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The Evolution of Architectural Visualization

Architecture has always been a creative field intricately tied with visualization as it essential to create designs and presentations based on a project. It stared with hand drawings, in black and white which took quite some time to prepare. Later color sketches arrived. However, all that is history. Hand drawings are still in use today, being drawn by much advanced tools. But a large share of designing is done in computers, with dedicated software for architectural drawing.

architecture Concepts renderingsInitially, the Architectural visualization was done in 2D mode. However, we have reached the era of 3D visualization. This can be cited as an example of computer technology influencing lives and professions. Architectural visualization is not anymore limited to images or drawings. 3D moving images, animations, videos- architectural visuals can come in any form. Almost every architect is eager to utilize the progress in technology in producing realistic reflections of his imagination that will communicate with clients and potential customers. Builders are using architectural visuals for attracting customers, even before their project is complete.

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3D visualization is not something that can be done by any average computer operator. Concepts of architecture and familiarity with the use of relevant software, both are required. The fundamental of any architectural visuals is the Evaluation plan and floor plan of the proposed structure. Many factors come together to determine the nature of the Architectural visualization whether it is in the form of 3D visualization or any other format of architectural visuals.

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Evolution Architectural VisualizationWhile creating the inside of a building, the important factors are lighting effect, wall and floor pattern, construction material etc. While working on the external appearance, the numbers of factors are much more. They include – landscape of the area, surrounding fences, trees, hedges, roads, climate etc In this case also construction material is important. With proper consideration of the factors, a realistic 3D visualization or any other architectural visuals can be created. A considerable section of architects have adopted the modern means of creating architectural visualization.
However, some old school professionals still prefer to draw by hand. Some hire outside help to portray their vision. One should be careful while hiring outside designers. Only people with experience and/or skills should be entrusted with architectural visuals. Any clumsy, amateurish approach will simply waste your time and money. There are both designing firms and individual professionals who can get the job done for you. Hire someone good at high quality 3D visualization.

landscape 3d Visualization3D visualization is a tool with which you can have a trial or test of your designs to check out whether they need any changes before the construction begins. This is useful in preventing you from any hassle or financial losses which you can incur from any error in construction. In the construction business such errors are dreaded. The new age 3D visualization is so realistic that they are mistaken as real photos. Architectural visualization can create basically anything from offices airports to shopping malls. In the early days visualization software was expensive and very few in number. Now Both software and related services are more affordable.

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