Top free websites with 3d models for rendering and animation in 2019 (updated)

01. Turbo Squid

02. 3 Delicious

03. 3D Total

04. Free 3D Models

05. Archive 3d

06. Sketch up

07. 3D Model Free

08. 3D Xtras

09. DLegend

10. Artist-3d

11. Nasa 3d Resources

12. 3D M3

13. Dewantoro Network

14. CG India

15. DD Freebies

16. Exchange 3D

17. Corporate Media News

18. Wire Case

19. Mr Cad

20. ShareCG

21. Archibase

22. Top 3D Models

23. CG-Files

24. Top3D

25. Oyonale

26. DMI Car 3D Models

27. Infinitee-Designs

28. Telias

29. Sci-Fi 3D

30. 3DAllusions

31. 3DVia

32. 3d Nucleus

33. 3d Export

Vrender Company 2019

3D image modeling

Precision in 3D modeling is the key to success in the world of CG

People say that if you're smart at painting, you've got higher probabilities of changing into associate professional 3D modeller. Actually, neither will such an announcement be dominated out utterly nor will its accepted readily! To be precise…
hdri vray

What is HDRI?

This article describes the basic concepts and the necessary equipment to create own HDRI. The second part will be provided in the upcoming days and will describe step-by-step instructions on how to create the HDRI. The concept of HDRI A theory…
v-ray tutorial

V-ray Interior Tutorial. Setup Interior Lighting in V-ray

The lighting of the interior using VRaySun and VRaySky We shall consider the option of lighting of the room using VRaySun in this lesson. You must perform these settings to use the VRaySun interior lighting technique. The method…
post production render

Interior Render Color Correction

Image Post-Production is what will make our render more colorful and beautiful. I process almost all our works in the end in Photoshop. Initially, the image looks like this. Open it in Photoshop and firstly, apply filter to it:…
vray tutorial

Vray Tips

Vray tips before you start to learn Vray 1. “Correct” geometry It is necessary to stick to some rules in the process of modeling in order that your rendering scene took less time and you received better results. Otherwise, you may face…