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3d Rendering and visualization – one of the most important steps in computer graphics, in which a user receives before building the image.

Depending on the ultimate goal of rendering is of several types. For example, if the visualization which is used for video production, and a relatively slower called pre-rendering, the rendering in real-time is that which is used for video games.
The image model is considered to be a description of certain objects on a specific computer language.

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Is used to render a specific program called render, sometimes visualizer.

When rendering the object modeled previously converted into the desired flat image that can be output on the computer screen or on paper. In modeling is one of the most difficult steps, if not the most difficult in general. Created not just a projection of the object, but also a variety of materials from which the object was created.

The most famous and practical programs for rendering are:

Vray render – convenient visualization system, has the ability to process credit distinctive materials separately ;
Maxwell render – created Madrid’s developer’s program uses real physical laws clarification ;
Ray tracing rendering refers to the so-called color cast, which includes payment each part of the image. For this step uses a specific algorithm.
Furthermore, by using the integral equations make global coverage.

For games that have a major platform rendering engines are designed specifically for a particular game. 3D graphics in games can be represented by elements such as full or pseudo 3D. Last denotes phenomena when the picture varies depending on changes in the user’s movements.

So, 3D Rendering – computer operation, designed with the help of specific tools, to represent three-dimensional objects. 3D modeling tasks have to develop three-dimensional images of geometric projection on the plane. Three-dimensional graphics makes virtual creativity almost the same imagination, allowing maximum use of the latter because the capabilities of 3D modeling are not only to copy existing items, but also the probability of creating a unique, non-existent in the nature of the object.
3D modeling opens up new possibilities of the virtual world, which now looks much more realistic ambient, surround complements the virtual reality of the best ideas of the human imagination.