What do you need to know about 3D-visualization?

Usage the technology of 3D-visualizing during creation of visual images of various objects every day gain more and more popularity. For example, during the construction and maintenance, using 3D it is possible to visualize the future project (interior, exterior, single object), taking into account the smallest details. 3D visualization or 3D-rendering is a three-dimensional image of the object that is created using a special three-dimensional computer programs.

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Today, it is almost impossible to imagine functioning of area of design and construction without the use of 3D technologies. Another important point is the presentation of the developments. Using three-dimensional images makes the process of communication of the customer and executor more easy and productive. 3D images will help to consider the draft from all sides, to evaluate all the pros and cons, to make the necessary changes on-time. This allows to save time and money seriously, because even the most professional and detailed drawing is not capable to display all the details of the object.

What are the main tasks of 3D-visualization?

3D-visualization is a versatile technology, but it is most often used in those areas where it is crucial to have a very detailed representation of the object. First of all, we are talking about the following areas:

•    Design, architecture, construction,
•    Repair and restoration works,
•    Design (projecting and performing of interiors and exteriors),
•    Preparation of the presentation of objects and groups of objects (house, car, boat, garden etc).

Types of visualization:

1. 3D visualization of exteriors

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Creation of 3D images of architectural objects allows to see and to consider all the features of the project as a whole. In this case, the technology allows to solve a number of serious issues simultaneously: the creation of projects of individual objects, the possibility of landscape planning around this object, the probability of inclusion of an object in an existing landscape (complex).

2. 3D visualization of interiors

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3D visualization of the interiors is most often used in case of need to present an object to the customer or to a group of customers (your target audience). An example would be a visualization of a design project of apartment, where design solutions and interior passages are clearly demonstrated. 3D project is a mobile tool for the demonstration, which highly accelerates the process of negotiation and discussion. The main advantage of 3D visualization in this case is a real saving of time and efforts both of the customer and of the performer.

3. Subject 3D visualization

This type of visualization is used to create three-dimensional images of specific objects: furniture, techniques, art, advertising leaflets, packaging, and much more. In this case, the objective 3D visualization is transformed into indispensable tool for the creation of content of resources: websites, online stores, catalogues. Three-dimensional visual product is in many ways superior to usual photograph. This is especially required when the developed object does not exist in reality and it is simply impossible to make its photo. Another important advantage of 3D visualization is the ability to use these images for 3D-printing. This is useful in case of the need to create layouts and visual educational aids for various purposes.

4. Visualization’s tools

The quantity of special programs for the 3D-visualization grows constantly. Creation of new applications in this field is one of the most popular areas of programming. Already existing tools constantly updated with new features. This says that the ability of 3D-imaging technologies increase each day, opening new prospects for customers and performers. Today, the most popular programs in this field are:  3D Studio Max,  Sketchup, Artlantis, ArchiCAD,  and others.

The use of 3D Visualization Service

3D Visualization is used to create animated commercials, layouts of interiors and exteriors in volume, movies and computer games with three-dimensional graphics. Visualization is indispensable wherever you need to create a copy of an imaginary object.

3D visualization is most often used for demonstration at various exhibitions, presentations and conferences. Three-dimensional imaging allows to see the original design idea, the future project, any existing objects or invisible ones. It allows to demonstrate visually the trends of different products – from food and its packaging to new models of equipment.

3D visualization is also used in:

  • printed promotional products;
  • creation of clips;
  • architecture; industry; scientific or educational projects;
  • design of the interior and exterior, and so forth;
  • 3D rendering.

3D visualization is closely connected with three-dimensional modeling, because on the basis of the 3D model, the image will be built in three-dimensional space. If you do not use the 3D model of the product or the program for 3D rendering, but simply create an image of it using visual editors, it will be the usual two-dimensional visualization. Visualization process takes place in several stages:

  • creation of a 3D model of the object;
  • creation of scenes of environment around an object;
  • texturing;
  • setup the proper lighting;
  • camera setup, selection of successful angle; effects adjustment.

3d rendering 

Rendering is one of the components, visualization steps. Rendering allows to receive the final image of a three-dimensional model as a “flat” version. Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the received images, rendering may take from a few minutes to dozens of hours. Power of computer also affects its speed.

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Various 3D programs are used for imaging. Many of them have a rendering function, and some require to have additional software installed. So, here are some of the program for 3D visualization and rendering:

3Delight , 3ds Max, AIR Angel,  Arion Renderer,  Artlantis Render , AutoCAD, Brazil R/S, BusyRay, Cinema 4D, Final Render, Fryrender, Hypershot, Holomatix, Renditio, Indigo Renderer, iray, Kerkythea, Keyshot, LuxRender, Mantra renderer, Maxwell Render, mental ray, Octane Rende,r POV-Ray, Render DotC, Render Man, Rendition, Sunflow, Turtle, V-Ray, YafaRay

The interior design, architecture, construction

3D Visualization of the interior or the building using computer programs attracts interest relatively recently, as earlier models were made ​​of cardboard or other special materials. Today, 3D-visualization of the house is an important step before starting the construction process. This technology allows to see the finished object and to make changes if necessary.

Three-dimensional visualization is used during creation of advertising of the interior or whole building to show a proposal to customers. The peculiarity of advertising in the field of construction and architecture is that it offers something that does not exist yet. For example, the advertisement of the residential complex shows the result – the user sees the image of finished buildings, while their construction can only begin.

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 Science and Technology

In this area, 3D-visualization is used primarily for the design of technical products. Modern technologies allow to create a visualization of the object that is in design, as close as possible to the actual look to evaluate it visually. The three-dimensional model of the future mechanism makes the work of the design engineer faster and easier, eliminating the drafting itself. Often customers need to elaborate the unusual design of everyday objects. In this case, the visualization process helps to demonstrate the solution of designer.

Advertising and Marketing

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Advertisers increasingly use 3D-visualization of objects, when creating animated commercials. The shooting in the real world do not give such an attractive picture, as with the use of animation. The advantages of using a three-dimensional visualization in advertising are:

  • it allows to create fictional characters;
  • 3D-object looks more attractive than in real life, conveying the necessary qualities of the proposed product better;
  • makes it possible to create a finished layout of the advertising banner and to see how it will look like.

Cinema, computer games, animation

3D-visualization has entered and entrenched in the film and game industry, apparently, forever. Modern person hardly imagines a favorite game without three-dimensional characters, or a film – without of 3D-graphics.

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3D-visualization is the process of creation of three-dimensional image, fictional or as close as possible to reality. The capabilities of this technology are unlimited – it is possible to create objects of all shapes and sizes, to experiment with colors, to change and to transform them. However, the main advantage of the three-dimensional imaging is that it allows to create models of spectacular images, amazing paintings and intricate characters that are born in the human imagination.