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Vrender Company has been present in 3D visualization industry for more than 12 years.
Strategic digital innovations are used by our qualified staff to create quality realistic animation and renderings of stunning 3D assets.
Our clients are provided with breathtaking visualization of their thoughts and ideas. The best quality is reached by making 3D art accurate and startlingly real.
The option of 3D Animation and Virtual tours offers a view from any angle bringing an amazingly realistic representation of any constructed idea.

Our customers’ desires are being successfully transferred into imaginative conceptual animation to show the landscaping and lighting parameters as well as the amount of needed materials.

The company’s main goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of satisfaction while maintaining affordability and promptness of the services.
The customers are regularly updated with current progress throughout all development stages.
As a result, the product is innovative, extraordinary and spectacular.

We would like to inform you that we are presently working in partnership with the New York based architectural company 3D Enterprise.
Should you have any questions about architectural design, drawings, or architectural construction, please contact our architect directly by phone, or via e-mail.
For more information about 3D Enterprise, please visit our page Architectural Service.



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3D Rendering for Developers

– Commercial 3D Rendering
– Residential 3D Rendering
– Corporate 3D Rendering
– Floor Plan Rendering


Site Plan Rendering

– Architectural Plan Rendering
– Landscape Rendering
– Development Plan Rendering
– Creating a Hi-poly and low-poly Architectural 3d models

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Architectural Animation

– Exterior Animation
– Interior Animation
– Animation Walkthrough
– 3d 360 Panorama Views

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Architectural 3D Models

– Detailed Architectural 3D Models
– Architectural Scale 3D Models



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Renderings in High Resolution

Most effective and powerful 3D visualization tool is 3D Photo Realistic Rendering.

Vrender can take an aerial shot, eye level view or ground level photographic picture of existing conditions and show how your new structure or modifications simulated in 3-D would look like as well as indicate material changes. These can be most effective tools for any of your marketing materials or for local architectural review board presentations. Architects, Developers or others can use our 3D rendering services when they need to have their building designs imagined by regulatory planning board members. Instead of having an extremely expensive physical model built consider our 3-D rendering services to portray ‘Before and After’ views. Architectural rendering is the primary end product of 3-D visualization and offers you the most cost-effective service on the market while maintaining the highest quality standards. Architectural illustrators understand that there has always been a gap between architects, interior designers and their clients in the ability to envision or properly demonstrate projects in three dimensions when traditionally presented by using two-dimensional construction or design drawings. This obviously leads to a great deal of confusion and costly design alterations and tune ups. With 3-D architectural renderings ordered from a direct source, that may be not necessarily your architect, but instead a creative firm specializing in architectural visualization this gap can be easily closed.

For most of architectural firms the cost of maintaining the hardware, software as well as the cost of training makes it unaffordable to produce photo-realistic 3-D architectural renderings in-house. This is why everyday more and more architecture firms of any size have developed an awareness that they have to value the time and resources of their highly professional and trained staff of architects and designers and that there is a clear need to outsource most time-consuming steps of their design development circle to specializing architectural rendering and visualization providers.

Fortunately more and more property developers have also realized that they need themselves to help their architects to make the right move and begin spending their own time on more important tasks such as design direction, instead of spending their short nights and weekends and even vacations finishing architectural rendering by doing it in some old fashion and ineffective hand drawn technique. This proven to improve drastically the relationship among developers and architect, due to great positive impact on and
speeding up the overall design production process. Now more long waiting for a 3-D rendering from an architect, who will have no time for having accurate and detailed architectural rendering done precisely anyway. And obviously, if an architectural rendering done by an architect, the architect may usually had only few hours spend to have it done. An architect’s working hour costs more then most of architects realize today. Moreover, if a deadline is not met because of the incomplete or non-professional architectural rendering, then it not only affects an architect, but it negatively affects your client and future of his/her project, and future business relationship as well.

Programs that we use:

Autodesk AutoCad
Autodesk 3ds Max
Pixologic ZBrush
e-on Vue
Eyeon Fusion
After Effects
Rendering-MentalRay, Vray.

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Visualizing Architecture

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Architectural rendering in photo-realistic style will surely make its positive impact on every key decision maker. Imagine how possibly an non-realistic or low end architectural rendering which was done within few hours and not few days or even weeks can “complement” your marketing initiatives. It may slightly help you as the architect to express your preliminary concepts in a very schematic way, however it’s clear to everyone these days that developers desperately in need of realistic and highly professional visualizations to achieve their sales and marketing goals quickly, effectively and painlessly.

Fortunately to them, most architects already started to include architectural renderings and animations in their service proposals and have began putting visualization expenses on shoulders of their clients. Moreover clients not only can clearly see the design provided by such advance firms, but also widely use photorealistic 3-D renderings and other 3-D visualization for any of their marketing needs. Obviously, if an architectural rendering is used by a real estate developer or marketing agency for marketing or board approvals, then this developer is the one who has to pay for architectural visualizations.

What kind of input will be mostly required by an architectural rendering service provider? You may ask. It varies and most of the companies we have listed here can take you on any stage with any input, however we recommend to have 2-D AutoCAD drawings or at least hardcopy blue prints prior to ordering.

They can be easily obtained from your architect, once design is mostly ready, or you have prepaid for architect’s services, or you has been maintaining good business relationship with your architect and has became an attractive and valuable client and your architect fully understands the importance of having realistic 3-D architectural rendering done on your project.

Architectural renderings done as 3-D visualization are not that expensive these days. They are much more within reach then most of professional watercolor renderings. There’s been such an explosion of computer renderings and architectural virtual walk through tours in the current decade that we can only expect further steady growth in number of architectural firms and property developers deciding to immediately benefit from what’s architecture rendering industry has to offer today. Because every developer, architect and designer wants to make his/her life much easier on every project.

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Architectural Rendering for Architects


The architectural industry has developed significantly throughout the past couple of decades, and the biggest advancements have been made due to architectural rendering(also known as 3D rendering). This technique is used by architects to create 2D and 3D layouts for preliminary architectural designs.

With the help of state-of-the-art rendering software, these designs are converted to digital formats and then used to represent the finished look of the product. This kind of virtual representation is beneficial for architects and contractors and so for their clients. Furthermore, 3D rendering offers a lot of other advantages.

Provides Better Interpretation of the Completed Design


Having a look at a completed sketch to determine whether you like the architectural design up to that point can be useful, but at the same time viewing an almost-lifelike 3D representation of the product is an entirely different experience. Qualified architects and contractors always warn that designs do not always proceed according to the initial plan, which is why relying on a standard 2D architectural designs, sketched or printed on a flat lifeless paper, can be a little risky.

With the help of the newest 3D rendering software, clients have a chance to obtain better idea of the designs’ future look and decide whether it actually suits them. This can not only save a tremendous amount of time for architects and builders, but also ensures that everyone involved is satisfied.

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Attracting More Clients


Even the most talented architect can have a difficult time attracting new clients. Nowadays, many consumers desire to view the final look of the product straight after when they start designing their homes or businesses. By using 3D rendering software architects and contractors can now display their designs easily, making them more attractive to potential clients.

These 3D designs not only allow clients to get a better view on the architect’s proficiency, but also assist architectural companies with attracting more businesses. Once again, it is a win-win case for everyone involved.

Delivers a High Level of Accuracy


Architects know how important it is to be precise, as an entire design plan can be ruined if measurements are off by even a couple of inches. 3D rendering software is incredibly accurate. It allows architects to work on the most sophisticated details of the customers’ interior design.

Some of the newest software products allow creating landscaping plans or furniture arrangements, and some will be useful in calculating the amount of space that is required for all of the materials to be used. Best of all, most of 3D rendering software programs come with cross-section views that allow observing anything from any angle.

Ultimately, the decision is up to the customer. Architectural Rendering software does come with a number of advantages that must not be overlooked. It is highly accurate, easy to use and saves a tremendous amount of time.
Whether you are an architect, contractor, interior designer, or even a do-it-yourself homeowner or gardener, 3D rendering software is an excellent tool for transferring even the wildest, most lavish architectural designs into realities.

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High quality Architectural 3d Rendering, Architectural Design, 3d Modelling Services.

With the help of the latest software equipment in the industry we meet the highest requirements regarding quality and speed. Our clients vary from architects, developers, interior designers or any service looking for all types of architectural presentation and/or CAD work.

We would like to offer our services as an outsourcing partner. Our company’s main goal is to make each client satisfied with the result while enjoying our cooperation.

Vrender  specializes in providing services for 3D modeling, texturing and animation, visualization of interiors and exteriors and in making organic models.
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Complete the creation of 3d scenes including 3d Design, 3d modeling, 3d Texturing, High-resolution Rendering.

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