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Making your home has always been part of coziness and comfort to its residents. Furniture placement, wall color or wallpaper, ceiling, and floor – all these elements of the interior have been and remain key in visual perception of a housing.

In addition, an equally important role and the person at home. The exterior includes not only the color or technical parameters but a pleasant and convenient location of the house in the surrounding area.

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Today to plan the details of all the above, there is the latest 3D technology, allowing future residents of the house to your taste arrange a place where they will spend most of their time.
The 3D home design gives almost unlimited possibilities to the customer in planning the design of the house.
This contributes to a number of programs designed for 3D design.

Here are some of them:

Home & Landscape design – a very high-quality example of a program focused on a completely different category of users – from beginners or just interested – 3D professionals to employees. Instrumentation program involves training – video tutorials are available. Her repertoire also includes program library furniture.

3D  Visualization – highly specialized sample 3D design, intended to design beauty. Three-dimensional images of the interior elements + high flexibility in the design of the traditional beauty salons furniture – chairs and mirrors – in the arsenal of a particular program.

3DS MAX – a program that allows the client to move in three-dimensional space. Gives you the opportunity to pick up the necessary materials for the elements of the house, apartment or workspace. As a kind of foundation for future ideas creators offers existing program interiors. With ease, you can determine the right size of certain parts or sections of the order, an impressive selection of textures and materials.

The three-dimensional model of a house or apartment design allows almost photo-realistic imagine a future design, make the necessary adjustments to change the furniture, or simply its location.
A 3D design does not limit the imagination of the user, offering great opportunities for creativity.

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