At first,it is note worthy that architecture visualization help you to see, in which way do the best layout of the room, how the building will fit in the landscape and skyline, or how high-rise buildings will be located in the new area of the city. Architecture visualization of interiors and exteriors comes to the rescue at the stage of making beautiful bright photos and 3D visualizations at the demonstration various competitive works and architectural presentations.

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Photo-realistic image, that highly informative and allows you to see all advantages and disadvantages of the building – that is а purpose of architecture visualization.

Now, architecture visualization is complete area in the job of architects, builders and designers. In addition, the whole team of 3D-visualizers, retouches, art directors, animators, designers and other must work for creating a good project

We can talk a lot about esthetic side of architecture visualization, but it will be better to emphasize some interesting points in working at ready images.

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Specialists take to the attention not only the technical aspects of work, but also artistic standards, using such remarkable programs like ArchiCAD, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, V-Ray.

For example, if visualizer will not follow the rules of composition, checkered light and shade and constructing perspectives, the image will not look professional. These details often play an important role in full long-term work on the project.

Nowadays, computer possibilities and rendering method allows you to make completely photographic pictures without photo technique.Raster or vector image, panoramaor3D-visualization can be planned result. Now, the most popular method of work of architectural visualization is the remote programming.

Architecture visualization includes a good deal of various tasks. Informative and artistic value need to be basic qualities of created and projected object.