Architectural Design

Architectural design is a modern art and styling.

Architects use it in creating artistic rendering and architectural-artistic appearance of space during the process of multi-building development or in the single building, and even in the transformation of parts of the city or the landscape. Architectural design is trying to understand your imagination and bring it to life, using project design, specification and visualization. To comprehend the complex of relationships between architect work and the exact city you need to focus your attention on preservation and environmental compatibility in order to conceptualize interior space or building. Of course, everyone wants to express own individuality in interior design or in corporative design so it is possible to call it a construction design, because everything you should do, goes in complex with integrated construction.

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Architectural design is an idea and its realization in different pieces of architecture art, which has been created according to innovative technology, because the construction world and design constantly change. Innovative materials are important too. They affect the technical design of buildings, because today we have the need for conserving and upgrading buildings of different styles and epochs. So, all contemporary construction techniques, different materials of construction, urban and architectural transformations in relation to environmental and economic sustainability help us in architectural design.

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Today architectural design looks for ways of integrating both architecture and engineering with modern technologies and cut-edge engineering. It souses the architectural design to be a luxury, because not everyone can afford it. The main thing to take into account is up-to-date and uniqueness, but in using of modern canons to interior decoration you must remember that requirements imposed on contemporary design grow increasingly. Today such requirements are unique style and, likewise, shapeliness and moderateness. All creative ideas from direct interaction with clients can be modified in future building construction, and become an accelerant for adopting the design to future needs, like restaurants, shops, offices, etc. So, Architectural Design must give the owner esthetic pleasure and be unique.

True 3D Visualization

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It is true that 3D visualization is an important tool not only for game developers and directors, who shoot 3D movie, but also for scientists.

If you want to demonstrate the important discoveries and use only numbers or dry facts, you should know that sometimes it is not enough. In the same time, comparison of results of experiments not always represents a complete scientific picture. As a rule, theoretical justification requires a visual complement. This is a reason why a large number of the academic reports or demonstrations supplemented with data visualization. The OpenGL library holds a special place in the list of programs for visualizing. In addition, it is used in video games. The interface has more than 250 functions for drawing three-dimensional scenes. The program demonstrates highest results in computer hardware that works with graphics accelerators.


Availability of scientific results in 3D makes dream of many scientists about public dissemination of science come true. Photos from different informative publications are unique and gorgeous. Moreover, they can be a rendering of real scene of social or natural character, not necessary to be a true photo.
In the scientific field, 3D visualization provides illustrative examples of specific weather data, current sea level rise, life of ants or recording of the brain’s activity of some animals.
In addition, we always can see the visualization of social events, which helps us to understand better each other or to see percentage of unconscious actions in society.
New methods of studying genome in real-time operation mode being recognized as effective in the whole world. They make the internal structure of the human more available for everyone who is interested in studying genome.

Finally, 3D rendering makes science more progressive and convenient for scientists and expands their range of interests, so we cannot but rejoice.