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3-D Presentation Technology

Increasing numbers of architects, interior designers and real estate developers are solving traditional problems by applying the latest 3-D presentation technology such as architectural renderings and 3-D digital drawings to their needs, that enables prospective clients, investors and buyers to visualize any architectural design and clearly envision what the building exterior or the interior space […]

3D Rendering Explanation

In recent times, it has become rare for customers to buy the product based on descriptions only, nowadays customers are hungry for something more – something almost realistic. 3D Rendering has become an effective tool that satiates hunger because it demonstrates the product as it is in the real world. It has become one of […]

Architectural Rendering for Architects

Sustained quality, observance of time, systemic approach. Working on a project architects confront a question: «In what way they can profitably present it to a customer?». Drawings, sketches or planning documentation are everything that usually helps architects to work comfortably and easily aren’t good enough for customers, because they are very far from cobwebs of […]

What is 3D Rendering?

“Rendering” – we meet this new and quite intelligible word with ever-increasing frequency. Games, programs, and professions – we have met them everywhere recently. So, what is rendering? As of today, computer graphics technologies, particularly 3D visualization, are becoming more and more popular. You can study in detail the object’s model with the help of […]

Architectural Rendering Development

Under architectural view the visual image of a real or a planning architecture is understood. It is designed to receive an aesthetic presentation at the stage of construction planning. Three-dimensional graphical representation is called “rendering” or “visualization”. It is performed in various forms with the help of different tools. Its classical form is an architectural […]

Architectural Design

Architectural design is a modern art and styling. Architects use it in creating artistic rendering and architectural-artistic appearance of space during the process of multi-building development or in the single building, and even in the transformation of parts of the city or the landscape. Architectural design is trying to understand your imagination and bring it […]

True 3D Visualization

It is true that 3D visualization is an important tool not only for game developers and directors, who shoot 3D movie, but also for scientists. If you want to demonstrate the important discoveries and use only numbers or dry facts, you should know that sometimes it is not enough. In the same time, comparison of […]