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3d Rendering or 3d visualization – one of the most important steps in computer graphics where user receives image, which have been modeled before.

According to final cause, rendering can be in few types. For example, if visualization, which used in making video, is slower, it calls per-rendering, when visualization in real time mode is destined for computer games.
It is commonly supposed that the model of image is a description of certain object in specific computer language.
Render (sometimes it calls visualizer) is a special program, which used in rendering.
Using rendering, the object, which has been modeled before, turns into flat image, which possible to show on the computer screen or paper. In modeling, this is one of the most difficult ways, if it is not the most difficult process in general. Here created not only projection of object, but also variety of materials from which this object has been made.

visualization for architect
The most popular and practical programs in rendering are:
• Indigo render – convenient system of visualization, has distinctive ability to process materials separately.
• Maxvell render – has been created by Madrid developers
• Vray – the program of ray tracing
Ray tracing in rendering means so-called throwing rays, implying computation of color for every part of image. In this process, we use a specific algorithm.
Moreover, with help of integral equations, can be made global lightening.

ny architectural renderings
For games, which are the base platform for rendering, intended specially created for specific game engines.
3D graphics in games may be represented by elements, such as full 3D or 2.5D. The last means appearance, when picture alters according to change the user’s movements.