3D visualization of architectural objects is the creation of a three-dimensional model of the object, which makes it possible to see the appearance and features of the future building. As of today, this is the only powerful tool for modeling not only architectural objects but also landscapes. The 3D model allows the client to see the building with a landscape of the land plot and its design. It can demonstrate its appearance not only in daylight but also at night. 3D illustration allows seeing the object in a real environment – and this is a powerful guarantee of successful sales.

The main principles of using 3D illustrations

3D picture is the main secret of the success of the advertising campaign of an architectural object. Such a model will show the building from a necessary angle. On it, you can see all: beautifully designed landscape, decor, and infrastructure.
Each render is bright, “alive”, saturated. Everything is represented as in reality: cars, children, people, playgrounds, animals, etc. All these nuances will undoubtedly bring success to the project, largely increasing a positive attitude towards it, increasing the level of sales along the way.

Specialists of “Vrender” company conditionally divide 3D illustrations into several types.

Depending on the angle and scale of displaying the object, they can be:

  • On the eyes level or slightly higher. We perceive the surrounding buildings exactly from such an angle.
  • From an insignificant height, at a level of 15 m. In this case, it is possible to completely estimate the façade of an architectural structure without ascending to the bird’s eye.
  • Bird’s eye-height models are often called “birdies”. They show not only the building itself but also the environment.
  • An angle for the image is important. 3D illustrations are prepared for placement as an advertisement. So the main principle of such pictures is the transfer of mood, accentuation on certain details and features of the facade.

3D Tour Features

Many people are interested in what a 3D tour is. This is a very exciting project with the help of which a panorama of an architectural building with layout and marks is demonstrated. The client can safely navigate inside of such a tour looking at all the rooms inside the building just like being at own home in the real life.

“Vrender” company offers the creation of a 3D tour to its customers, as this is the most popular format of advertising. It attracts a huge number of customers, and a realistic picture gives incomparably more understanding than a conventional leaflet or akin.

Advantages of cooperation with “Vrender” company

  • We are ready to take the order of any complexity and volume.
  • We will quickly and quality perform both individual orders and huge tasks of organizations.
  • We can work both with residential buildings and objects, the construction of which has not yet begun.
  • Each project created by us is executed taking into account all requirements and wishes of the client.
  • We only have hired experienced professionals who regularly raise their level of knowledge. They monitor the market in search of interesting novelties on the daily basis.
  • A responsible attitude to work makes it possible for us to apply the latest technologies.

Interesting information! Our 3D Artists like to experiment with camera angles, choosing the most interesting and winning ones. We propose you to do a test visualization to understand, which aspect is better in each case.

The architectural 3D illustration created by us is the ideal solution to the task.

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There is nothing more exciting and admirable than to look at your own house or apartment fully built and having a ready-to-live state. You comfortably sit on a couch with a book embracing an interesting story and drink your favorite chamomile tea near the fireplace. In such moments, you feel tranquility and happiness for obtaining such a nice place to live.

HD 3D rendering services
Do you know that it is possible even before it is built? This is a work for photo-realistic HD 3D rendering services that are provided by our company. We will immerse you in a real-live look of the finished interior of your residential place with the help of latest 3D technologies.

Rendering High Resolution Images  Check out for High Resolution Renderings

To make it all happen, we:

•    take your sketches, drawings, photos, plans, floor plans or anything other to prepare the 3D picture of your future interior or exterior
•    draw the picture in a set of professional tools
•    place furniture, vegetation, small objects inside the premises to make it look habitable and full of usual details
•    apply textures, lighting, shadows, make it look alive
•    make the rest of our technological magic to breathe life into the picture and voila – the result is waiting for you!

3D technologies

Thanks for making the result in HD quality, you can immerse yourself in the picture as if you truly are there. You’ll be able to see the smallest details, to see at objects from different angles and to have a walking tour from one premise to another (if we accomplish that following your order). Such virtual experience is much more efficient and effective than any paper-based drawing. All you have to do now is to visit your virtual kitchen to brew yourself a nice smelling virtual coffee to enjoy the result to the fullest.

We provide the 3D Rendering of:

•    facades
•    residential houses, offices, public buildings of all kinds
•    malls
•    all sorts of constructions.

3D exterior

Working with us is like a gulp of fresh air – your excitement guaranteed!

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