3D technology on Android

Most interesting applications for 3D modeling, 3D printing, and the use of 3D technology on Android and iOS

applications for 3D-modeling

123D Sculpt+ (Android, iOS)

This free app “weighs” only 465 MB and is designed by internationally known experts in the field of 3D modeling, Autodesk company. With this program, you can create a variety of creatures, spaceships, and vehicles. 3D texturing and coloring allows the possibility to use your own photos directly on the surface of the model. The app is easy to use, but very functional. It is also possible to order a 3D print of the created model or to export it to Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max for further improvement. The program was installed on approximately 100 thousand devices and was rated at 4.1 stars on Google Play.

123D Sculpt

Home Design 3D (Android, iOS)

This app has been created specifically for the visualization of ideas in the home interior design. The free version has no limitations except for one – you cannot save projects in it. Nevertheless, The New York Times called it one of the best apps of its kind, and The Telegraph gave it the second place amongst the competitors.

The program works without connecting to the Internet and offers a simple and intuitive interface. Pieces of furniture and other objects (doors, windows, tables, stands under the TV, carpets, and so on) can be dragged and placed. It also has textures. It has a variety of functions such as binding, custom walls, wall height adjustment, etc. The database contains more than 800 objects and a variety of joinery for the home or garden’s equipment. It is possible to specify the size of all the elements of the house and furnishing.

Let’s Create! Pottery Lite (Android, iOS)

Easy and effortless application for stress relief and relaxation. With it, you can feel like a master of pottery, creating various pots. Approximately 10 million installs and a 4.3-star rating clearly shows the popularity of the program. You can use it to implement a variety of creative ideas. Products can be made of dozens of materials available, to be burnt and painted. The results of your work may be shared with your friends as well as it is possible to order the production of the piece created in the program.

Phereo 3D Photo (Android)

One of the best apps for viewing and sharing 3D photography. Phereo 3D allows browsing through thousands of 3D photos and to upload your own stereo pictures on Phereo.com. However, the program works properly only on a few smartphones: HTC EVO 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C, LG Optimus 3D (Thrill), LG Optimus 3D Max, and Gadmei 3D Tablets (experimental support).
Today the program has about 500 thousand installs and has a very high rating of 4.4 stars.


You can manage the following 3D printers using these applications: MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator Mini, and MakerBot Replicator Z18: to turn on, to stop and to resume printing, as well as to watch the process of printer’s work. The printable models can be downloaded from the MakerBot Cloud library or downloaded in the digital design, found it in the pages of the largest community of enthusiasts of 3D printing ‘Thingiverse’, and then transferred to the printer.

MakerBot PrintShop

Another application by MakerBot company. Using it, you can turn usual 2D-drawings into 3D ones and then print them. The library of models includes a variety of bracelets, rings, vases, teapots, cups and more. It is enough to draw, for example, a flower on a sheet of paper to create your own object, then to photograph it on the iPad’s camera, and flower model will be ready for printing in a few seconds.



The world’s largest community of enthusiasts of 3D printing. It works under a Creative Commons license – anyone can download the model for printing. A collection of models is stunning: from the usual buttons and wedding rings to spare parts for the Porsche 928.


Using this application, you can convert the image to a 3D model. Of course, not all, but mostly immobile figures, faces, and the other individual items. Glass models, shiny metallic models and thin flat plastic turn out worst of all. Photos are uploaded to the “cloud,” where they are transformed into ready-to-print objects.


Potentially, it is a very powerful application for fashionistas. The scenario is as follows: you are photographing your favorite shoes and then print them on your home 3D printer. But rather, it is a picture of the near future. While the real possibility of the application is more modest. It is something like a social network with the ability to share own 3D models with each other.


Any fan of 3D printing and Instagram cannot do without this application. Using 3DAround, you can scan plates of food to share the received photos. Why is it necessary to print out the plates of food on a 3D printer? Maybe it will be handy to cafes and restaurants, which will be able to expose the designs of food in the windows of their establishments? The app has been done by Dacuda company, which is currently preparing a new application for 3D selfies.


Morphi 3d app

A handy application for modeling without special knowledge. The basis is the intuitive creation of 3D shapes using your fingers’ movements on the iPad screen. There are many ready-made templates, forms, and tools for modeling. Some of them are free, some are not. There is a very convenient feature of fitting the resulting 3D form under a specific brand of 3D printer before printing begins. Of course, the Thingiverse support is realized. Models can be uploaded and downloaded.

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