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What is 3D Rendering

Rendering” – we meet this new and quite intelligible word with ever-increasing frequency. Games, programs, and professions – we have met them everywhere recently. So, what is rendering?

As of today, computer graphics technologies, particularly 3D visualization, are becoming more and more popular. You can study in detail the object’s model with the help of 3D modeling, visualization, and prototyping, to make the necessary changes, to evaluate the ergonomics and functionality, to change the design of a product, to create photo-realistic images, and much more.

What is 3D rendering?

In the broad sense of the word, “Rendering” is a term of computer graphics, which denotes the process of visualization or model imaging with the aid of software. For example, when somebody employs you, this person understands this term as your professional skills in creating 3D graphics, when it is only the last stage of it.


The use of 3D rendering

3D rendering is most often used for demonstration at various exhibitions, presentations, and conferences. 3D rendering allows seeing the original design idea, the future project, or any not yet existing objects or already existing but invisible to us. It allows demonstrating the trends of different goods – from food and its packaging ending with new models of equipment.

3D rendering is also used:
• in printed promotional ads,
• in the creation of videos,
• in architecture,
• in industry,
• at scientific or training projects,
• in online stores,
• during the design of the interiors and exteriors, and so forth.

3d Rendering

Stages of 3D rendering

The 3D rendering technology is closely related to three-dimensional modeling because the image will be built in three-dimensional space based on the 3D model. If not to use the 3D model of the product and the programs for 3D rendering but simply to create an image of the product using image editors it will be the usual two-dimensional visualization.

The imaging process is done in several stages:

• the creation of a 3D model of the object,
• the creation of scene of the environment around the object,
• texturing,
• setting the proper lighting,
• camera setup, selection of successful angle,
• adjustment of effects,
• 3D rendering.

Rendering is one of the imaging steps. Rendering allows receiving the final image of a three-dimensional model in a ‘flat’ version. Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the obtained images, rendering may take a few minutes or dozens of hours. The power of the computer also affects the speed – rendering may be quite a long process, even for a few days, at the old and the weak PC.

Stages of 3D rendering

Who is engaged in rendering?

The most widespread profession, which requires the knowledge of «rendering», is a 3D designer. The specialist in this area can create everything from elementary banner to computer games models. And sure, enough 3D designer works not only with rendering but with all previous stages of 3D graphics creation as modeling, texturization, lighting, animation and then the stage of visualization is started.

However, 3D designer doesn’t work with mathematical and physical formulae, describing them with the help of a programming language.

Everything will be done by compiling programs (like “3D Max”, “Maya”, “Cinema 4D”, “Zbrush”, “Blender”, etc.) and physical aspects of libraries which have been written (“ODE”, “Newton”, “PhysX”, “Bullet” and so on).

Most Popular Software for 3D rendering (3D visualization) :

• 3Delight
• 3ds Max
• Angel
• Arion Renderer
• Artlantis Render
• AutoCAD
• Brazil R/S
• BusyRay
• Cinema 4D
• Final Render
• Fryrender
• Hypershot
• Holomatix Renditio
• Indigo Renderer
• Iray
• Kerkythea
• Keyshot
• LuxRender
• Mantra renderer
• Maxwell Render
• mental ray
• Octane Render
• POV-Ray
• Render DotC
• Render Man
• Rendition
• Sunflow
• Turtle
• V-Ray
• YafaRay

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Under architectural view the visual image of a real or a planning architecture is understood. It is designed to receive an aesthetic presentation at the stage of construction planning. Three-dimensional graphical representation is called “rendering” or “visualization”. It is performed in various forms with the help of different tools. Its classical form is an architectural drawing and a model. If everything has been made in a manual way then time-consuming rendering and computer simulation technique are used. Fundamental importance of rendering arises from numerical data presentation, leads to virtual excursions with camera and animation.

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The simplest form of architectural representation is a layout or a line drawing. A pencil, a marker, a chalk, a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen are used in the quality of crayon tools.

Graphical rendering isn’t much new. Project owners are always interested in architectural appearance of a building before it will be built. Many famous architects have produced object’s visualization for their creations.

Active computer-usage data have displaced traditional illustrative techniques over the last years. Computer rendering gives great virtue to rapid processing and special feature of photorealistic image invention.

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It is possible to create 3D models in a virtual apartment since ninetieth. With the help of CAD technologies production drawings and perspective views formed.

All virtual models can be elaborated or visualized in software of three-dimensional graphics. Herewith the virtual model is equipped with texture. As a result, the perspective is selected and visualized with high resolution or converted into two-dimensional surfaces. The most popular image today is so called «photorealistic image» whereby realistic clip arts are created.

By means of image processing program such elements as people and cars integrated into photo and coordinated with it so, that space sense is appeared.

Animation goes to even greater extents, because movies produced on the ground of 3D data today. You can be in the act of walking through the building even before laying of its foundation. At the same time, it is possible to modify lighting and materials, the whole construction, acoustics, etc. The holding lines don’t need to be handmade the present day and it is only a question of efficient use of correct tools.

It is very difficult to localize correctly a product or service in the modern advertising world so that a client will notice them and make choice to your credit. In this case, a professionally done 3D graphical design will allow using maximum of feasible visualization tools, which can create a harmonious and effectively presentable picture for a customer. Sometimes it is necessary to use computer design for target audience formation of product’s image.

The «graphical design» concept involves artistically specified process for various visual objects creation at a special problem-solving environment, but different options of modern computer technologies open the wider scope of activities.


Every creative process which is connected with product design begins from essential model reproduction, whose physical properties can be altered by using diverse composition techniques and facilities as effects of light and shade, color depth, texture and constitutive laws of air, line and work of visual perspectives. It gives the balance of advantage to three-dimensional computer graphics on raster scan and vector art.

Each image or object created this way placed into indoor scene or future natural environment where they are free to move in this virtual space on planned trajectories. Utilization of 3D house or project rendering powerful tools provides an opportunity to scrutinize the object at any angle of sight and modify conditions by the means of transmitter-specific commands.


3d house rendering

For description of the process of model’s physical changes and its sphere of positioning such concept as «rendering» is used. It discloses many-sided benefits of visualization of object. With the help of special software, it is possible to set a viewer’s location, change lighting and perspective, put a texture on material composition, etc.

We can exploit an opportunity of 3D graphic design during advertising clips creation, product wrapping, websites, logotypes and general corporate style of companies’ development. Most companies providing corresponding services geared to leading American technologies and the ways of efficient use of software capabilities.



3d visualization usa

It is true that 3D visualization is an important tool not only for game developers and directors, who shoot 3D movie, but also for scientists.

If you want to demonstrate the important discoveries and use only numbers or dry facts, you should know that sometimes it is not enough. In the same time, comparison of results of experiments not always represents a complete scientific picture. As a rule, theoretical justification requires a visual complement. This is a reason why a large number of the academic reports or demonstrations supplemented with data visualization. The OpenGL library holds a special place in the list of programs for visualizing. In addition, it is used in video games. The interface has more than 250 functions for drawing three-dimensional scenes. The program demonstrates highest results in computer hardware that works with graphics accelerators.


Availability of scientific results in 3D makes dream of many scientists about public dissemination of science come true. Photos from different informative publications are unique and gorgeous. Moreover, they can be a rendering of real scene of social or natural character, not necessary to be a true photo.
In the scientific field, 3D visualization provides illustrative examples of specific weather data, current sea level rise, life of ants or recording of the brain’s activity of some animals.
In addition, we always can see the visualization of social events, which helps us to understand better each other or to see percentage of unconscious actions in society.
New methods of studying genome in real-time operation mode being recognized as effective in the whole world. They make the internal structure of the human more available for everyone who is interested in studying genome.

Finally, 3D rendering makes science more progressive and convenient for scientists and expands their range of interests, so we cannot but rejoice.

3d Modeling and Interior visualization.

We know you are your own biggest critic and we want to see you shine! Everybody is watching and we want to give you a look everybody can feel. A picture is worth a thousand words and architects and designers are nothing unless they can communicate their message.

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3ds max and Vray.

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Architectural 3D visualization of Home Exteriors and Design

Visualization of the exterior is an important part of the process of developing a design project of any construction: residential house, cottage, a restaurant or a hotel, exhibition complex or office building. Visualization of exteriors is now actively used in advertising too. This technology helps to visualize the appearance of the future structure, outlining the smallest details of the facade, the area around the structure, including elements of landscaping, such as benches, fountains, walking paths, green areas, and the location of the object relatively to the surrounding objects.

architectural concept renderings

3D Exterior’s visualization allows conveying features of the building clearly: its architectural style, the overall color solution, shape and volume of each element, and texture of used building materials. Technologies allow showing a three-dimensional model of the building at different levels of illumination, thereby allowing to imagine more fully how an object would look like in daylight and at night.


The result of 3D visualization of exteriors is of high quality, realistic or stylized images of the construction object from multiple angles. Depending on the purpose of visualization, the resulting images can be used for promotional purposes in presentations and for the adoption of decisions on the construction itself. Based on 3D models, it is possible to create video clips, interactive Flash presentations or augmented reality, in which 3D object can be rotated, viewed from different angles and with different magnification.



ny 3D design and rendering

Evolution of creative thinking in technology allows the artist to realize their most abstract and unexpected ideas.It has migrated to 3D design – a platform for creating images of three-dimensional objects.

A 3D design has a wide range of actions; it is almost a thought experiment. Three-dimensional graphics allows the creation of the exact equivalent of the desired object, and the models existing only in the imagination.

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The practical significance of this industry is quite difficult to overestimate

The results we see in computer games, in science, and in the virtual architecture industry. To be more precise, it is important to note that without the 3D design, cinematic clichés of superheroes and their fantastic weapons likely would not exist; printing would be less colorful and attractive.
Official and, perhaps, the most important day was December 3, 1998. Historians argue that. So-called “Day of 3D” (3rd of December) was celebrated for the first time.
During the simulation, the 3D object performs a series of operations that create the final version of the image on the three-dimensional plane. In addition to creating the scene, the light is also regulated; the movement can be imported to objects, depending on the operation target. Finally, visualization or rendering is made. Visualization is a stepping-stone on the way to a final image display from the paper.

3d model rendering

To get the desired three-dimensional image steps such as modeling, used. This involves the creation of a three-dimensional model of the image. Then texturing for setting the textures added and lighting in a form of light sources done. The next step makes moving objects during visualization or rendering.
Modern Internet-based 3D technologies make it possible to view millions of cities, for example, via Google Earth or Google Street View; Natural wonders such as the aurora borealis. Even cosmic life becomes more accessible and closer to ordinary users. A popular “Pixar Studio” has created memorable characters in a beautiful virtual world using a three-dimensional graphics.

Finally, there is a 3D Augmented Reality, whose function is to “embed” virtual objects into the real physical world, actively used in already more than well-known 3D glasses by Google.

There is a range of software that is used in 3D modeling. Beginning from a three dimensional mathematical model of the desired scene or object to the last step of visualization, this all process called “Rendering”.


3D Architectural Rendering with 3ds Max

Modern technologies with boundless imagination allow computer enthusiasts to see the future in the literal sense.

We are talking about completely different scales, ranging from small projects. For example, beginning from small areas of the interior to higher to create the most informative picture of any building: large house, skyscraper in a city, etc.

3D rendering is an excellent opportunity for people who want to design a future interior, exterior, or any other important part of the future home.

3D visualization is the result of the process of 3D modeling, allowing seeing and identifying the problem areas of the future project, assessing the benefits and, if necessary, correcting the errors.

On the practical side, you can easily calculate the cost of expenses to avoid financial difficulties or unexpected extra costs.

Each 3D visualization characterized by its nuances and peculiarities.
Interior visualization is the kind of visualization, where the designer sees visual changes after making the interior changes. In addition, the customer can choose the furniture and where to put it, as well as other details – colors of the walls, windows, select the materials.

Exterior visualization is more ambitious because it can simulate the house even if it exists only in the imagination of the customer. It is also a good chance to find the most comfortable place to build a house.

3D visualization is not just for showing the future homes. Widely used in science, which in recent years have increasingly dependent on 3D technologies. To be more precise, the science itself becomes freer, thanks to 3D technology.
3D visualization more heavily used in computer video games, in fact.

For each field, there is own software – separately for games, cinematography, creation of promotional videos, etc. Well suited to animations that have recently become widely used not only as an advertisement, but also in many other areas.


Photorealistic images new york

First, it should be noted that architectural visualization helps the best way to see the plan of new facility and how will it fit into the surrounding landscape and the architectural ensemble or how high-rise buildings will look like in the new district.

Architectural visualization of interiors and exteriors come to the assistance during the creation of beautiful colorful images and 3D visualizations and the demonstration of variety of competitive works of architect presentations.

Photorealistic images allows to see all positive and negative characteristics of the building and highly informative. That’s the goal of architectural visualization.
The architects, builders and designers use architectural visualization. Following should work as a team to create a good project: 3D-visualizer, retoucher, art director, animator, designer and others.
You can talk about the aesthetic part of the architectural rendering, but it is better to highlight some interesting elements in the work on the ready image.
Using the work of such wonderful programs as “ArchiCAD”, “3ds Max”, “AutoCAD”, “V-Ray”, specialists consider not only the technical aspects of the work, but also building criteria.
For example, the result will not be professional if the renderer will not consider the rules of composition, light and perspective.

Huston architectural rendering

Very often, these one play a key role in the entire destiny on the project.
Modern computer capabilities and rendering methods allows creating photographic pictures without photography. Planned result can be raster or vector image, panorama or 3D visualization. Currently, the most popular method of architectural visualization is remote programming.
Architectural visualization includes a significant number of different tasks. Informative and building value should be the main qualities of the designed object.
Visualization is highly interactive and uses the possibility of modeling the reaction on human actions also. For example, elevators, escalators and doors can open in response to the movements of a person. So the real simulation of interactivity is possible with 3D Architectural visualization.
Architectural visualization in general is not only a very convenient, but also a new level of cultural arts. Visualization of each object is an art.