3d Architectural visualization makes the ability to view the future construction available.

This type of imaging called architectural visualization. It represents a separate line in the work of architects and designers 3D by that allowing the representatives of these professions work together successfully.

It is important to note the fact that architectural visualization now – it’s very precision demonstration of the future of the project as a means by the presence of the composition, setting light sources, detailed demonstration project minutiae.

What is 3D Visualization

There are several types of imaging.This is hand drawing and computer graphics, respectively. Special software allows you to make high-quality presentation of the project.

So, hand drawing – a method of imaging, which often means a computer process, but everything is almost entirely based on the works created by hand. This takes into account geometric principles.

Computer graphics are more specialized. Graphics are usually vector or raster is obtained after calculating rendered object specialized application.
In addition to this, these are highly interactive visualization, which means the possibility of modeling the reaction sites on human actions. It may be elevators, escalators, doors that open in response to the movement of a person. Also you have a real simulation of interactivity impossible in the real world. Practical value is the opportunity to assess the need for the presence of architectural additions.

One of the most comprehensive architectural rendering industries has interior design.

This function allows you to change the interior plan, whether the color of walls, wallpaper, kitchen or living room. 3d Architectural visualization of the interior will help to move the furniture in the apartment, because it gives the opportunity to evaluate the new version from afar.