Checklist to spot and hire the best 3d artist for your ideas

In recent times, almost every business, one way or another, requires the services of a 3D artist because 3D visualization helps to bring to life the mental picture of ideas, aid in advertising of products that will give a comparative advantage over competitors, and provide a preview for your thesis or work so errors can be spotted and corrected beforehand.

3D visualization relevance doesn’t end with businesses that involve products and manufacturing as even with other companies. They could help give a clearer picture of your brand to your customers to understand better and lure a more influential audience.
The relevance of these professionals to business owners cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, much consideration must be given in the selection process of the 3D artist to handle your project, and here are a few things you should look out for.

3D visualization relevance

First things first:

A lot of people make the mistake of beginning their search without knowing what they are trying to find, so they’d probably Google “3D artist” with the hope to find their “lucky guy,” but they end up with a long list of people and have to go through the stress of sorting through them. Knowing what you’re looking out for can help narrow down your search and quicken the process.

Be on the lookout for experience:

Experience entails a set of skills possessed by an individual in a particular area accumulated or attained by having firsthand knowledge of processes involved in a task. It is imperative to be on the lookout for the experience level of the candidate, and in the context of 3D artists, here are a few checkboxes to narrow down your selection: he or she must be competent in visualization, modeling, and conceptualization and must possess the following skill set – computer skills and artistic talent, business and networking skills, Teamwork skills and collaborative personality and of course creativity.


Check for reviews (if any):

The best way to properly ascertain your candidate’s credibility is to check for reviews of previous jobs done, and the easiest way is in the online space. These reviews give an honest and unbiased opinion of his job. They will expose things the candidate will probably never reveal in an interview, such as his promptness of delivery, his ability to understand his client’s needs, and his approach to work and communication patterns.

What’s in their portfolio?

A portfolio is a compilation of the artists’ best projects, and it serves as some catalog for clients to go through before hiring a 3D artist. You must take advantage of this to critically go through the portfolio and look out for the details to make an informed decision. Be on the lookout to see if this person is up to the task you have in mind. If you are disappointed by the projects in the portfolio that I mentioned are a compilation of their best projects, it’s too risky to give them the job to hope that they will improve.
On the other hand, if you’re impressed by their work, that’s a good start. A portfolio will give you everything you need to make an informed decision to pay attention to.

3D visualization

Money matters: Price and payment method:

Before you engage in pricing with 3D artists, you might want to first scout for the average prices of similar projects to give you an idea for a budget and avoid overpricing or underpricing the artist. You should also bear in mind that looking for cheap artists will be detrimental to you and your project because the quality depends on the price. It is challenging to see good quality jobs at a low price. This does not mean that 3D projects are generally expensive. It is possible to find good quality at an affordable rate, but prioritizing price over quality is a sure way to get disappointed in the end.

Finding a good 3D artist with prices compatible with your pocket is such a significant investment, especially those that can also perform other roles. The payment methods should also be considered to suit yours. Some may prefer a down payment. Some others might insist on a full payment first, or cost after delivery, whichever works for you should be discussed.

Consultation with the artist or not?:

Different artists have different approaches to work. Some prefer to work in solitude and only contact the client when the job is done, but it is best to be involved in the project’s process. This means that there must be constant communication between both parties, and the artist should be open to working together as much as possible. Also, since you may not have a lot of experience with 3D design, it is wise to consult with the artist in the project’s modification process even though the initial idea will be entirely yours.

3D artist project

Marketplaces vs. Firms vs. Freelancers:

When scouting for 3D artists, these are the three options to choose from depending on the project’s scope or scale or only the one you’re more comfortable with. While the first two may be a little tedious to find because of availability, freelancers are relatively easy to find as there are numerous tools to aid with your search.
‘VRender’ should be the first place to check out with their user-friendly interface while offering a wide range of incredible artists to choose from.

  •  You could also check out ‘Vrender’ if you’re looking for cutting-edge visualizations and renderings and have a big budget.
  • ‘Craigslist’ offers you the best talent within your locale, and you can meet them in person.
  •  ‘Cad Crowd’ is similar to Easy Render. Although it was initially intended for interior design and architectural designs, it could serve other purposes.
  • ‘UpWork’ as one of the most renowned hiring platforms, offers fantastic options for 3D visualization experts and rendering artists.


No matter the business endeavor you’re in that requires a 3D artist, choosing the right one can be such a hassle because they can boost or bust your efforts. I hope these little tips are helpful to you in your search.


3D Architectural Animation Services

An assuring measure to add life to a design and showcase your properties to prospective clients is with 3D architectural animation services. This service is a cutting edge strategy to tell the story of your design from a photo-realistic point of view to your clients and appeal to their emotions which in turn translates to increased sales, explain in detail and with clarity the technical aspects of the project such that even non-specialists can easily comprehend and exposes avoidable and excessive design errors before construction begins thereby saving cost.

3D animations are not only a cost-efficient technique of creating content for marketing materials and websites. They also make your sales showcase appear a lot more professional with sleek 3D renderings and animation. In today’s competitive market, that level of professionalism is critical for closing big deals, and leveraging high-quality 3D animation might be the key to your success. VRender should be the top name on your list if you require a 3D animation company to produce 3D product animation.

Our team renders 3D architectural animation services modeled to perfection. We meticulously pay attention to every texture, color, design element placed against corresponding light and shadow to create a realistic yet functional representation of your design and give your client an immersive experience. 3D architectural animation services are helpful for various design stages: preliminary stage, planning/designing stage, and marketing stage. Our 3D services range spans from home design to hotels, offices, malls, relaxation centers, resorts, schools, etc. Our professional and dynamic team is ready for any 3D animation project, regardless of the size or scope.

Architectural Animation Services

We provide numerous forms of 3D animation services that meet your demands. Whether you want an overview of an entire building, a comprehensive perspective of an aspect of the design, an architectural animation, or anything else in between, we can present your project with 3D animations that place you in your industry as a leading voice. You will be ideally positioned to put your competition in the dust by utilizing the strength of architecture animation.

We also engage in various kinds of 3D architectural animations such as:

  • Interior walkthrough,
  •  Exterior walkthrough,
  •  3D floor plan walk-through,
  •  Architectural animation video and
  • 3D floor plan.

These various kinds of animation serve different purposes. For example, the interior walk-through highlights the furniture arrangement and placement of fixtures in interior spaces. It pays more attention to the textures of the materials used in that space and how light interacts with those textures in terms of color hues, light intensity, light absorption, and shadows.

An exterior walk-through depicts the facade of a building concerning the landscape and other external factors like natural light, wind direction, topography, seasons, diurnal variations, and global latitude.It is crucial for each company today to find a strategy to separate itself from the multitude, especially since we’re dealing with a competitive marketplace. Fortunately for you, VRender has a whole creative team of professional graphic designers and animators that can produce an animation of an architectural view or interior animation following your requirements.

Our staff can describe your concept and improve it with realistic 3D animations, which enable the audience to imagine your property readily.Over the years, VRender has offered our 3D architectural animation services to create animation and other marketing materials to several architects.

Our 3D product animations and 3D architectural animations have allowed them to communicate with prospective buyers or customers in the most minute detail and perspective of their projects, all without the excessively high price tag of professional photography and videography.The quality of the 3D architectural animation we offer is so realistic that your customers will have a lived-in experience of the building project. The good thing about building design in 3D animation is that it’s considerably cheaper than actual modeling.

Client Requirement

  •  Approved floor plans or design
  •   Skip /dwg/pln/CAD/PDF/CGI files
  •  Site Design or layout if necessary
  •  Images and photographs for peripheral details.
  •  Section/Floor/Layout/landscape/interior/level/Design Drawings.

With the mentioned requirements, we will begin to create your 3D feedback. This guarantees that everything we produce conforms to your standards. Our Team will provide you a preliminary greyscale version of your animation to ensure you’re happy with your progress, to confirm that they satisfy your criteria before our finishing touches.Once the preliminary release has been approved, we will generate the final high-resolution version and give it to you to do with it as you please.

Whether it’s a marketing tool or a handy pitch advertisement, your architectural animation may work for you in various ways. Please post it on your company website, make a TV commercial, shoot a video to share online; the possibilities are endless. Your 3D animation belongs to you, and there are no licenses or permissions required for you to use it in any way you see fit.