The photographic images are not always successful but this is only photographer’s fault.  We often see pictures of places, which don’t exist!

After all, realistic and colorful landscapes can be created without any camera, paints and brushes. Architectural visualization is a computer graphic image of interior and exterior of the building that shows all their distinctive features. The main purpose of architectural visualization is to show all external characteristics of the future building before is will be constructed. That is why the visualization is of great importance for architecture, advertisement and art.

3d product visualization

Smart artist-visualizer through 3D modeling and 3D graphics and with help of such programs like 3ds max, AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, ArchiCAD can make architectural objects proportional and aesthetically beautiful.

The principle of these programs is rendering. The functions of rendering are creating computer models of the objects, getting ready raster or vector image, 3D-animation or visualized panorama.

Visualizer should understand that not only virtuosity in working with the programs gives an excellent result.  The compliance with the rules of composition, proper lighting, showing large and small building elements and precise elaboration of all small details plays an important role. The images of these buildings considered to be the most attractive.

With help of architectural visualization, you can present your project effectively; prepare a wonderful presentation connected with the construction and design. Specialists from various fields can work on the images, depending on the wanted result. They may be visualizers, 3D animators, designers, retoucher, art director, project manager. The quality of future work depends on literacy and professionalism of each of them.

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