Visualization of Exteriors

Visualization of exteriors: the working process

Visualization using 3D technologies is a creative process. The result of this work is a unique image that conveys the mood of the author and leaves some impression on the viewers.
Architectural 3D visualization of exteriors is created almost every time before the beginning of the project. It largely facilitates the perception of the building, provides an opportunity to consider in details all the pros and cons, to evaluate all the architectural delights and surroundings terrain. Instead of tedious and boring drawings, accurate calculations, graphs and tables, the viewer sees an accurate 3D model of the object that is easily percepted.

Visualization of exteriors

However, in order to create this model, it is necessary to pass certain working stages. Let’s try to understand what the steps precede this ultimate goal – the creation of a 3D model of the exterior and let’s understand, whether it is easy or not.
So, first of all, each project requires an individual approach. In the preparation stage, analysis and planning are necessary. By breaking down a whole into simple components, it is much easier to perform the project to meet the set deadlines and a certain budget.

The main programs using which 3D images for architectural 3D visualization are created

Today 3d Studio Max software is especially popular, which offers users wide opportunities and plenty of options for high-quality and high-grade graphics. This professional software package is ideal for creating high-quality animation and three-dimensional modeling, in particular, 3D visualization of houses, buildings, facades etc. The program offers plenty of options, giving the maximum capacity.

renderig of exterior

Another program for architectural visualization and design is ArchiCAD. It is simple in usability and functionality. You can use it to implement a variety of technologies. A unique feature of this program is that it can prepare required documentation, while the architect is developing a 3D visualization of the exterior.

In addition to programs, actively used various modules and plug-ins for 3D visualization of premises, houses, buildings, facades and exteriors in general:
V-Ray is a rendering system and is used to create lightweight versions of objects.skyscraper rendering

By using such programs, a three-dimensional scene is created, after which you can proceed to architectural visualization itself. Time frames of exterior’s rendering process can range from a few hours per frame to several weeks, depending on the project, experience and software used. Another important point is the power of computer. More powerful it is – the quicker and better the process is.

So each project requires an individual approach. In the preparation step, it is necessary to analyze and plan. By breaking it down into simple components, it is much easier to carry out the project, to meet the set deadlines and to fit into a certain budget.

Main stages:

1. Development of technical specification. At this stage occurs the preparation of all necessary drawings, charts and other documents, which are full of numbers and calculations. The main task is to make accurate calculations of architecture that can be implemented in the project.

2. The calculation of cost of the future project is prepared. Here are made rough estimates for construction materials and labor. This step is necessary in order to understand if to apply 3D imaging of exterior or not.

3. Creation of a basic model of the future facility. Selection of a program to work, all the calculations are converted to graphics, initial sketches are made.
4. Creation of exterior of the desired object. The future object is fully created that you can see in 3D.

5. Addition of the finishing touches. Engagement in the development of interactive features, enhancement of image quality, addition of convenience features and options.

Thus, we can say that the process of creation of 3D-models of exterior’s visualization is quite complicated and requires specific efforts, experience and professionalism.
The final stage of visualization and buildings’ 3D exterior design can become its completion in Photoshop using various additional plug-ins, to give it a more realistic and lively outlook.

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Architectural Renderings Services

Architectural Renderings today is one of the most popular services on the market of design products. To start the project, to convince people to “get involved into construction process”, you have to have reasonable grounds. Negotiation, office games, pages of business-plans: all these are definitely required. But judging by clarity and power of conviction, several clear and good-looking renderings will give your far better progress than a week of tiresome technical discussions.

endering service for developers

Not always a photo image says that it has been made by the photographer. Now you can often find pictures of those places that do not even exist! It is actually possible to create colorful and realistic scenery without the help of the camera and such work does not require ink or brush. The same is done in modern Hollywood films.

The graphic computer images of exteriors and interiors of buildings that highlight all of their similarities and distinctive features is an architecture renderings. Its main task is to show all the external characteristics of the future object even before the start of its construction. At the same time, such pictures have a high aesthetic value and may even be used as commercial. That is why rendering architecture today is of great importance, especially for the architecture, and in the future – for advertising and creativity.

By means of such programs as  3DS Max and Vray, 3DS Max and Vray, Cinema 4D, ArchiCAD, V-Ray and others, skilled painter or a visualizer may create any architectural object using 3D graphics and 3D modeling, using the real proportioning, to receive final vibrant and attractive image. The principle of these programs is the Exterior Render. It is a calculation of computer models of objects, resulting in a static raster or vector image, 3D animation or visualized 360 panorama – whatever is required.

Along with this, visualizer should be aware that achieving appropriate results is made not only due to masterly work with the software. Very important when dealing with proper architectural form is a sticking to compliance of architectural rules during the construction. Also of huge importance is proper placement of small and large parts of structures, setting the light and shadow, and a clear handling of small items. Pictures of such buildings are received well and considered the most attractive ones.

Thanks to 3D Renderings in architecture, it is possibly to effectively demonstrate the design of the future building, to prepare a colorful presentation, which will be directly related to the field of design and construction. Depending on the desired result, with such images can play specialists from different fields: visualizers, 3D animators, designers, experts in the composition, retouchers, art directors, project managers, etc. The quality of their future work directly depend from their correctness and professionalism.

real estate rendering service

Services of 3d visualization Company

3D Architectural Renderings Company Vrender specializes in creation of highly photorealistic architectural designs. We are proud to work with the most famous architects, construction and development companies, and also advertising agencies.
Almost all of our customers have become our regulars, and some – even friends.
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• Understanding
Architect always works on your project, so we speak the same language.
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We do not divide our projects into categories based on quality. We only have one and you always get the best.
A good performance of architectural design increases its real value in several times. So Architectural Renderings is not just most effective means of sales increase, but also a significant increase in the architect’s professionalism level. Price for the rendering of the exterior or interior is formed based on the complexity of the task.

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Selection of Color of the Roof and Walls using a 3d Rendering

3d architect studio

Digital technologies allow to cooperate closely with the object long before the emergence of the working draft. Creating a digital model of the future home, theater or shopping center will take a few hours. After that, the change of the color of an entire wall or a separate element within the software may be done just by a single click.

The working principle of visualization software.

Designer or engineer work in a special editor, transferring the drawing of the building into the program. As a result, the entire data set is stored in the project files as a set of coordinates and parameters, each of which indicates the material, color and other characteristics of the structural elements.

rendering wall  3d select roof color

3d rendering roof

Fundamentals of selecting facade color.

There are many nuances in making the selection of color solution, and sometimes it is difficult to determine what combination will be the best in each case, because many factors and customer’s requirements have to be considered. In addition, some colors create a completely harmony, while others, though attractive individually, may be completely in conflict with each other within the same building. Among the color selection rules, the main ones may be identified:

• Wall’s color should be selected in the same shade as the roof;
• Derivatives of the same color are winning combinations;
• Bright and saturated color looks good on new buildings or houses with simple facade.

While considering options for roofing, designer should keep in mind that the materials look differently in sunlight and lamplight, so the choices should be carefully reviewed. Only after approval of the roof, solutions for painting of walls, windows and other building elements can be considered.

architectural visualization services ny  3d architectural

Practical help with visualization when choosing colors of facade.

The color scheme sets the mood to the entire building: canary yellow, discreet brown or cold shades of gray, white and other colors. The selection’s range is wide, but how to reconcile the preferences of the client with the stylistic design of the house, shade features of the region and of the surrounding structures? The rendering program may calculate and display all those factors.
Modeling of construction’s conditions and their 3d-visualization opens up great opportunities for productive interaction of customer and developer:

• this is a great opportunity to provide to investor or buyer a full picture of how the structure will look at different times of the day and with changes in the level of lighting and shade;
• the client does not need to have a remarkable imagination to guess the end result and to “paint” the house in his mind;
• virtual object will sustain an infinite number of repainting, and samples of many combinations are able to shape new concept of building’s coloring and to achieve the individual color scheme;
• approval of the color by the customer will allow to avoid misunderstandings at the end of work;
• building model can be used on other sites, making changes in blueprints or design.

building wall visualization  3d rendering studio
Visualization of a facility is a huge step forward in the mutual understanding by all parties of all stages of construction or repair, from the customer’s concept, to engineering ideas and their implementation by designer and contractor.

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