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Architectural Rendering Overview

Is also known as architectural illustration.

It is basically the art of developing two-dimensional animations showing the characteristics of a proposed architectural design. Architecture is quite different from the fine arts. Though art historians are usually seen to study this subject but in order to do the rendering in a proper way well-experienced architects are needed.

Real time 3D Renderings

Architects give designs to the buildings considering the fact that whether that building will be used for residential purpose or will be treated as a government building or a library. From the above discussion you may develop an idea that architectural design has no connection with utility but this absolutely not true. Architectural design is indeed visually creative and architects are no doubt good artists but they seen to remain constrained by a wider public than actually the fine artists need to undergo.

proposed architectural design

However, many architects prefer to take considerable freedom in renderings that may not be possible in the finished buildings.There will be nothing wrong to say that history of architecture is as old as the history of mankind. Prehistoric architecture was initially been developed with an expectation to satisfy the basic needs: shelter, security, worship and storage. With the course of time as civilizations is evolving in the increasingly complex ways, mankind’s built environment is undergoing severe change. Nowadays, many people are seen to take up architecture as their profession. Though architectural design varies on the basis of the structural usability but some style always remain quite same.

While discussing about architectural design, we should definitely mention about photo-real renderings. It comes in a wide variety specific to the particular use:


These days, for encouraging the talented architects American Society of Architectural Illustrators are also giving Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. This is not only the Society’s highest award but indeed a prestigious honor. To know more about architectural rendering, you need to visit some of the authentic websites, where information on this topic remains available. Hope, by browsing through this useful website you will be able to clear your idea regarding this topic. Still, if you feel that it would not be enough, you can read out some relevant journals, where a number of informative contents on architectural rendering remain published. This is indeed an interesting topic and it can be expected that knowledge regarding this subject will definitely give you some creative satisfaction.

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