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Selection of Color of the Roof and Walls using a 3d Rendering

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Digital technologies allow to cooperate closely with the object long before the emergence of the working draft. Creating a digital model of the future home, theater or shopping center will take a few hours. After that, the change of the color of an entire wall or a separate element within the software may be done just by a single click.

The working principle of visualization software.

Designer or engineer work in a special editor, transferring the drawing of the building into the program. As a result, the entire data set is stored in the project files as a set of coordinates and parameters, each of which indicates the material, color and other characteristics of the structural elements.

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Fundamentals of selecting facade color.

There are many nuances in making the selection of color solution, and sometimes it is difficult to determine what combination will be the best in each case, because many factors and customer’s requirements have to be considered. In addition, some colors create a completely harmony, while others, though attractive individually, may be completely in conflict with each other within the same building. Among the color selection rules, the main ones may be identified:

• Wall’s color should be selected in the same shade as the roof;
• Derivatives of the same color are winning combinations;
• Bright and saturated color looks good on new buildings or houses with simple facade.

While considering options for roofing, designer should keep in mind that the materials look differently in sunlight and lamplight, so the choices should be carefully reviewed. Only after approval of the roof, solutions for painting of walls, windows and other building elements can be considered.

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Practical help with visualization when choosing colors of facade.

The color scheme sets the mood to the entire building: canary yellow, discreet brown or cold shades of gray, white and other colors. The selection’s range is wide, but how to reconcile the preferences of the client with the stylistic design of the house, shade features of the region and of the surrounding structures? The rendering program may calculate and display all those factors.
Modeling of construction’s conditions and their 3d-visualization opens up great opportunities for productive interaction of customer and developer:

• this is a great opportunity to provide to investor or buyer a full picture of how the structure will look at different times of the day and with changes in the level of lighting and shade;
• the client does not need to have a remarkable imagination to guess the end result and to “paint” the house in his mind;
• virtual object will sustain an infinite number of repainting, and samples of many combinations are able to shape new concept of building’s coloring and to achieve the individual color scheme;
• approval of the color by the customer will allow to avoid misunderstandings at the end of work;
• building model can be used on other sites, making changes in blueprints or design.

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Visualization of a facility is a huge step forward in the mutual understanding by all parties of all stages of construction or repair, from the customer’s concept, to engineering ideas and their implementation by designer and contractor.

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