What is architectural animation?

Animated architecture is used in the creation of animated film where all architectural peculiarities and object’s infrastructure are demonstrated. Architectural animation is simply called animation.

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See also 3D Architectural rendering of interior, exterior and others projects.

3D rendering (visualization) is the creation of 3D model of an object in a virtual environment so as to study its characteristics. With 3D rendering, it is now possible to present and showcase your projects down to the smallest details.

You can now showcase your future projects to investors even up to the interiors decoration without physically building your projects. This method is very common amongst real estate firms and private individuals. And you can do this as long as you want.

3D Visualization makes your presentation come alive with a visual appeal.

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Sustained quality, observance of time, systemic approach.

Working on a project architects confront a question: «In what way they can profitably present it to a customer?».

Drawings, sketches or planning documentation are everything that usually helps architects to work comfortably and easily aren’t good enough for customers, because they are very far from cobwebs of architect’s work.

The most profitable and intelligible way to present the project is 3D rendering that helps architects:


  • to free time for creative work;
  • to bolster your profit margins;
  • to guarantee competitive position.

Call us  or write on [email protected], in order to book the rendering of your project and to know all details about all work advantages with our architectural visualization studio and about different variants of effective architectural objects presentation.

Robert Brice (a founder of the “AECIS Interiors” studio) tells about experience of cooperation with our studio:

Benefits of using qualitative architectural rendering

An opportunity to demonstrate a photorealistic image of a project and make a simpler way of coordination. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain to a customer the concept of the project.

It is very difficult to do it orally, but many transitional stages, such as the first sketches or conceptual drawings with a pencil can be sufficient for you may not be intelligent to a customer, so all coordination work and explanations will drag out a business.

The project of reconstruction: current situation and the first sketches (You think a customer will understand the idea? Fat chance).

An ideal decision for a customer will be to see a three-dimensional image of his own object.

Renovation project rendering, so the customer understand an architectural concept and the project will be concurred and proved:


architecture reconstrationarchitectural drawing

Furthermore, a customer has business partners, colleagues, friends and a family whom he wishes to consult with in order to determine conclusively. But for them it is too difficult to puzzle out project documentation and to understand architectural and planning concepts. Even more reason is that a client and not you will present the project. Here again rendering will be a finished, nice and intelligible picture, so it is a good way to form a favorable opinion about the project among people whom a client accustomed to advice. Very often, he put a rendering of his future house or shop on the table or demonstrates it on IPhone.

And in the case of objects presentation at public hearings or before different planning commissions rendering is practically the only way of demonstration.

A possibility to convince a client of the need to order a project



Is your customer thinking, hesitating of the need of a project or his manager of the work can build everything himself?

The main fact is to «give a kick» to a customer and motivate him to order the complete outfit of the project documentation, spending minimum amount of time and money. Rendering is the best way to solve such a problem, because it is enough to use only several sketches and reference images for creation of a nice marketing picture.

A reference image and alternate layout (for an experienced architect it is a simple, quick and a solvable problem):


stairs drawing

Consequently, you can demonstrate the image of a client’s future stairs even before the stage of initial design, finally convince him at your professional manner, and show the necessity of further cooperation.


stairs renderingstairs visualization

Rendering – the project is well designed and finished

A possibility to get an additional income

Rendering for an architect is cheaper than for an end customer.

During rendering takes place, with a cooperation of both architect and visualizer, corrections are proposed, angles are approved, and technical assignment is coordinated. Rather than anywhere else at this cooperation an additional value of a rendering is born. Another way of putting it is that rendering that has been ordered at our studio is selling to the end customer at a higher price.

All the more reason is that by means of a qualitative rendering worth of the project is rising at customer’s eyes.

A possibility to save some time for a creative work and greenfield-projects

Once in a way an architect have to follow all customers’ tough requirements. So, practically all architects have kitschy projects – they are simple and banal architecturally, but nevertheless very attractive for a client.

Such a routine for perfect architects is very burdensome, but all the same moneymaker especially if the question is about facade stylization of already-existing objects.


Specified planning documentation, drawings or detailed sketches aren’t needed to be used.

Rendering helps to solve such a problem: you describe the concept of the project and prepare schematic sketches (of course, a client doesn’t need them, but they are enough for beginning of the rendering work). In a similar fashion, it is possible to visualize only facades apart from foreground images that in some cases allow stepping away from drawings and save your time and money.
Additional confidence that in the course of projection and material selection were not refused admittance.

Rendering reproduces a play of light and shadow that cannot be represented in any other way. Many materials change their color and reflective power depending on optic angle and lightning, so that this property is taking into account during materials selection.

Also rendering allows watch different variants of color layout and to choose the best one.

Rendering is a sort of control examination of the whole project. To integrate all possible amendments is cheaper at the design stage than in the process of construction.

A project that has been already designed and visualized can be incased in portfolio and demonstrated to new customers without waiting the end of construction.
Object construction is delayed very often or even doesn’t begin sometimes. Nevertheless, the project is finished and examined in detailed, so that a wish appeared to show it to new customers, colleagues or put up for tender.

And since our rendering has been taken for a photograph, you can easily replace the photo of a completed object. It will speed up architect’s portfolio replenishment and spend the minimum of time between project finish and its beginning, so it brings the glory to an architect and his studio.

Competitive position before other architects, because they don’t have a good rendering.

Unfortunately, for us (visualizers) and fortunately for you (architects), not many architects consider a qualitative 3D visualization as a necessity.

Some architects:

• prefer to refuse from rendering at all forgetting about its demonstrativeness for a customer;
• economize greatly on rendering without paying attention at its quality and doing everything only just to check the box, because «everybody do the same».

Such approach is appropriated only for some architectural circles. But if to take into consideration business engineering, architecture or design, projects sales will be topside. Project success depends on their visual appeal that is exactly reproduced by rendering.

Graphic tablets with our works, executed for Architectural and design workshops “Allegro” and “White square”:

An opportunity to give new release of life to old competitive or unrealized projects.

Surely, every architect has several old, unrealized, but all the same compelling projects. Such projects you wish to use in portfolio or demonstrate to new potential clients but it can’t be done because of their obsolete form of presentation (a wash drawing, axonometric drawings or a simple model of “ArchiCAD”).

Rendering gives new release of life to projects like that and they will work for you a great while, attracting more clients.


Architectural design is a modern art and styling.

Architects use it in creating artistic rendering and architectural-artistic appearance of space during the process of multi-building development or in the single building, and even in the transformation of parts of the city or the landscape. Architectural design is trying to understand your imagination and bring it to life, using project design, specification and visualization. To comprehend the complex of relationships between architect work and the exact city you need to focus your attention on preservation and environmental compatibility in order to conceptualize interior space or building. Of course, everyone wants to express own individuality in interior design or in corporative design so it is possible to call it a construction design, because everything you should do, goes in complex with integrated construction.

Architectural Services,Architectural Design

Architectural design is an idea and its realization in different pieces of architecture art, which has been created according to innovative technology, because the construction world and design constantly change. Innovative materials are important too. They affect the technical design of buildings, because today we have the need for conserving and upgrading buildings of different styles and epochs. So, all contemporary construction techniques, different materials of construction, urban and architectural transformations in relation to environmental and economic sustainability help us in architectural design.

architectural services department,architecture drawings

Today architectural design looks for ways of integrating both architecture and engineering with modern technologies and cut-edge engineering. It souses the architectural design to be a luxury, because not everyone can afford it. The main thing to take into account is up-to-date and uniqueness, but in using of modern canons to interior decoration you must remember that requirements imposed on contemporary design grow increasingly. Today such requirements are unique style and, likewise, shapeliness and moderateness. All creative ideas from direct interaction with clients can be modified in future building construction, and become an accelerant for adopting the design to future needs, like restaurants, shops, offices, etc. So, Architectural Design must give the owner esthetic pleasure and be unique.

architect design services ny

Architectural Design and CAD Services

15 years of experience in Architecture, CAD Drafting, MillworkingArchitectural metal and glazing Construction and Project Management. We provide the highest quality and professionalism in carrying out our clients’ requirements from initial stages to final implementation.

From a cozy backyard or a cutting-edge kitchen to stunning living spaces depicted by Architectural Digest, from avant-garde clubs to high-end retail stores – we make your dreams come true in conceptual and final design drawings. Our job can’t be too large or too small.

We design trade show exhibits that bring out the best in the company and bring more business to our clients. Our multilevel exhibits with “wow” effect always demand attention on the show floors.

We incorporate exclusive renderings of drawings that quickly and vibrantly show details of architectural design to our clients.

We deliver to our clients:

  •  High-quality US architectural drafting and design services from licensed New York Architects.
  •  Full Architectural, Design, Construction, Building and 3D Projects 24/7 support.
  •  Project budgeting and specific specifications.
  •  Drawings in AutoCAD 2D and 3D, space planning, retail, commercial, and residential layouts, shop drawing, CAD conversions, Kitchen Design 20-20.
  •  Superb accuracy of design elements necessary for any installation or event.
  •  3D Home Architect and 3D Home Design Services.
  •  Cost-efficient workflow via producing a variety of graphics to illustrate preliminary ideas of conceptual design.
  •  Extensive knowledge of design standards, engineering principles, calculation methods, and equipment.
  •  Fast, professional and reliable field surveys available in the NYC metropolitan area, as well as worldwide architectural drafting and 3D renderings.

For our services, please feel free to Contact us:

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3D Architectural visualization makes it possible to view both the outward and inward appearances of the future constructions.

This type of imaging called architectural visualization, it represents a separate line in the work of architects, and 3D designers, allowing them work together successfully.

It is important to note the fact that architectural visualization now is a very precise in demonstrations of the future projects look, its compositions, setting the light sources and any other details.

3d redering styles

There are several types of imaging

This is hand drawing and computer graphics, respectively. Special software allows you to make high-quality presentation of the project.
Therefore, hand drawing is a method of imaging, which often means a computer process, but everything almost entirely based on the works created by hand. This takes into account geometric principles.

Computer graphics are more specialized. Graphics are usually vector or raster obtained after calculating rendered objects in specialized application.
In addition to this, these are highly interactive visualizations, which mean the possibility of modeling the reaction on human actions. It may be elevators, escalators or doors opens in response to the movement of a person. Also, they have a real simulation of interactivity impossible in the real world. There is a practical value in the opportunity to assess the need for the presence of architectural additions.

One of the most comprehensive architectural rendering industries is interior design.
This function allows changing the interior plan, including the color of walls, wallpapers, kitchen or living room. 3D Architectural visualization of the interior will help even to move the furniture in the apartment.

3d Architectural visualization makes the ability to view the future construction available.

This type of imaging called architectural visualization. It represents a separate line in the work of architects and designers 3D by that allowing the representatives of these professions work together successfully.

It is important to note the fact that architectural visualization now – it’s very precision demonstration of the future of the project as a means by the presence of the composition, setting light sources, detailed demonstration project minutiae.

What is 3D Visualization

There are several types of imaging.This is hand drawing and computer graphics, respectively. Special software allows you to make high-quality presentation of the project.

So, hand drawing – a method of imaging, which often means a computer process, but everything is almost entirely based on the works created by hand. This takes into account geometric principles.

Computer graphics are more specialized. Graphics are usually vector or raster is obtained after calculating rendered object specialized application.
In addition to this, these are highly interactive visualization, which means the possibility of modeling the reaction sites on human actions. It may be elevators, escalators, doors that open in response to the movement of a person. Also you have a real simulation of interactivity impossible in the real world. Practical value is the opportunity to assess the need for the presence of architectural additions.

One of the most comprehensive architectural rendering industries has interior design.

This function allows you to change the interior plan, whether the color of walls, wallpaper, kitchen or living room. 3d Architectural visualization of the interior will help to move the furniture in the apartment, because it gives the opportunity to evaluate the new version from afar.

Outsourcing experts agree that having someone else do the areas which aren’t your expertise lets you do more and you are able to leverage lower labor costs and improve your profit.  Outperform has numerous characteristics that makes it exceptionally of service utility.  These models are made using some software like Auto – CAD MEIP, Caelum III, Microstation, and VectorWorks etc.

3D Architectural Visualization and Renderings

3D Architectural Visualization is basically the process mentally enacting the places as well as scenarios.  You could customize a regular 3d city model scene to appear futuristic or outsource it.3D modeling could be the process of creating a mathematical, wire frame representation of the three-dimensional object (either inanimate or living) using specialized software.  This strategy is old widely in 3D brio software similar to 3DS Max.  Today there are many CAD software applications available within the market, using many different file formats.  It is better to use Linux because the platform helps to concentrate on productivity rather than on computer maintenance.  Architectural 3D rendering is the main technique used for visualization.

You can select 3D architectural illustration and 3D walk through as well to the benefit of your customers.

But on account of heavy competition in architectural industry all companies are providing their best services at possible lowest cost.  However, certain laypeople find it very challenging to view the traditional floor plans.  Parametric 3D, three-dimensional modeling of buildings provides number of benefits over CAD computer-aided composing for structural engineers.  Architecture 3D modeling sequence provides ideal direction to adjudicator any assets.

three dimensional graphics

Overall, Illusion – Mage is often a decent program that gives an easy solution to make lovely animations.  Plan3D can be online CAD architectural software using which, you are able to remodel your kitchen area, landscape your yard, design your perfect home and furnish it.  An observation originates that 2d methods lack effectiveness along with reliability as quantity together with quality of design information is directly dependent upon visualization or human interpretation skills to relate such as a 2D design.  You can use this exercise to know how to sweep web with your PC or possibly a shrewd cell using a bluetooth affiliation associated with an android phone.  Some strong advice: plan in advance, save to your different version every half an hour, and never give up.

3D modeling software, to make objects yourself, then save them to your printer compatible format (Sketch – Up, Blender, 123D Design, Tinkercad, etc).

Jurors will end up more emotionally connected inside animation as motion, texture, and lighting are rendered in modern-day ways.  The other feature of 3D interior modeling is involving building interiors.  It is mostly utilized by companies in order to produce internal websites on which their employers can share different sorts of documents and communicate with the other openly.  The software provides a wide various workflow tools and technology.



Vrender Company was founded over 12 years ago and over these years managed to acquire loyal customers among architects and designers. It is a very important indicator for us. The customers are our most valuable asset, so we try to work as hard as possible so you always return to us. Our main goal is long-term cooperation.

Visualization of private houses  3D visualization of exterior

Taking your order, we guarantee:

·      Compliance with the drawings and technical specifications;

·      Compliance with the agreed terms;

·      Accuracy in revealing your ideas;

·      Quality.

We value every our client and understand that price plays an important role when choosing a 3D Vrender Company. That is why our pricing policy is democratic, and the cost of services is in the middle range. You may order visualization by sending a request or calling us.

Turn to us and we will help you fulfill your project into reality!

Provides Better Interpretation of a Completed Design

Qualified architects and contractors always warn that designs do not always proceed according to the initial plan. In other words, relying on a standard 2D/3D architectural designs and drawings, sketched or printed on a flat lifeless paper, can be a little risky.

Also, the feeling you have when you look at the sketch of your ideas by an architect can’t be compared to the visual pleasure of seeing your ideas come to life with 3D representation. With the help of the newest 3D rendering software, you will see your ideas and decide whether it actually suits you. With this new technology, you surely will be satisfied with your architect and yourself.

Attracting More Clients
Nowadays, many consumers desire to see the final look of their projects after the design process. By using 3D rendering software, architects and contractors can now display their designs easily and also making them more attractive to potential clients.

These 3D designs allow you to know the proficiency of your architect and also assist architectural companies by attracting more businesses. Once again, it is a win-win case for everyone involved.

Architects know how important it is to be precise, as an entire design plan can be ruined if measurements are off by even a couple of inches. 3D rendering software is incredibly accurate. It allows architects to work on the most sophisticated details of the customers’ interior design.

Some of the newest software packages allow the creation of landscaping plans or furniture arrangements which will be useful in calculating the amount of space that is required for all of the materials to be used. Best of all, most 3D rendering software programs come with cross-section views that allow observing anything from any angle.

An architectural rendering software comes with a number of advantages that must not be overlooked. It is highly accurate, easy to use and saves a tremendous amount of time. Whether you are an architect, contractor, interior designer, or even a do-it-yourself homeowner or gardener, 3D rendering software is an excellent tool for transferring your wildest and lavish architectural designs into realities.

architectural rendering boston

Architectural visualization is a step forward in town planning. Modern society demands different requirements to the cities’ appearance. Particular value acquires original design decisions and the aesthetic component of the architectural object.

It is not enough just to build a common house, because people want to create a great and interesting object, perfectly suitable to a particular place. Such a result will help you to achieve the architectural visualization that allows creating a graphical display of the object.


3d  Architectural visualization

Large building must have preliminary layouts. You can see the appreciable advantages of architectural visualization (in comparison with traditional models) with the rendering methods of creating photorealistic objects. It is essential when you turn on the architectural form of a holistic architectural ensemble.

building modeling new york
Visualization allows you to see the object from all sides, so that it becomes possible to make changes in the project before starting to implement it. You can change both the overall concept, and a few lines that will show a perfection of each form and will allow you to integrate it into the existing environment.

Architectural Visualization is perfectly suitable for the presentation of the project to investors or the competition of architectural committees.





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