

Rendering is a sort of control examination of the whole project. To integrate all possible amendments is cheaper at the design stage than in the process of construction.

A project that has been already designed and visualized can be incased in portfolio and demonstrated to new customers without waiting the end of construction.
Object construction is delayed very often or even doesn’t begin sometimes. Nevertheless, the project is finished and examined in detailed, so that a wish appeared to show it to new customers, colleagues or put up for tender.

And since our rendering has been taken for a photograph, you can easily replace the photo of a completed object. It will speed up architect’s portfolio replenishment and spend the minimum of time between project finish and its beginning, so it brings the glory to an architect and his studio.

Competitive position before other architects, because they don’t have a good rendering.

Unfortunately, for us (visualizers) and fortunately for you (architects), not many architects consider a qualitative 3D visualization as a necessity.

Some architects:

• prefer to refuse from rendering at all forgetting about its demonstrativeness for a customer;
• economize greatly on rendering without paying attention at its quality and doing everything only just to check the box, because «everybody do the same».

Such approach is appropriated only for some architectural circles. But if to take into consideration business engineering, architecture or design, projects sales will be topside. Project success depends on their visual appeal that is exactly reproduced by rendering.

Graphic tablets with our works, executed for Architectural and design workshops “Allegro” and “White square”:

An opportunity to give new release of life to old competitive or unrealized projects.

Surely, every architect has several old, unrealized, but all the same compelling projects. Such projects you wish to use in portfolio or demonstrate to new potential clients but it can’t be done because of their obsolete form of presentation (a wash drawing, axonometric drawings or a simple model of “ArchiCAD”).

Rendering gives new release of life to projects like that and they will work for you a great while, attracting more clients.


Real Estate Properties rendering at realtor’s work: sell more expensive and quicker. Rendering is an engine of a trade the real estate!

The main rule of a successful realtor is always to be in trend! Rendering is a real trend for the next 2-3 years at dealing with the real estate.


According to National Association of Estate Agents of USA for 2014, rendering allows to sell on 27% more expensive and on 20% quicker.

Rendering or visualization is an innovative product of Internet technologies development, photos, and video replay. Little to no tampering it helps to convey object’s image to a customer (occupier) of real property.

This trend helps to modify a concept of realtor’s profession changing attention of a nonprofessional from lawful angle to advertising. Even 2 or 3 years ago answering the question “What does realtor do”, many people pictured themselves to be «rather lawyers» than realtors. But today they have become more like «marketing experts, advertisers, decorators or negotiators» than a realtors.

Architectural rendering Real Estate

There appeared vociferous opponents to rendering from an «old school» of realtors, which consider that rendering will kill the profession of estate agent and leads to dumping at the market of realtor’s services. We can dispute or accept it. Notwithstanding the above and whose side we will choose the progress is unstoppable, so as rendering. If truth be told, it isn’t depending on us. The train called «a render» has a great speed, so you can jump into it or stay aside. This is your own choice.

The main stages of rendering

Pre-sale preparation of an object. This is of paramount importance to take out the rubbish before shooting of a real property. Take away all unnecessary things and the less the real estate are cluttered the easy it will be sold out.

The main instruments of rendering are photos, video, 3D planning and 3D virtual tour.

Rendering layout on the Internet and on destination sites. We can arrange an object on a corporate site, on other effective sites, and arrange with the only one click.

Rendering at printing industry: posting full-colored advertisements with QR code, presentations, and other inexpensive install printing.

The selling real property will be seen by tens of thousands potential clients (suppliers).



Real Estate interior rendering