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In an era dominated by elegant and modern electronics and all kinds of personalized products, consumers know exactly what they want. They pay more attention to aesthetics, expect more customization possibilities and have less patience with products they do not consider perfect. CAD software, increasingly flexible and sophisticated, allows professionals to create anything they can imagine on the screen of a computer. But in terms of prototyping, production, and customization, the workflow has not progressed with the same pace.

3D visualization architecture

For speed and flexibility to match design brilliance, we offer everything that you are looking for. Start enjoying more effective design analysis and communicate with us if you are looking for 3D rendering for a business that we offer.
The intuitive act of designing could be called creativity as an act of creation or innovation if the object does not exist yet or something that exists must be modified using inspiration, abstraction, synthesis, and transformation. In this case, the desired object may be graphically represented to improve the vision of your business. We are a company that specializes in 3D modeling, rendering, and designing. Our style is customized for each client and each project.


We offer 3D modeling and rendering services for architects, engineers, real estate companies, and all related businesses. We have the experts and the latest software in the field of 3D modeling and offer 3D rendering for business‎ to ensure that your prospects or digital projections are of an unsurpassed realism. You can present and influence your customers in a real and tangible way with projected future, selected colors, details, and dimensions with the realism that is achieved through a project developed in three dimensions.


We are dedicated to rebuilding your best ideas and representing them in 3D images (they are also called renders of architecture), animations, virtual tours, and virtual reality. In summary, we use info about architecture to help you visualize your project and present it with the confidence that your customers will understand it without problems.

3D visualization

The 3D visualization allows us to make info graphics to represent any type of image, environment, and landscape without the need for prototypes, transfers, assemblies, and decoration of environments… Our style is adapted to each project, offering a personalized advice for each client. We refine every detail for your business to the most perfection, including light and shade, define the qualities of space and forms. We are guided by the latest trends in decoration and design and are equipped with the most innovative equipment and techniques, offering a finish of incredible realism that you can almost touch with own hands.

3D rendering designing

We are a serious and professional company. The presentation we do is admirable, at both the level of detail of planes and the accompaniment with rendered images. We provide a very good disposition, communication, and treatment towards the client. We have been decisive in the presentation and understanding of our clients’ projects, to reach both high quality and exciting architecture. The meticulousness and professionalism in the way of our work make us excellent in the result and in the personal treatment.

3D images

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If you want to build a modern house with the best design and a beautiful facade, we can help. Let us tell you a little why we are the best option to do that.

3D remodeling houses

We have long experience in development of architectural plans and official plans for approval of any type of house, residence or modern facade.

Our models can be created based on a photograph, plan, diagram, measurements, any other model, and even simple hand-drawn sketches. Everything you need can be illustrated in a real 3D world. We make images for all types of commercial and residential buildings, such as:

•    single story house
•    two-story house
•    walk-ups and others.

architectural renderingWe create all types of 3D rendering — residential/commercial and outdoor/indoor images. In all our 3D images, we incorporate a high level of detailing including textures, colors, decors, landscaping, furniture, and illumination making our 3D perspectives ones of the best on the market of such services.

The work that we do is based on the quality of life and aims to cover the wishes of every client based on numerous latest extensive studies about how qualitatively people want to live. We’ll make the luxurious design of your house to make it a pleasant and a comfortable place to live and stay, and to hold full control of your life in this building.

Your ideas combined with our tools are the perfect ingredients for an extraordinary project. Do not start building without having visualizing your idea first. Our focus is to provide you the optimal quality of 3D layout and final look of your house. We are committed to designing highly realistic 3D images displaying every detail with the highest perfection. The images produced by our company add value to each project creating an impression of elegance and modernity. We have already gained an impressing portfolio of realized 3D projects.

exterior rendering

Our services include 3D remodeling, 3D rendering, 3D floor plans, exterior rendering, interior rendering, and 3D animation for houses. We give the best quality in architectural rendering. Our company has several years of experience in the 3D rendering and architecture.

The process of the development of 3D rendering of residential houses:

1. The development of basic geometry – the development of the 3D model of the project: walls, floors, windows, doors, etc., taking into account the information provided by the client (plans, photos, and so on).

2. Insertion and accommodation of furniture – we propose furnishing from our extensive 3D library that also has vegetation and the other necessary objects.

3. Lighting testing – simulation of natural lighting from windows and artificial lighting from lamps, spots and so on inside the house.

3D rendering — residential

The cost of every project (to build, remodel, expand or create any design of house or facade) depends on the complexity of the project. In order to offer you any initial price, it is necessary to receive your input data: square meters, approximate budget, sketches and so on. So if you need architectural 3D rendering, please call or email us for further collaboration.

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A variety of programs is used to create high-quality 3D visualization. The most popular are 3D max, Corona, vRay, MentalRay, but we would like to tell you about the Unreal Engine 4 program in this article. It is not as popular as the above-mentioned ones, however, it deserves some attention, and a large selection of working tools allows creating and visualizing high-quality models in three-dimensional space.

rendering in Unreal Engine

Needless to say that this program, like any other, has its pros and cons. Let’s try to consider them in more detail, noting immediately that visualization and simulation processes that take place in Unreal Engine 4 is very comfortable, and the result looks more than worthy.

Speaking of formats that this program supports, we point out at expansions .fbx and .obj. Export of the finished 3DS Max model in Unreal Engine 4 for rendering is not a problems and is performed by virtually any 3D redactor. Thus, you can use, for example, Maya or 3D Max. However, do not forget doing export to keep an eye on polygons and topology of the model. Otherwise, the performance may be affected, which is undesirable. It is also worth paying attention to the layout, otherwise work with textures can be difficult.

Photo-Realistic Architectural Visualization

Using Blueprint node system in the given program allows avoiding difficulties with the construction of logic, which, in turn, automatically solves the issues of programming. However, you can take advantage of C++ language, if necessary. The development of materials also will not cause any particular problem, because there is the possibility of combining the four basic properties, allowing create any type of surface easily.

Interior Architectural Visualization UE4  Real Time Interior Rendering

visualization in Unreal Engine 4  Unreal Engine Architectural Visualization

A wide range of tools allows customizing the desired lighting of the scene. It is possible to add a variety of interactive elements, such as background music and sound effects. For post-processing, Unreal Engine 4 offers a variety of special effects such as depth, glow, glares, and more. If necessary, this program provides more specific tools.

Summarizing everything, we can say that the Unreal Engine 4 is a great program for creating 3D models, featuring a large choice of means, having quite simple controls and high photo-realism.

3D Animation videos are included in a special section of 3D graphics, which is gaining bigger popularity in recent years. The scope of use the animation video is quite wide, so the product is required by many industries. In particular, they are used to create cartoons, presentations, and in other, more narrowly focused areas.

3ds max 2017

To receive a full clip, you have to use many different programs. Of course, each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. The weakness in this case is lack of a particular function required during some operation while working. We will briefly review the most popular software, which is used by animators, in this article.

autodesk maya animation

Perhaps the most well known company for any animator is Autodesk. They offered the world many full-fledged programs for working with 3D models. Among all of its development, the outstanding ones are:


maya animation software

This program is recognized worldwide as one of the best three-dimensional graphics editors. Impressive functionality and a variety of tools for work have led Maya to such popularity. In addition to that, indisputable advantage of this program is that it has an open source code. In other words, any programmer can make needed changes in it, to adjust software under this or that requirement. In general, it is very powerful and flexible program.


softimage animation

Less known than Maya, but not less graphical 3D animation editor with enough powerful functionality. It provides wide opportunities to the user and allows creating high-quality animations. Closed 2015 . The 2015 release will be the final one for Autodesk Softimage software.

3D Studio Max

3ds max animation

The best-known program, which is used by studios and developers around the world. Functional capabilities of 3D Studio Max are impressive. It allows performing any work anyhow related to 3D modeling. The presence of special packages for artists and 3d animation makers allows creating the most complete and realistic product.
All programs, released by Autodesk, have a particular set of options, broad functionality and virtually unlimited possibilities.

Other programs, issued by third-party developers and which are pretty popular, are the following ones:

LightWave 3D by NewTek

lightwave 2017

One of the best programs used to create different types of film industry products. This is a professional 3D editor with broad functionality and multiple options, ideal for creating 3D animations.

Cinema 4D by Maxon

cinema 4d maxon animation

This program was originally designed to work with 3D graphics and animation. The Cinema 4D is considered universal product, which can render objects.

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Real time Architectural Visualization  interactive project created using Unreal Engine 4.

Scene build with HDRI map

ue4 architectural vrender

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what is virtual reality

VR is harmoniously working set of systems of content, projectors, glasses, synchronizer for glasses’ shimmer and a controller (a powerful computer or a cluster). Properly collected VR system allows receiving the main on the objects of the increased sensitivity – to teach staff to make decisions instantly in case of emergency. In a number of industrial projects, the difference of 3-5 seconds can be decisive and can worth not even a couple of million dollars (the cost of equipment) but dozens of human lives. That is why everything that allows having the experience of the emergency as closely as possible deserves attention.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to work on the emergency in the real life, it must be used. But the only large stand of this kind I know is a copy of the ISS (it was a copy of the MIR station previously), where future crews are trained. And if depressurization occurs somewhere, guys will not be able to breathe – this is beyond the VR’s capabilities so far. But, of course, it is impossible to copy NPP for training purposes, or an oil platform, or any industrial object (e.g. a factory for the construction of aircraft or cruisers, mining industry or something else). You must use VR as the closest technique, in addition to the “physical” machines on separate nodes.

3D-images are not virtual reality

virtual reality in unreal engine 4

Conventional 3D-images on the computer are not virtual reality. Yes, there are models, renders and so on, but the question is how it is perceived. Education of the personnel in a system of nuclear power plant is not very far away from training on the posters on the usefulness. The point, again, is that there is no effect of diving headlong, for which the entire VR is destined.

vr in v-ray for 3ds max

On the objects of increased liability, it is assumed that in the framework of working out the emergency situations on the simulator, you shall receive more or less accurate representation not based on logic, but as a whole, on your body. You know, it’s like airplane pilots – at first, the transition from a computer simulator to the simulator with realistic controls and simulation of sharp slopes to enhance the skills. It feels like for the first time after such a transition. And the second jump is the transition from a simulator to the real aircraft.


The Best 2016 VR Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

Oculus Rift

oculus rift
Sony PlayStation VR

sony playstation vr
Samsung Gear VR

samsung gear vr
HTC Vive/SteamVR

htc vive steamvr
Google Daydream View

google daydream view
Windows 10 VR Headsets

windows 10 Vr 3d rendering

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 Benefits of VR in your work

Virtual reality (VR) changes the visualization of architecture forever. 3D models can now be enjoyed and watched from all sides.
VR makes it possible to provide much more information to the customer. Multiple perspectives will not make you feel and walk in the building to see the details. Of course, the renderer will require making more work in terms of modeling of the objects, but the result is worth it. So, these are  reasons to add VR to your workflow.

The system of virtual reality is a competitive advantage

What is the competitive advantage at the first place? This is when your client can “touch” and clearly evaluate the project. In one article, a designer and visualizer Olivier Demangel described his shock that he experienced for the first time when using the VR. He could hardly believe that his project was not yet implemented. So, frankly speaking, if you or your company offer simple computer imaging while your competitor offers VR, the customer’s choice is obvious.

Be in trend

This item is from the same category as the previous one. If you will start applying the latest technologies first, it will definitely make you more visible amongst the other companies that are also involved in visualization. In addition, virtual reality is now at the peak of its popularity, and be in trend is always better to attract attention.

Almost everyone can afford the immersion in virtual reality

VR is not expensive at all; it can be afforded by many. Virtual reality system will cost you somewhere around $1,000 (the glasses of 3D virtual reality and/or a helmet). This technology will pay off multiple times due to your new customers.

Less edits from the customer

The stunning detalization shows the entire project at once and provides all details about the object. Thus, you redo less throughout the entire project.
For example, you can make the lighting in real time. The customer will be able to switch light between day and night. Such interactivity allows evaluating the design quickly and efficiently.

Implementation of real-life scenarios

Modeling may include something as simple as lighting, which has been already previously described. But it is possible to approach to the use of virtual reality more globally. For example, to create the airport and to see how buildings and machines will react to different weather conditions.
Another option is to check your systems of the emergency exit; the man finds a way out of the building by means of a system of signs and signals in glasses of virtual reality. Computer scenarios are able to show us how people can behave in emergencies, but exclude human errors. These ideas shall make future buildings safer and more comfortable.

VR for Architecture and Design

VR in 3D Software

How to make a virtual reality in 3ds Max? You can find all the necessary tools to create a virtual reality in the latest versions of ChaosGroup Vray 3.2 for 3ds Max. And this is one of the ways how to do it:

Virtual Reality in Unreal engine 4

10 of the Best Virtual Reality Games

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3D animation is widely used in various fields, not only during the creation of fantasy films or video games. This article describes some of the areas where there is a work for the 3D animator. Perhaps, this material will give you some ideas about the changes in life and will help you find a dream job.
3D software and equipment are used in various industries and fields of activity. In every area, 3D animation is used in a completely different way. Objectives and approach to its implementation vary.

Science and entertainment are the main consumers of 3D animation and visualization. Science embraces the highly specialized projects aimed at visualization of some scientific processes. For example, 3D animation is used in physics, medicine, and forensics. In the film industry and game industry, 3D animation is used to create characters, model the scenes, create futuristic or historical worlds and special effects. This is a separate industry, which employs thousands of 3D specialists.

3D animation in the film industry

The film industry is the largest industry, which uses 3D animation. Movies can be made completely in 3D (as Shrek or Toy Story), and with 3D visual effects (like Jurassic Park or Tron: Legacy).
Typically, film production takes from 6 months to 4 years, and the project employs from 3 to 300 specialists.
Production of fully animated feature film takes longer, 2 to 4 years. Studios with a staff of several hundred specialists work on the projects on their own.
Short films lasting up to 40 minutes are usually created by one person or a small studio. The major studios usually check the new technologies on short films.
Movies with the use of visual effects are different from the fully animated so that they are shot inside the pavilion and captured images come to the hands of the masters of visual effects, who add the necessary effects and elements.
The studios, which work on the visual effects, can be either small or large depending on the type and scope of performed work.

3D animation on TV

The same as in the film industry, there is a number of television products, which are fully animated. The creation of such programs for television is a costly and lengthy process. For example, American children’s show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse produced entirely in 3D programs.
The TV increasingly using the 3D animation and visualization to complement the broadcasts with effects or to create trailers.
On the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Health, and Science, 3D animation is used for educational purposes. Short television programs help the audience to discover something new.
Television does not have such large budgets and long timeframes as the film industry. The television programs are shot and edited in hours, days or weeks, not in years, but the 3D animation should look good as well.

Video and 3D

Profit from video game production is significant and it is the hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. In profitability, video games can compete only with the film industry. The 3D animation is used to create game worlds, in which the player gets. Video games are close to the film industry, only 3D designers work much faster. Mobile games are developed rapidly, but the video production can take longer, 2 to 3 years. Creation of all the characters of the game world is the time-consuming process, but very exciting. Typically, the production of 3D characters and game environments is a work for people who are headlong in love with their work, and are capable of doing what they like for hours and days. This is a great profession and it is very well paid, but the competition is perhaps the highest.

3D Animation in advertising

3d animation in advertising

The advertising industry perceives new opportunities quickly that allow it to attract the attention of the audience and additional influence. A 3D animation is very positively perceived by the human eye and its efficiency is 5 times higher than the advertising made in 2D animation. Sometimes the use of 3D animation is the only possibility for visualization. 3D animation gives marketers more opportunities to show the advantages of the product.
The advertising industry uses the short animation: 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. This time is enough to show all the benefits of the product/service and to give all details. Commercials often carry a large amount of information, because the airtime is extremely expensive. Like a movie or a television program, a promotional video can be fully animated or contain the added visual effects in the footage. Advertising requires a very high-quality animation, but at the same time, the customer gives a little time to create a video that makes the task even more interesting.

3D animation in VR

Virtual Reality is a new direction in the content world, which is gaining new users’ hearts every day. Currently, this area is one of the fastest growing in the field of IT. Of course, now the devices and VR technology is still far from ideal. Now and then the processor or graphics card slows down, as well as the sensors do not always respond to the user’s movements. That is why we still cannot give up the joysticks. But VR sphere is growing rapidly, and our gadgets are becoming more and more powerful each year. Even today, any modern smartphone supports VR technology using 3D box with ease and without delay. Virtual tours and 5D-cinema with short videos have become part of our lives.

Health and 3D animation

The results of the work of 3D designer made for scientific purposes are rarely seen by the mass audience. Medicine, criminology, and architecture are the specializations, which can 3D animator have.
The 3D animation is widely used in medicine: from the creation of imaging of medical events to a biological response. For example, it is difficult to reproduce the process how the disease blocks the flow of blood to the heart and causes a heart attack. 3D animation allows to recreate the picture visually of what is happening and it is a considerable advantage for medicine. 3D visualization is increasingly used in the educational processes and marketing.
It is also used during the researches, helping to make predictions and diagnoses.
3D visualization and animation in medicine is a rapidly growing market. It can bring the significant profit to 3D animators who work on freelance or in small studios.
But the problem is that 3D professionals want to work in the gaming or movie industry much more than to work with pharmaceutical companies or to work for the university studies.

3D in criminology

3D animation and modeling help in the reconstruction of events in criminology. Animation & models are created in order to prove or disprove the complete picture of a crime or an accident. 3D models and animation are not direct evidences, but they allow the investigator, judge or prosecutor to reproduce the event and to demonstrate the course of events.
Sometimes forensics needs to recreate some of the missing items or their fragments, which are related to the crime, and in this way, they are helped by new technologies: 3D modeling and 3D printers. The scope is quite specific and requires additional knowledge.

Architecture and 3D animation

architecture and 3d animation

3D modeling allows interior designers and architects not only to visualize objects and interiors, but also to test colors, textures, placement of architectural elements and decor items. The scope is quite narrow, but if you wish, you can collaborate with designers, architectural firms or architectural offices, marketing departments of big construction companies.
This article lists only a few areas where a work of 3D animator may be useful and paid. In fact, there are far more areas of 3D design, where you can try your hand to become successful and build a new career.

Most popular 3D Animation software-   Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3dsMax, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe AfterEffects.

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