There is nothing more exciting and admirable than to look at your own house or apartment fully built and having a ready-to-live state. You comfortably sit on a couch with a book embracing an interesting story and drink your favorite chamomile tea near the fireplace. In such moments, you feel tranquility and happiness for obtaining such a nice place to live.

HD 3D rendering services
Do you know that it is possible even before it is built? This is a work for photo-realistic HD 3D rendering services that are provided by our company. We will immerse you in a real-live look of the finished interior of your residential place with the help of latest 3D technologies.

Rendering High Resolution Images  Check out for High Resolution Renderings

To make it all happen, we:

•    take your sketches, drawings, photos, plans, floor plans or anything other to prepare the 3D picture of your future interior or exterior
•    draw the picture in a set of professional tools
•    place furniture, vegetation, small objects inside the premises to make it look habitable and full of usual details
•    apply textures, lighting, shadows, make it look alive
•    make the rest of our technological magic to breathe life into the picture and voila – the result is waiting for you!

3D technologies

Thanks for making the result in HD quality, you can immerse yourself in the picture as if you truly are there. You’ll be able to see the smallest details, to see at objects from different angles and to have a walking tour from one premise to another (if we accomplish that following your order). Such virtual experience is much more efficient and effective than any paper-based drawing. All you have to do now is to visit your virtual kitchen to brew yourself a nice smelling virtual coffee to enjoy the result to the fullest.

We provide the 3D Rendering of:

•    facades
•    residential houses, offices, public buildings of all kinds
•    malls
•    all sorts of constructions.

3D exterior

Working with us is like a gulp of fresh air – your excitement guaranteed!

Vrender Company 2017. shared couple of slides from the latest EUE 2017 event in the Netherlands

Main features

Vray for UE 4

V-Ray for Unreal Engine – implementation

Still in early development

Existing features

  • Build on top of the V-Ray App SDK
  • Allows import of . vrscene files into the Unreal Editor
  • Allows rendering of the scene n the Unreal Editior
  • Allows export of .vrscene files

Potential future features

  • Custom shader for the VrayMtl material
  • Custom baking engine to bypass lightmass

V-Ray for Unreal-use cases

Bring V-Ray content from other DCC into a real-time engine editor

  • Using .vrscene files (from 3ds Max, Maya, Modo, Rhino, SketchUp)
  • Preserving V-Ray features like material and Lights as well as possible
  • Using other importers is, of course, also possible

Render directly into the real-time editor

  • For reference to compare to the real-time scene
  • Generally, for more realistic renders of the real-time scene

Export Content from real-time editor for use in another DCC

  • Using .vrscene files to export
  • Using VrayScene nodes in f.e 3dsMax, Maya and Modo to read the scene

GI and Baking

Chaos Group Vray Unreal Engine

architectural visualizations UE4A lot of our customers are looking to complement their offline rendering with real-time solutions

  • For presentation purposes
  • For VR experiences
  • Or, generally, just looking to use the real-time editor as DCC

And V-Ray for Unreal Engine Check Original Video from FXguide VRay in UE4 at the Epic Games User Group – SIGGRAPH 2017

Vrender Company 2017


Today computer graphics technologies, in particular, 3D visualization, are becoming more and more in demand. With the help of 3D modeling, visualization, and prototyping, you can study the model of the object in detail, make the necessary changes, evaluate the ergonomics and functionality, change the design of a product, create photo-realistic images, and more.
You have surely faced with a huge number of proposals for 3D modeling and visualization. But do not forget that the most part of these companies is newcomers who only master the direction of 3D technologies.

Why do we say that it’s better to work with us? Because we have been working in this field for several years now and we are engaged in 3D modeling, visualization, and prototyping. Over the years of work in the company Vrender, a team of real experts and professionals has formed. We guarantee you the quality and reliability of the services we provide.
View examples of work:

Stages of 3D visualization

process of visualization

Application of 3D visualization

3D visualization is most often used for demonstration purposes at various exhibitions, presentations, and conferences. Three-dimensional visualization allows you to see the original design idea, the future project, any non-existent objects, or existing ones, but invisible to us. It allows demonstrating the novelties of various products visually – from foods and packaging to new technologies.

3D visualization is also used in:

• printed advertising products

• the creation of videos

• architecture

• industry

• scientific and educational projects

• online stores

• the development of interior and exterior design, etc.

exhibitions presentations visualization

Application of 3D visualization

Stages of 3D visualization. 3D rendering

3D visualization is closely related to 3D modeling because the 3D model will be build based on an image in three-dimensional space. If you do not use 3D product model and programs for 3D visualization and you will only want to create an image of the product with the help of graphic editors, then it will be a usual two-dimensional visualization.

The process of visualization occurs in several stages:

Creation of 3D model of an object

• Creation of an environmental scene around an object

• Texturing

• Adjusting the correct lighting

• Setting the camera, choosing a good angle

• Adjusting effects

• 3D rendering

Rendering is one of the constituent parts of visualization. Rendering allows receiving the finished image of a three-dimensional model in a “flat” version.
Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the images, rendering can last from a few minutes to dozens of hours. Also, its speed is affected by the power of the computer – rendering can take up to a few days on an old and weak computer.
For imaging, various 3D programs are used. Many of them have a rendering function, and some will require additional software to be installed.

render products

Software for 3D visualization and rendering.

Every program has its own pros and cons, and each one selects a program for oneself, where he or she finds work convenient, easy, and quickly.

•  3Ds Max

• Modo

• Iray

• Arion Renderer

• Artlantis Render

• AutoCAD

• Brazil R/S

• Sunflow

• Turtle

• V-Ray

• Corona Render

Three-dimensional visualization

Technologies 3D visualization

prototyping visualization

Do you have a new design idea? Have you come up with a new product, but don’t know how to present it to your customers? Today, it is simple enough to order a commercial or studio 3D visualization, and computer graphics experts will help you translate the idea into reality. Vrender company offers its services on 3D visualization in United States and around the world. Working with us is very simple and easy.

Vrender Company 2017.

CPU selection for 3D visualization

Multi-core processor: the more cores, the better. From Intel processors, it is a family of Core i7:

I7 7700K I7 6800K I7 6850K I7 6900K I7 6950X
Technical processor 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm
Cores 4 6 6 8 10
Streams 8 12 12 16 20
Frequency 4.2 3.4 3.6 3.2 3.0
Turbo 4.5 3.6 3.8 3.7 3.5
Cache 8 MB 15 MB 15 MB 20 MB 25 MB
Powerfulness, in W 91 140 140 140 140
Cinebench R15 multi 988 1132 1154 1486 2041

From AMD processors, it is Ryzen 5 and 7:

1500X 1600X 1700 1700X 1800X
Technical processor 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm 14 nm
Cores 4 6 8 8 8
Streams 8 12 16 16 16
Frequency 3.5 3.6 3.0 3.4 3.6
Turbo 3.7 4.0 3.7 3.8 4.0
Cache 8 MB 15 MB 15 MB 20 MB 25 MB
Powerfulness, in W 65 95 65 95 95
Cinebench R15 multi  — 1136 1419 1540 1628

CPU for 3D visualization

The comparison shows that the AMD processor for the same money is faster in the rendering in 1.5 times! This does not mean that the Ryzen 7 processors are the best in everything. In single-streamed tasks, they give the same performance or worse at the same frequencies. But in 3D visualization, in the parameter of combining performance on one price unit, they go far ahead.

Video card for rendering

In some cases, rendering using the video card works much faster than the one done by the CPU. GPU rendering supports iRay, V-Ray RT, Cycles in Blender, and other visualizers.

Here, the two main competitors are AMD and NVIDIA again. The main difference is in the supported technologies as NVIDIA video cards use CUDA, while AMD video cards – OpenGL. So it always makes sense to find out in advance what exactly you will use. For example, VRay help section tells about the choice clearly: “It is highly recommended to use the CUDA engine on nVidia GPUs.

I have the impression that there are fewer problems with NVIDIA video cards, so I propose to choose among them. The main criterion, besides the price, of course, is the number of CUDA cores – the more the better. There is no sense to overpay for a professional card for rendering – you will not get a real gain in the speed of rendering but you will lose a lot of money.

GEFORCE GTX 1050TI / 1050 1060
6 GB / 3 GB
1070 1080 1080TI
CUDA of the core 768/640 1280/1152 1920 2560 3584
Frequency base 1290/1354 1506 1506 1607 1480
Frequency turbo 1392/1455 1708 1683 1733 1582
Memory 4 GB GDDR5 / 2 GB GDDR5 6 GB GDDR5 / 3 GB GDDR5 8 GB GDDR5 8 GB GDDR5X 11 GB GDDR5X
Memory base 128-Bit 192-Bit 256-Bit 256-Bit 352-Bit
The pass. capability of the memory (Gb/s) 112 192 256 320 484
Consumed power, W 75 W 120 W 150 W 180 W 250 W

Video card for rendering


The standard memory is DDR4, the bigger volume the better. 8 Gb is the absolute minimum, while 16 Gb is optimally for the beginning. Further quality is up to taste and purse. In severe cases, it makes sense to add up to 32 Gb or more.

Hard Drive and SSD

They do not directly affect the rendering speed. I propose the following options:

  • HDD – SATA-III, 7200, cash – the more the better; volume is 1 Tb.
  • SSD – volume is 256 Gb and more. The speed of work is clearly defined by the capabilities of your purse.


It is selected strictly under the processor taking into account the dimensions of the case, the necessary number of any connectors like USB, sATA, for memory modules and so on. It is difficult to give any specific recommendations in advance.

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Best Computer Configuration for 3d Rendering and Animation in 2018

Vrender rendering company services

Vrender Company 2017.

Is also known as architectural illustration.

It is basically the art of developing two-dimensional animations showing the characteristics of a proposed architectural design. Architecture is quite different from the fine arts. Though art historians are usually seen to study this subject but in order to do the rendering in a proper way well-experienced architects are needed.

Real time 3D Renderings

Architects give designs to the buildings considering the fact that whether that building will be used for residential purpose or will be treated as a government building or a library. From the above discussion you may develop an idea that architectural design has no connection with utility but this absolutely not true. Architectural design is indeed visually creative and architects are no doubt good artists but they seen to remain constrained by a wider public than actually the fine artists need to undergo.

proposed architectural design

However, many architects prefer to take considerable freedom in renderings that may not be possible in the finished buildings.There will be nothing wrong to say that history of architecture is as old as the history of mankind. Prehistoric architecture was initially been developed with an expectation to satisfy the basic needs: shelter, security, worship and storage. With the course of time as civilizations is evolving in the increasingly complex ways, mankind’s built environment is undergoing severe change. Nowadays, many people are seen to take up architecture as their profession. Though architectural design varies on the basis of the structural usability but some style always remain quite same.

While discussing about architectural design, we should definitely mention about photo-real renderings. It comes in a wide variety specific to the particular use:


These days, for encouraging the talented architects American Society of Architectural Illustrators are also giving Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. This is not only the Society’s highest award but indeed a prestigious honor. To know more about architectural rendering, you need to visit some of the authentic websites, where information on this topic remains available. Hope, by browsing through this useful website you will be able to clear your idea regarding this topic. Still, if you feel that it would not be enough, you can read out some relevant journals, where a number of informative contents on architectural rendering remain published. This is indeed an interesting topic and it can be expected that knowledge regarding this subject will definitely give you some creative satisfaction.

Vrender Company 2017.

1. Visualization will work for you throughout entire life, regardless of the fate of the project

If you do anything, then do it well – one quality interior will deliver you dozens of new customers. We know this not by hearsay – clients who saw our visualization on the Internet or at an exhibition are constantly being approached to our design studio.

Detailed architectural renderigs services

2. Convenience of coordination

Whatever good feelings a client has to a designer, he cannot be 100% sure of the correctness of his choice until he sees the final product. As a rule, clients are unable to combine plans, sweeps, and references in a picture, experiencing discomfort and fear from it, delaying with the agreement because of that. Only one high-quality image of the living room, for instance, can radically change this. Only imagine yourself how happy customers will be when they see their project with photorealistic quality long before the housewarming! It is checked – the convenience of the discussions and the speed of the agreement are increased several times thanks to 3D images.

Detailed architectural renderings

3. Effects of lighting design

Visualization will provide an opportunity to offer your customers an additional service – lighting design. Not only will you create a network of lamps and switches – you can visually demonstrate all the effects and areas of illumination. Simply show the client your previous or our videos with visualization of light – and in many cases, the client will allocate an additional budget for a detailed development of the light – you can earn on this and additionally receive beautiful images and even videos in the portfolio absolutely free. Hurry up, until this service is not yet mastered by your competitors.

4. Raising the status

By filling the portfolio with quality images and having the opportunity to demonstrate them, you will automatically be able to increase the cost of your services and to move from ordinary apartments to new and more expensive projects.

5. Ready task for construction workers

Qualitative visualization with a floor plan and furniture arrangement is an ideal task for all construction organizations that cooperate with you. You reduce your work at times, not having to explain the obvious details and nodes that will be possible to see as a reality in 3D visualization.

construction renderings service

6. Ability to use ready-made solutions in the next projects

Once you’ve chosen the right equipment, company, colors, materials, furniture, and plumbing, you can transfer them from the project to the project, saving time for design and equipment. This will seriously accelerate the process of not only design but also project while creating a new working project. In the drawings, the nodes and solutions will also be repeated.

7. Detailed elaboration of your own style

Having worked several objects, you can collect many design elements together – this will enable you to select the own style and collect the models and 3D elements together. You have to agree that customers choose mainly based on the portfolio. Their choice depends largely not on the price, but on how much your style will meet the client’s expectations.

Vrender Company 2017


So why would you have to think about architectural visualization? Merely place, it is going to be easier to understand the architectural style and it is an excellent product sales tool. You may conveniently demonstrate prospective customers a practical picture of what the last venture will appear like, therefore building the chance to generate revenue prior to the completion of building of a project.

Rendering Company

You will discover several different uses for 3D architectural renderings

By far the most sensible for the everyday individual is for architectural design and landscaping. For anyone who is considering of an addition to your residence or are attempting to visually express an inside style idea to get a consumer; a 3D rendered picture will considerably boost your ability to bring summary concepts to existence. When you have trouble grasping how one thing will appear until it is possible to see it, you’ll undoubtedly advantage from architectural illustrations.

renderings for architectural design

Working with 3D architectural renderings for architectural design will permit you to see the final item within a sample type, and you can integrate the surrounding region to ensure that you may see how the property and other buildings will match inside the context from the neighborhood or region of development. This really is essential for anyone who is developing a series of buildings that can be linked together on the identical road or within the exact same complicated. Having the ability to visualize these programs and having the ability to manipulate them within a 3D environment will drastically enhance your productiveness and creativity.

Landscaping may also be made simpler by using 3D architectural renderings. You may finally have the ability to see how the foliage looks about your constructing. Furthermore, you are going to be able to make landscaping decisions and finalize options just before a shovel hits the bottom or before you purchase any trees. Putting landscaping strategies within the context in the making they are bordering is totally crucial in ensuring their effectiveness. Right after all, wouldn’t you rather have the ability to see how the last product looks just before buying to several shrubs?

3D rendered picture

A final advantage of 3D architectural renderings for the relaxed designer would be the capability to make 3D excursions of spaces. This is beneficial in wanting to locate design flaws and mark priorities for interior design as well as assists in sales and advertising and marketing. If you are attempting to sell or rent a retail area, you’ll be able to simply produce a tour by way of 3D architectural visualization. Your buyers are going to be in a position to determine your ground program and get a “feel” for your space like they had been walking by way of it themselves.

Vrender Company 2017

Architecture has always been a creative field intricately tied with visualization as it essential to create designs and presentations based on a project. It stared with hand drawings, in black and white which took quite some time to prepare. Later color sketches arrived. However, all that is history. Hand drawings are still in use today, being drawn by much advanced tools. But a large share of designing is done in computers, with dedicated software for architectural drawing.

architecture Concepts renderingsInitially, the Architectural visualization was done in 2D mode. However, we have reached the era of 3D visualization. This can be cited as an example of computer technology influencing lives and professions. Architectural visualization is not anymore limited to images or drawings. 3D moving images, animations, videos- architectural visuals can come in any form. Almost every architect is eager to utilize the progress in technology in producing realistic reflections of his imagination that will communicate with clients and potential customers. Builders are using architectural visuals for attracting customers, even before their project is complete.

structure Visualization

Evaluation plan rendering

3D visualization is not something that can be done by any average computer operator. Concepts of architecture and familiarity with the use of relevant software, both are required. The fundamental of any architectural visuals is the Evaluation plan and floor plan of the proposed structure. Many factors come together to determine the nature of the Architectural visualization whether it is in the form of 3D visualization or any other format of architectural visuals.

floor plan renderings

Evolution Architectural VisualizationWhile creating the inside of a building, the important factors are lighting effect, wall and floor pattern, construction material etc. While working on the external appearance, the numbers of factors are much more. They include – landscape of the area, surrounding fences, trees, hedges, roads, climate etc In this case also construction material is important. With proper consideration of the factors, a realistic 3D visualization or any other architectural visuals can be created. A considerable section of architects have adopted the modern means of creating architectural visualization.
However, some old school professionals still prefer to draw by hand. Some hire outside help to portray their vision. One should be careful while hiring outside designers. Only people with experience and/or skills should be entrusted with architectural visuals. Any clumsy, amateurish approach will simply waste your time and money. There are both designing firms and individual professionals who can get the job done for you. Hire someone good at high quality 3D visualization.

landscape 3d Visualization3D visualization is a tool with which you can have a trial or test of your designs to check out whether they need any changes before the construction begins. This is useful in preventing you from any hassle or financial losses which you can incur from any error in construction. In the construction business such errors are dreaded. The new age 3D visualization is so realistic that they are mistaken as real photos. Architectural visualization can create basically anything from offices airports to shopping malls. In the early days visualization software was expensive and very few in number. Now Both software and related services are more affordable.

Vrender Company 2017

A fantastic way to get started and the get some inspiration is to study some architectural photography.

Is is crucial to know the principles of photography so that you can mimic some of the concepts employed to build an aesthetically pleasing image.Big variation between the two actual time and non actual time procedures is the speed with which issues are shown inside the photograph. Scenes produced employing real time renderings seems at the collection of twenty-120 frames per second, while non-real renderings turn up with slower speed, and are proper for movies as nicely as attribute movies.Expenses of the procedure of rendering could differ as per the intricacies inside of the design throughout its formation.

rendering techniques

office 3D Visualization example

These 3D rendered designs are frequently manufactured in fragments, by a amount of consumers operating in the corporation, later on related jointly with the support of software package graphics. If you do not have ample specialist staff members you may perhaps take help of outsource 3d rendering services. 3D product design and style products and services are concurrently utilised in making video clip to evaluate the finishing effects or also in editing the video clip throughout the formation method. Here the user can study the concluding endeavor, prior to its completion, formatting a considerable device in animated movie creating marketplace as nicely as in video clip games. In the video rendering systems, manifold images will need to be formed to render jointly for the formation of the concluding image that has been the outcome of the single 3D product.

3d product design services

It is surprising to know that the motion pictures that we see are the end result of the static 3D versions manufactured with the rendering procedure.Looking for the finest 3D rendering artist can be very time consuming if you never know what to appear for. We suppose you are reading through this guide due to the fact you’re shopping for a 3D artist to create some artist impressions for your new venture.Possibly you’re a house developer or residence builder and you have a wonderful project currently under development.

project Visualization

It’s so fantastic in reality, that this time you’re going to market it in advance of it’s even completed! You know the area is wonderful, the cost is acceptable… folks ought to be beating down your doorway to obtain in. Sadly for you, they’re not.So what is the difficulty? Nicely, contrary to the enthusiastic house developer in our tale, most people have a difficult time visualizing things just before they get built. This is exactly where the expert services of a talented 3D Artist come into play. It doesn’t consider a good deal of imagination to perceive how beautiful, stylized or photorealistic renders of your 2D programs can translate into happy, ecstatic clients (as nicely as a cheerful bottom line).

3d architectural photography

Absolutely everyone from architects, serious estate agents and residence developers, to store owners and profession renovators are turning to 3D architectural illustrators to enable turn their tips into (virtual) truth. So, how do you go about selecting the right artist for your requires? Based on how quite a few photos or animations you need to have, the conclusion to pre-visualize your task can be a considerable investment.Nonetheless, choosing the correct artist for your requirements can in fact be built very basic, and it goes something like this…

Vrender Company


Visual techniques and 3D rendering are used to create graphic diagrams, images and animations that are real life and easily pass a message. These techniques through images have been part of man’s history where early man painted caves to depict his way of life. The Egyptian alphabet consisted of small characters like shapes and pictures that had meaning. Early civilizations have used these techniques to generate technical drawings for both engineering and scientific uses.

Visualization technology in architecture

Today, we need them for the same reasons as well as in architecture, education, multimedia and medicine. This article is going to look at the techniques in these fields as well as multimedia and specifically computer graphics. This is because the development of computer graphics and animation has helped advance these techniques.

As aforementioned visualization, has been used to pass information for thousands of years. It has been used in maps and technical drawings to help solve scientific problems. This is one of the chief uses in computer graphics. Thanks to the development of technology and the advancement of computer processing power, an artist is able to recreate the scene of a plane crash and make it look real enough for television viewers. Viewers are also shown depictions of space and spacecrafts as real as if a photograph was taken. One of the common of these techniques used in computer graphics is 3D rendering.

wireframe 3d models

3D (dimensional) rendering is the process of turning wire frame models into 2D images with 3D photorealistic effects. Wireframe models are made up of lines representing a three dimensional object. The wireframe models allow the object’s designer to construct and manipulate it easily. This is because it allows the designer to see how the underlying structure of a 3D object appears. These 3D rendering techniques assists scientists make use of the huge volumes of data that is made available to them every day by super computers. 3D visualization is the key to sorting through all this data that can overwhelm any scientist.

building 3D Visual techniques

Uses of computer 3D visualization techniques:

  • Architecture and engineering . As I mentioned before, the design of a building is visualized from the word go. An architect uses it to design the floor plan of a building. A 3D artist is then able to use the floor plan to make a visual representation of a finished building. An interior designer then uses the floor plan to plan and includes a visual of furniture and other features for the interior of the building. By using the artist impression of the building, a sign designer can visualize and even superimpose signage on the building. An almost similar process will be followed when engineers are designing a car or even a plane.
  • It is used in medical applications and diagnostic planning. For example, the effects of snakebite can be visualized from when the snake strikes to how the venom spreads in the body so that normal viewers can understand as easily as if they were seeing inside the human body. Doctors and other medical staff can be able to prevent future snake attacks.
  • In business, managers can use visualization to manipulate market data and information by creating charts and graphs which are easy to understand and hence can make more informed decisions.
  • In learning and education institutions, teachers use these techniques to teach kids and students how to think logically and develop their creative abilities.
  • In electronics, the techniques can be used to depict the complicated circuit boards and make it possible to understand and be able to diagnose electrical problems.
  • In the printing and publishing industry, the techniques are used for laying out text and graphics by use of page layout and printing software.
  • Closely related to the printing industry is visual and multimedia technology industry.
  • Television and computer games and music videos are made possible by visualization software.
  • The techniques are used for industrial, manufacturing, advertising and a myriad of other industries.

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